The Burger Meister is in the building

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  1. Arachnion pulled me in, so I'm gonna lurk for a bit then possibly jump into some RPs.

    So yeah. :U Hi, I'm Kilroy, nice ta meet ya. I've been RPing for a while, but I've had problems with my old board that killed my motivation and posting speed, so I've had a bit of a problem with inactivity as of late.

    Here's ta hopin' that I can get it back into gear here.
  2. Welcome to the site. Good luck with getting back into it.
  3. I dunno, we already have the Burger King on this forum...Do I smell potential Burger chain rivalries?

    Anyways welcome to the forum. Don't feed the Paos.
  4. Welcome back to Iwaku!

    But there can only be ONE. Get your own gimmick or at least be Ronald McDonald. :P
  5. Oi! I've been wearin' the burger hat for years, its practically a part of me, it is no mere gimmick, but the essence of my very soul! I cannot get another gimmick, for I do not have one! I simply have my soul, which refuses to relinquish the hat, it will never be gone!

    And Ronald is a pansy of the highest order, I won't do that. Jeez.
  6. I can probably understand why they wanted to be dicks and kill your motivation

    anyway welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask

    *walks off into the shadows*
  7. Your avatar makes you look like a Hamburgler! XD
  8. *sets the burger hat on fire*

  9. *WMD lurches out of an oversized manhole, and throws Weavel a plasma pistol, Kilroy a stone and then throws an armed krak grenade at the shadows*
    In the Emperor's name! FINISH THIS!
    *the space marine dissapears back down the manhole*
  10. I've got five thrones one the new one.

    welcome to Iwaku, I'm the other Space Marine.
  11. I didn't get anything =( *glares at manhole*