The Bus Driver's taking you to plots.

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  1. (Okay... I'm experimenting with this thing called BBCode... Let's see what I can do!)

    Welcome to Buslandia. Here, you will experience the plots made by our ruler, The Bus Driver Bob. Bob will lead you through three doors that will lead to different role plays. Each door has a different plot.

    Combat Roleplay
    y u no like me
    pick me


    Kaine Wetter, one of the major generals in his army, laid back onto the rock, and sighed. Ever since he became a general, he'd become bombarded with work. Suddenly a smart, hardworking boy had been turned into a slacking, carefree man. That was just enough for his boss to fire him.

    However, it was not a good time to fire anyone at this point. Kaine had been apart of the A.S.U., an army that was fighting for it's country. His country had began a war with its neighboring country. Now that Kaine had been fired, he risked his life between the battle fields -- everywhere within his country. Thousands dead already, yet Kaine still had hope that they'd win. That was when he saw one of the enemy's soldiers marching towards his hometown (I would guess you.).

    Begging his bosses to let him regain his position, he told them about the incoming threat. They didn't believe him and cast him aside. Kaine, intoxicated with anger, decided to fight that person on his own without any aid from the A.S.U.

    (Was thinking opposing force isn't as bad as they seem / someone on opposing force has taken a liking / etc.)

    Modern Fantasy
    There are miracles that even the eye can see. Two cars pass each other, when really, they were about to collide. A fire sparked onto the carpet, but the house hadn't burned down. This miracle is part of the nature, little people.

    to be added later

    Various RolePlay (Steam Punk)

    Various RolePlay (Fantasy)

    Combat RolePlay

    Various Roleplay (Apocalyptic)

    Various RolePlay (Virtual Reality)

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