The Brothers

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  1. The Brothers

    Julia fixed her dress as she sat in the office of Mr. Talihan, pulling the hem down a little farther. She recalled sitting in this office over three years ago; she had been just nineteen at that time and had just dropped out of high school. The man's business had been a quick way to earn money and she had been working as a maid ever since.
    Now, she was rather excited to try something new. Mr. Talihan often allowed his best customers to "buy off" one of his maids, usually the younger woman that needed a roof over their head and a place to call home. He also claimed that he screened the buyers carefully, ensuring they would treat the girls right. Julia trusted him and figured she had little to lose.

    "Julia," Mr. Talihan said as he entered the room. There was an older looking man behind him, with a greying beard and a porty figure.
    She smiled at them both and stood slowly. She basically owed Mr. Talihan her life; she had been homeless after running away from home at eighteen, and he had been gracious enough to give her the job. Now she made a good income and would hopefully only do better know that she would become a live-in maid.

    "This is Mr. Ross," he grinned, allowing the man to shake her head. His eyes were dark and beady, and he smirked at her. Julia mustered a small smile in return. "He will be your host for the contract. It's set at 2 years, but of course, he can purchase an extension if you consent."
  2. A figure not too much taller than the male who had come before followed the group in. His features speaking of irish decent. He let his green eyes fall upon the girl, looking a bit intrigued though almost pitied, he assumed what his father may do. Even that assumption wasn't completely formed yet however, he could never understand his kin. He was here as nothing more than a forced associate, to aid his father in anything he may require and to learn. Dipping his head to the girl the close cut male offered a slight smile while he stood by the door, letting his father do as he wished. At twenty two he was learning how to be a professional, at least in his father's eyes. Letting his hands slip into the pockets of his grey suit he watched, keeping his eyes upon the girl the whole time however.
  3. The young woman caught gazes with the man in the doorway; he was much younger than his partner, though there was a distinct heritage between them both. Julia imagined they were father and son.
    She followed the two of them out and into a waiting black car. Both of them sat in the front, the older one driving, but neither said a word to each other or to their new companion. Julia found it a little off putting but figured that they just weren't the conversational type. Perhaps that was for the best... she was there to clean their house, after all, not just make friends.

    The drive into the suburbs was a good hour and as they continued down the long stretch of road, Julia began to get a knot in her stomach. She was constantly scooping her breast length brown hair over her shoulder, her light brown eyes staring at the two drivers, as though imploring them for more. When she asked a question the father would answer in a cold and slightly irritated voice. Julia learned quickly not to ask any questions.

    When they finally pulled up to the house, Julia was not surprised by its beauty. Anyone that could afford a live in maid was surely wealthy. It was a grand house with two stories, rich brick lining the front, and a nicely trimmed yard. It wasn't fancy with a wreath on the door or even flowers in the front, but was nice nonetheless.

    Once she was directed inside, Julia quickly met the other son. He was shorter and a little rounder than the other, probably older too, though Julia wasn't sure. He seemed a little more talkative than the other two although wasn't friendly, either. His smile was a permanant, almost vulgar smirk. He took Julia by the elbow and led her upstairs. They came to a large bedroom with a grand poster bed and dark wallpapered walls. Julia was surprised to have such a nice bedroom.

    Suddenly, the brother's hand was on her hip, "welcome to my bedroom, where you will staying, Julia."
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    Silas, as the younger brother was known, had remained silent for the trip. He didn't approve of his father's motives but knew better than to go against them. Another slight tinge of pity ran through him, glancing to the girl as they were driven home. Eventually he let his eyes go to the window, staring at the passing scenery as they made their way to the house. He got out of the car quickly, making a point to open her door for her before he made his way in, not saying a word to his elder sibling, the male seeming far too excited for the girl's arrival. Silas simply made his way to his own room, a bit sickened. He hadn't expected to feel as such but alas.

    Daniel, the older brother, simply smiled down upon her, gently letting his hand travel along her hip, moving up to the base of her ribs and down along her thigh. "I do hope it is to your liking." He spoke giving the girl a nod, appraising her carefully, taking in her beauty. Oh he liked this one.
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    At first Julia had thought he was just joking, but when he placed her bag down on the bed, beside a stack of folded male underwear, she realized that he was far from jesting. She was unsure of his motives but the look in his eye made her uneasy. Perhaps she was just reading into it all wrong -- maybe they were still setting up a guest room for her, or were in the process of getting another bed.
    Julia tried to convince herself of that as she appraised the man before her. Clearly the worse looking than the other brother, he had a bit of stubble and scruffy brown hair. She offered him a meek smile and shivered slightly as he laughed.

    Wrapping an arm around her waist, he guided her back downstairs. They travelled to the kitchen where the other brother, Silas, was sitting. Their father was filling a glass of water from the kitchen tap. He smiled at her when she entered and soon she was directed down at a chair. She looked at Silas, but he didn't look at her. Julia bit her lip.

    After everyone was seated the father, Peter, put the tips of his fingers together and stared at her across the table. "Now," he said slowly, "we need to set some ground rules here, Julia. I will not beat around the bush and say that you are solely just a maid here. I paid Ralph Talihan a fine pretty for you, and I'll make sure that I get my every cent." He was clearly a businessman, and wouldn't take no for an answer. Julia felt goosebumps rising on her arms. "My son, Daniel, will require your services. Though I do expect you to clean the house during the day and play that role whenever we have company, you will also warm his bed. Of course, whatever happens there is solely up to Daniel."
    Julia's mouth practically hung open and she stared at the same in disbelief. Immediately she stood from the table, pushing her chair back, "no! What are you talking about?!"
    Daniel was the next to stand, and he gripped her tightly be the shoulders. "You are mine now, Julia. No if's, and's, or but's. We paid for you, and now you must obey me."
  6. Silas was too busy working on his small glass of whiskey and cola, not wanting much part of what was about to happen. His eyes lifted as his father began to go over the rules, knowing full well the man had essentially lied and broken a few laws to get the girl as he had her now. None the less he remained silent, to go against his father brought many unpleasing side effects, even if you were his son. A slight nod came from him as she tried to deny it, the only action he could offer her to try and console the girl a bit. As his brother grabbed her he lifted his eyes to him, taller and obviously stronger Silas had that over the man, the sheer glare making Daniel loosen his grip just a hair. The male turned his eyes to her, almost sympathetic, he could only imagine what she was feeling but he couldn't do much for her, not now anyway.

    "You are mine, the contract is permanent, as such you belong to me, to do with as I see fit." He spoke, his voice almost threatening while he looked down upon her. "Be good and you'll life will be.... relatively painless..." His voice made his brother want to vomit, the sheer sickening indulgence that seemed to lie in it, the male obviously wanted to play with his new toy.
  7. The way he looked at her made Julia want to vomit. She felt like a slab of meat on the chopping block and he had his knife hovering over he neck, a silent but very apparent threat that if she made on false move she would in big trouble. Julia tried to look to he other men for some sort of help but it was clear that they were all in on the scheme. She wasn't hired as a maid at all - rather bought as a sex slave to this cruel and sick man. She wanted to die right then and there.

    The father turned to her and said, "you will not tell anyone. We know you have no family, which is why we wanted you. You have no place to go Julia. If you go to the police I have men that will cover my tracks. I can make your life a living hell, so as long as you cooperate, you shouldn't have it so had. Well make sure you are fed and well rested. You will get a small pay, though just to buy small tokens... Don't try anything."

    After the conversation was over they turned to dinner which consisted of a roasted turkey. Julia could barely even look at it before hurling the contents of her stomach into the toilet. She couldn't do this - Daniel and his family were cruel, nasty people. She hated them and thought of all the ways she could escape. If anything shed fight him, not letting him touch her.

    Julia refused to eat and Silas, the younger one, quietly told her that the food would be in the fridge. Julia just crossed her arms but Daniel was quick to capture her attention. He roughly grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against him, putting a hand up her shirt and roughly tweaking her nipple. Julia screamed and pushed him away, sobbing.

    Daniel just chuckled and turned to his brother, "you're the bigger one, help me get her upstairs. Shell warm up quick."
  8. Silas had wrapped her food in foil, just doing that subtle kindness before he sighed. He looked to his brother as he man handled her and played at her breast. The scream made him wince, not out of pain but anger. None the less he turned his head from his sibling. "You're more than strong enough to handle her. Or can't you manage your new... toy..." He said it teasing, not her but his brother, calling him out for not just having difficulty with her but for doing what he was doing. He let his green hued eyes dance to her for a moment, once more sympathetic before he turned to leave. More issues to be had, he just couldn't bear to be a part of this, to help his brother in his molestation of the girl.

    Daniel huffed, turning back to her and grabbing her at the waist, lifting her with what strength he had and holding her tight. One hand grasped her arms, holding them against her chest to contain her as he began to carry her up and to his room once more. That same smile upon his features. "As I said, be good and you're life will be a bit more comfortable..." He spoke into her ear before he nibbled upon the lobe, smelling her hair and kissing the back of her neck.
  9. Julia was no stranger to intimacy - she had a number of boyfriends since high school - but fear coursed through her at the thought of this man touching her. It was clear that her behaviour wouldn't deter him from touching her. In fact, when she twisted and cried and asked him to stop seemed to egg him on more. As he pulled her over his shoulder and began to slowly carry her up the stairs, he roughly grabbed her ass and gave it a squeeze. Julia pelted him in the back but he continued until they were down the hallway and into his room.

    She was thrown onto the bed and the blood rushed to Julia's head all at once, rendering her immobile for a few seconds. In that time he managed to shut the door to the room and draw the curtain closed. He was on top of her immediately, covering her body sloppily with his. Julia tried to scream but his mouth covered hers, one of his hands holding her hand while the other fell below her belt. She squeaked as he roughly pressed his fingers against her, thrashing against his much larger bodily. He was sweaty and warm and his breath was heaving, a result of excitement and carrying her up the stairs.

    "Aw, come on honey," he murmured, beginning to rub underneath her panties, "I'm only trying to make it better for you. If I was really that mean, I'd just go into you, but where is the fun in that?"
  10. Daniel smirked, letting his fingers run over her as he hiked up her dress. Those lecherous eyes looking her over while he let his hand rub, not all to kindly over her. Sure he said he was doing it for her but he was also wanting to fondle the girl before him. Soon he simply took hold of her panties and gave them a pull, working them down her legs before smiling upon her bared loins. He chuckled, leaning down and giving them a long lick, hands upon her hips helping to pin her down while he took a taste of her, relishing in the flavor before he moved back up, starting to undress her, pinning her as needed to reveal her breasts to him, his mouth quickly going over one, suckling upon it, biting at her nipple while he began to undo his pants with his free hand.
  11. As he began to undo his pants, Julia lifted up her legs and tried to kick him in the chest. He seemed to anticipate her every move though and quickly grabbed her ankle, pulling her body up against him and holding her roughly in place. He laid half of his body down on her as he undressed himself, discarding his shirt, pants and underwear to the floor. His hand soon went back between her legs and he roughly inserted two fingers into her. Considering she wasn't prepared, pain shot through her and Julia cried out.

    "Fuck you!" she screamed, pushing against his body and trying to bite anywhere on him she could reach. Unfortunately he weighed significantly more than her and could easily press her against the mattress.

    Before she knew her, he had bound her wrists with a piece of fabric and tied them against one post of the bed. With her hands no immobile, Julia began to get tears in her eyes. Daniel was already visibly turned on and he began to jerk at his manhood, and in rose up in between his legs. Before he inserted into her though he came onto her body again, spreading her legs with his hands and pressed his mouth against her center. As he wrapped his lips around her clit, Julia shrieked, shock and uncontrollable pleasure shooting down her legs.

    "Please... s-stop..." she cried.
  12. He chuckled at her protests, the way she tasted and the fact that she seemed to be growing a bit damp made him continue with far less guilt. "You say stop but your body says go." He spoke from between her thighs, suckling at her clit once again to force more pleasure upon her, slipping two fingers up into her and hooking them searching for her g-spot while he began to stroke himself off to her cries and protests. She was a very pleasant girl, he was very glad his father had bought her for him and not his stickler of a brother Silas. That man would probably turn her down if she asked for sex, that man made him sick. This was power, this was what he was born to do. Dominate and control, just as his father had.

    Moving up Daniel grinned, pressing the tip of his manhood to her entrance, smiling wickedly down upon her. "If you're good I may let you cum when we're all done." He spoke with a chuckle before he kissed her, forcing her mouth open as he bucked his hips hard into her, forcing his average sized length into her before he let his hips take over, simply bucking away, no rhyme or reason to it, just seeking his own pleasure while one hand fondled her breast, pinching her nipple, the other at her throat, threatening to choke her.
  13. Julia felt like she was going to be sick; the bile was rising in her throat and she was beginning to see stars. When he entered her, pain ripped through her and words of protest left her lips. She tried to buck him off with her hips, but when she realized she was merely meeting his messy thrusts, she remained limp on the bed. She closed her eyes, trying to block on everything that he was doing to her. His tongue soon began to lap at her breast and he pinched the nipple between his teeth, causing her to jerk upwards.

    She felt that she was getting closer, his thrusts getting faster and his breathing getting more rapid. She could only pray that he would just let go and not force her to do anything more. She didn't want to come, didn't want to feel the pleasure. How could she when all she felt was pain, both physical and emotional?

    Daniel's grip on her throat got a little tighter and he pressed her head into the pillow, "look at me."
    Julia shook her head defiantly, and she audibly heard Daniel chuckle.
    He slowed down his thrusts a bit before moving her legs so much that she folded, her legs going above his shoulders. She cringed as he pushed deeply inside of her, one his hands traveling down her belly and to her opening. He began to rub rapidly at her clit and Julia squeezed her eyes harder, willing away the orgasm that was unwillingly building.
  14. Daniel chuckled once more bringing his mouth to her breasts, kissing, licking, and nibbling at her nipple while his fingers pinched and rubbed at her clit. He wanted to send her over, wanted to humiliate her with making her realize he had control of all, her pain and her pleasure. Groans and pants escaped him, loving the lewd sounds that came from their hips meeting. His eyes lifted to her features, adoring the pain, the attempt to let her mind escape the place she was in. His hips began to buck more erratically, his own orgasm approaching while he took her. Determined to make her cum as well however.
  15. As the pleasure began to mount, Julia tried to push it away. There was no way that she was going to give him the satisfaction of making her cum - it was clear that was what he wanted and was one of the few things that she could actually control in the situation. Instead of focusing on the tingle in her groin and breasts she focused on the foul smell of his breath and his meaty form against her. Still, as he pinched at her clit and rubbed at it vigorously, she could only push it back so far.

    "Come on honey," he murmured against her breast, his tongue licked around her nipple and then biting at the peak, "cum for me. You can't hold it back forever."

    But she would try. Julia refused to give him the satisfaction of bringing her to orgasm. She hated this man.
    It only took a few thrusts though and more circling on her clit though to send Julia over the edge. The apex of her thighs began to clench and the tingle extended all the way down to her toes. She bit her lip, trying to suppress the sounds that left her, but the moans were high pitched and refused to be concealed.

    "Oh, fuck... no, no... fuck...," she cried, clenching her body and trying to will away the feeling.
  16. Daniel's smile grew wide as she began to cum. His eyes staring at her features while he continued to take her, his own orgasm hitting him while he groaned bucking deep into her as he spilled himself seemingly dry into her body. His mouth parted as he panted, quivering slightly while he played at her clit through his own climax, just to make sure she got all he could give before he sighed. A few past bucks and a few last spurts came from him before he came to a stop. Letting more of his weight lay upon her, sweat beading on his flesh. "See now? That wasn't so bad... You even came you little slut." He spoke kissing at her jawline. Showering her with cruel affection before he pulled out and laid beside her, gently stroking his shrinking length in the afterglow.
  17. Ashamed and upset, Julia turned on her side, her hands still bound. She wanted nothing to do with that man and didn't want to hear any of the cruel words he had to say. He had gotten what he wanted and she could only pray that he would finally leave her alone.
    Unfortunately, it was wishful thinking and his hands soon came to snake around her hips, touching the wetness between her legs. His semen and her liquid make her slick and she clenched her thighs together, hoping it would prevent him from touching her.

    "Ah," he grinned against her ear, pressing his hand further in between her legs and feeling the slickness in between her thighs. His hand found her clit again and she jerked; it was still sensitive from her last orgasm, and she squirmed, trying to push him away. "Look at you, all ready for a second around already. And here I thought you weren't going to like it. I might not even be able to keep up!"
    Julia closed her eyes and kicked him with her legs, now free from his grasp. Daniel just laughed again and pinned her ankles against the bed. His hand still played with her clit and parted her folds, slowly beginning to insert his finger.

    "Don't...," she cried, "not now..." Not again...
  18. He smiled, continuing to slip his fingers into her. His digits hooking up to rub at her g-spot once more before he shifted hands. Bringing his moistened one to her lips, forcing her to taste their combined flavors before he brought the hand back to his own length. Once more he stroked himself before her, enjoying her protesting. Daniel simply grinned once more gettin himself ready and mounting her. His hips pressing into her once again as he relished in the slicker feeling of it.
  19. Daniel's manhood was half limp but it was apparent that his intention was to get as much out of her tonight as he could. Because he wasn't as rigid as before, his first orgasm making it hard to keep an erection, he had to probe her more to insert himself. Julia turned her head to the side and tried to ignore the raw feeling. She was still very wet from their last encounter, and that made it easier for him to slide around inside of her.

    "You are such a dirty girl, Julia," he snickered against her mouth, finding her nose and her cheeks, nipping at them playfully, "see how wet you are? Only a little slut would get turned on from being raped. But don't worry, I don't intend to stop anytime soon. You're mine now, Julia. And I intend to take full advantage of your... services."

    Enraged by his vulgar words, Julia opened her eyes and hastily spit in his face. For a moment Daniel stopped, stunned at the action. And then anger shrouded his dark eyes, and he wiped the saliva off his eyes, blinking a few times.
  20. Daniel sat up a bit, still within her before he brought the back of his hand down to her face. The resounding slap aiding in making him harder within her. "Don't do that again bitch..." He growled angrily at her before he began his sloppy thrusts once more into her. Anger rules them now as he bucked roughly not caring to offer her any attempt at pleasure this time while he bucked, grasping her breast roughly, squeezing it just to add to his showing of angry dominance over her.