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    Ava sat in her bed, watching the alarm clock. It was just past midnight and the neighbor boy was having a raging party to celebrate graduation. Ava's parents were out visiting a relative for a while, which they only agreed to do if Ava called them at least three times a day, so Ava was free to do anything she wanted. And currently, she was sitting in bed working up the courage to go next door and present a request to her neighbor.

    "Come on, Ava. You two use to be friends. You shouldn't be this nervous.." She said to herself and stood up. Walking to her door, she dragged her oxygen tank behind her and texted her friend.

    'Going over to ask now. Wish me luck!'

    Her friend knew what she was planning. And her friend was coming too, of course. And the reason she had to ask her neighbor was because he had a car, and she wasn't afraid to talk to him. Well, she thought she wasn't afraid to talk to him. Now she wasn't so sure.

    As she made her way out the house and next door, she weaved through the crowd. Some people noticed her, mostly because either her or her oxygen tank bumped into them, but most paid her no mind. The area was loud with the thumping bass of some song and the air smelled of alcohol and god knows what else. But she dismissed it, focusing on her task at hand. She moved through the house knowingly, remembering where the rooms are from the past, and went to the basement where she found her neighbor and his friend. She stood at the bottom of the stairs awkwardly for a moment before sucking in a breath of air.

    "Just get this over with, Ava. Go ask. 1.. 2...... 3..!" She walked through the crowd to the couch where the two boys sat and made eye contact with her old friend, ignoring his surprised look.

    "I have a question I need to ask you. Will you help me complete my bucket list..?"
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  2. Kyle was sitting around with the drummer of his band. It was his graduation party. He had finallymade it through the hell that was high school. He was ready for another amazing chapter of his life. His band was performing for a while and now it was a dj playing some songs on a track.

    He sat around with his friends. He took a long drag from a doobie being passed around until he saw her. Ava his childhood friend and he immediately became serious. He waved the smoke away from him and took her by the hand to an empty room. He looked at her for a moment. "Ok... please explain this." He hasn't spoken with Ava for a few months. They have been drifting apart for a while. Kyle had been hanging out with his more able bodied friends, but he still cared about her.
  3. Alex was enjoying the Graduation Party. It was still going strong inspite of the fact that it was past midnight and Alex knew that it would be time to bolt in a matter of minutes. Sooner or later someone would call the law on them, and the law meant his father Allen the town Sheriff. Allen knew his son was no Saint, but he had one rule, "Do whatever you want legal or not, but get brought home by one of my associates give your soul to God quickly. He will be the only one to save you from me."

    He shook his head and realized that he also had about 20 minutes to leap over two fences, run down two side streets, and climb up into his window before his dad got home too. It wouldn't normally be that much trouble, but in this case Alex wasn't feeling too much pain.

    Alex said, "I think I need to start making my way home." Just then he couldn't believe what he saw. Alex had to blink twice as he saw Ava.

    He crossed over to where she was with Kyle. Alex hadn't really spoke to Ava in a while because she had been looking worse, and Alex wasn't sure how he would handle losing a friend. That didn't mean he didn't care what happened to her.

    Alex said, "Hi...."
  4. Joshlyn
    Joshlyn would be lying if she said she wasn't nervous, it was the first week she's been out of the hospital for years. Her wardrobe was filled with new clothes her parents bought her and her room was redecorated to fit her age, but it still felt like she was being born for the first time all over again. Ava and the guys use to visit her when she was little, but they never really had any actual conversations outside the hospital except when she could go to school from time to time. Today was different, today would be the day that she would finally get to see and interact with them more than ever. Joshlyn stood up and looked into the mirror, her hair was almost passed her waist and still growing. Her green and blue eyes sparkled with excitement and a little bit of fear, she couldn't wait to see them. Taking a deep breath, she put on her shades and grabbed her small bag then went downstairs to alert her parents that she was going out to the party.

    Getting onto her motorcycle, Joshlyn sat there for awhile thinking about what could happen. She already knew that they wouldn't recognize her, she had a head full of hair now and she grew more into her looks since the last time they saw her. Her hands were sweating now, she started to get sink and was about to back out. Then again, what if for some odd reason they did recognize her? With that thought drifting around in her head, she started up the vehicle and drove off. Kyle didn't live too far from her, so she arrived there in about an hour and a half, but if she did get lost all she had to do was follow the loud music. Cars were lined up a mile down the road with eager teenagers and illegal drinks. She smirked and parked her bike somewhere where she could find an opening before walking the rest of the way. As soon as she opened the door, a draft filled with alcohol and sweat filled the air immediately. She entered the house and instantly guys came to talk to her, even the ones that were drunk and almost falling over. She, of course, pushed them off and started to search for her three friends wondering if they were actually in here or not. Ok guys...where are you? she said looking around more and jumping up to see better.

  5. Ava followed Kyle as he lead her away. She ignored the fact that she pretty much just caught her old friend smoking, and when the two stopped in and empty room she adjusted the tubes that went into her nose. "I, uh, I'm sorry to spring this up on you suddenly, but I was wondering if you could help me. I mean, if yoj can't that's tottally fine and, uh..." She paused when she saw Alex walk into the room. Seeing him made her less nervous, slightly. "Oh! Good, I wanted to find you, too!"

    Smiling nervously, Ava cleared her throat and decided to start over. "Look, it's summer and we just finished graduation and I was thinking about all the things I've wanted to do before I turn eighteen. One thing's I've really wanted to do was go on a road trip and go see all these places I haven't been, I thought it would be fun alone, but even better if my friends came with!"

    Her smile became less nervous and more excited the more she went on. She looked at the two of them. "And I was wondering if you both could come with! I wanted to bring my four best friends which of course means you, Alex, and you, Kyle, and Joshlyn-- oh my gosh! I forgot she was coming!" She looks at the door. "We should find her.. I mean, she kinda already knows about this but she doesn't know who all is coming..." She said, her voice trailing off slightly.
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  6. Alex heard what Ava was purposing to do. It had been a while since he hung out with or any of the others for that matter. Reality just kept getting in the way, and for Alex seeing Ava and realizing that she had more days behind her than in front of her made it difficult for Alex. His circle of friends was pretty sizable, but his circle of close friends was this group and that was it. Knowing that by the time he moved to Arizona for college that circle would be smaller by a death was hard for him to take.

    Alex had already made plans for the Summer anyway. It would consist of recovering from the school year and getting ready to go. Not to mention his Father's Graduation gift was gonna be the money for him to go to Comic Con this year. No his plans were set and though he cared for Ava there was nothing that was going to change his mind.

    Alex took Ava's hand gently into his. He looked upon that trademark red hair, into those dark eyes and said, "When do we leave? Of course I'm in."
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  7. Kyle looked at Alex and scoffed to himself. His dad the sheriff was the one who arrested him on an assault charge even though he was acting in self defense. The other kid was shaking kyle down for money so kyle beat him into the ground. Kyle was hit with a ton of community service and six months anger management sessions.

    Before that he was somewhat good friends with Alex until they split apart. Alex went his way with his fruends while he went with his.

    He remembered Ava's question. "Sure I would love to. If we get anywhere near cleveland I want to see the rock and roll hall of fame. If you want we could take my old man's RV."
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