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    Her name was Ava Montgomery. She didn't talk much and she didn't draw attention to herself. Even with her oxygen tank always at her side, she did nothing to stand out or catch the spotlight. She was rarely seen outside of school unless you happened to be at the hospital and catch sight of her at her monthly doctors appointments. She never bothered telling others, but she was dying and her experation date was coming closer and closer.
    And she's going to you for her last request..

    This is a story about four friends living in southern California going on a road trip together upon Ava's request for the last time. On this trip they bond with each other, share secrets, learn more about each other, and become closer together as friends or something more than friends. The four friends travel across America to major places such as starting out at Disneyland, visit the Grand Canyon, walk through Hollywood, camp in the mountains, swim in the Pacific, visit a renaissance festival (because she learned you can ride elephants and horses there), see mount Rushmore, and end their trip at Niagera Falls.

    **Warning: I do plan on killing my character (Ava) off towards the end of the trip!**


    -No one liners, please.
    -Cursing is allowed, were playing teenagers so of course it's fine.
    -Romance is allowed, just no smut. If your romance leads to that, then just fade to black or whatever.
    -If your going to be absent for a while, warn us on here so we know.
    -If your going to drop out, warn us on here so we know.

    Characters(limit is 4):
    Kyle- @Zadok shadows
    Alex- @MST3K 4ever
    Joshlyn- @C O N S U M E D☯R A G E

    Character Sheet:


    Ava Montgomery
    Though Ava keeps to the sidelines, she has always been a friendly and optimistic person. She is willing to lend a helping hand and make others feel better or reach their goals. But whenever she gets upset, she always looks close to tears but never cries. She tries to distance herself from whatever is causing her to be upset and be on her own to calm down. If Ava ever gets angry, her face turns red yet she hardly ever raises her voice.
    -Spicy foods
    -Adventure books or books in general
    -Day dreaming

    -Being babied.
    -Drawing attention to herself
    -Being yelled at
    -Salty food
    -Sad movies/books
    -Seeing others sad



    -Being forgotten
    -Missing out
    -Giving up on life
    -Leaving behind people without giving them a happy memory of her

    Bucket List:
    -See the sights in America
    -Visit Niagera Falls
    -Go camping in the mountains
    -Ride an elephant
    -Road trip across America
    -Go swimming again

    -Destiny Jackson; Mother; Babies Ava, won't let Ava leave the house unlesss she is with someone trusted, Constantly worries over Ava
    -Brian Jackson; Step-Father; More laid back, worried Ava is almost "breakable", Sometimes protective
    -Chris Montgomery; Father; Deceased.
    -Kyle Crane; Boy next door; Ava use to play with him when they were children but stopped when she got sick; the one she will go to so she can complete her Bucket List; Kind of has a crush on him but is afraid to date since she is dying
    -Joshlyn Clementine; Best friend; Someone Ava met in the hospital as a kid and even though her friend isn't sick any more, the two still stick together.
    -Alex McBride; More of the Boy Next Doors friend; Tags along when they go travel across the country for the summer, Ava becomes friends with him as they travel.

    As a child, Ava was happy and healthy. Her parents were still together and she was constantly in motion and doing something. She often played with the boy next door and the two constantly got into trouble together. Though, one day her father had divorced her mother and cut off contact with her (It wasn't until she was in high school she learned her father did so because he was sick and he didn't want them to worry about him). As she entered the fifth grade, Ava had fallen ill and started missing many days of school so she could go to multiple doctors appointments. Ava had the same sickness that took her father's life, and now she had limited time as well. It wasn't till the end of senior year that Ava decided she didn't want to die the way her father did. Before her 18 birthday, during the summer, she decided she would ask someone to take her across the country to visit some major sights in America so she could fulfill her bucket list and end their journey in Niagera Falls. She knew she would have to ask a friend because her parents would never agree to such a thing.
    She calls her Oxygen Tank Clyde.

    In Character Thread:

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    Name: Kyle Crane
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Kyle seems to be laid back about just about everything. He does his best to treat everything like a joke and will often try to make others laugh when they are down. Lately with Ava he does his best to act normal around her, despite her illness. He does a lot of this to hide his sadness at the fact that one of his friends is so sick that they could go any moment. Kyle intends to live life to the fullest.

    Likes: rock and roll, fast food, riding his dirt bike, playing guitar.

    Dislikes: broccoli, folk music, bullying, being board, being without music.

    Fears: dying alone, spiders, snakes, living a life with no meaning.

    Bio: Kyle always wanted to live an extraordinary life. He would often try to do amazing things just for the memories alone. Before his mother died when he was a kid she told him that he was going to do great things. So since then he wanted to make her proud.

    When he moved to a new town as a kid he met a little girl name Ava and the two would always find ways to get into trouble. Though once she got sick they stopped playing with each other as much and their time spent together was decreasing. Kyle wants to be with her, but it so rough for him because he already lost his mother and isn't sure he can go through this again, but when she asks for him to help with taking a road trip he agreed.
  7. CS in progress. Will be up within the hour.
  8. Okay! Then we just need @Monica Monroe and we will be able to start :)
  9. [​IMG]

    Name: Alex McBride

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Personality: Walks around with a smile most of the time. Tends to take things as they come. Observes a lot before making decisions, does have a sarcastic wit with he uses with great regularity.

    Likes: The Music of Bruce Springsteen, Football, Running/Working out, Writing, Movies, MST3K, Comic Books, reading, and Jon Stewart

    Dislikes: Reality TV, UFC, Bullies, Meetings, hypocrites, and being bored.

    Fears: Snakes, Frogs, and never finding that one true love in his life.

    Bio: Alex was born the only child to Allan and Debbie McBride. Debbie died giving birth to Alex, but Allan never blamed Alex and has done everything he can to give Alex a good home. Allan is the local Sheriff but never flaunts it to Alex or his friends and allows Alex a lot of freedom. However Alex is expected to know right from wrong.

    Alex met Ava in High School and the two hit it off because of their love of reading. When Alex found out about Ava’s condition he promised he would do everything and anything to make her time left enjoyable.

    Alex has a track scholarship to The University of Arizona where he plans to become a writer.
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