The broken mirror

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  1. A Bright yellow light came up in the middle of nowhere; he took up his hand to cover his eyes from it as a male voice started to spoke.
    -"Tsuyoi..." Tsuyoi got confused as he asked the voice that would echo through his ears.
    -"How do you know my name?" He asked but the male voice ignored him.
    -"Tsuyoi, you've betrayed us.." Tsuyoi got confused as he tried to remember the male voice, if it was someone he knew.
    -"Betrayed you?" He said wondering as the male voice kept on talking.
    -"You do not deserve to be one of us any more, you have thrown us into the dirt and dust and NOW you have to pay." Tsuyoi got even more confused as he tried to see into the light if there was a person in there, he saw something, it was a head with very short hair but the head was faceless.
    -"We will take away your body, your name and everything you own." He laughed a little unsure, not knowing if the male voice was joking or not but he sounded very serious.
    -"Wha-what are you talking about?" He could feel how the male voice made a smile and started to chuckle -"Tsuyoi that means strong in your language... We will change it to Shiro." Tsuyoi looked at the bright light and tried to think that this is a dream, which he'll wake up from, soon.
    -"Shiro?" He said in wonder as the man explained to him.
    -"Shiro is a word for white and we will give you the name Shiro because the color white, it's empty, it has nothing special about it and it's weak and worthless and in our world it's shameful." Tsuyoi started to get angry.
    -"Is this a joke?!" He screamed to the voice but the yellow light started to disappear as everything got black, he could hear the man’s last words.
    -"Shiro, a name filled with empty emotions. Remember your pain from this." Suddenly everything got hazy as he started to see light, he open his eyes and saw that he was in a room. By the look of everything, the brown leather made couch, the shelf filled with books and small trinkets of animals and small peoples, it seems to be a living room or maybe a library. He couldn't tell but he low on something soft, it seems to be a gray carpet. He tried to move his body but it felt like a heavy stone was all over him. Suddenly two white shoes showed, they were small and the skin that showed looked smooth and was chocolate brown. -"Shiro.." The female voice started as he though "Shiro? W-wait I'm not shiro... I'm Tsuyoi!" He almost wanted to shout it out to the female but his words stopped on his throat. The female took his arm and lifted him up so he could stand on his feet. The girl holds him so he wouldn't fall as he leaned against her, even though she were short she was strong.
    -"Why are you sleeping here, Shiro? It's not like you." The female had shining red lipstick on and her eyes was light brown and a little gray. She had black curly hair and some maid clothes on.
    -"Oh my..." She looked shocked as I felt something flow down on my cheek, it tickled my skin as she took me to the bathroom. She put me down on the toilet chair as she looked in a cabinet in hope to find something, I felt my body was weak when I tried to rise my arm slowly up into the air.
    -"W-who.. Are you? Where am I?" I felt my lips were very dry when I spoke and I felt my throat hurt a little. The female looked at me with a smile, thought he was joking.
    -"Geez, Shiro. Are you drunk or something? It's me Cassandra, your maid. And stay still you've a scar on your head." She carefully touched his forehead as he tried to smile.
    -"Of course.... Cassandra, I must be really drunk hah...ha." He felt that his laughing wasn't very convincingly as she looked unsure into his eyes.
    -"Do you feel okay? You seem to be afraid of something or shocked. Has something happen?" He made a fake smile and waved his hand a little.
    -"No, no I'm fine..." He said and Cassandra smiled gentle as she took the bloody fabric piece of his head. -"Take a bath, Shiro. It'll make your body relax." Before he could protest he nodded instead and Cassandra walked away and closed the tree-made door with a gold-made doorknob. He sat down to make some powers before standing up and slowly got up from the toilet chair. He got a shock when he saw himself in the mirror, his eyes widen as he touched his black hair.
    -"M-my blonde hair... wha-what happened with my blonde hair?!" He then saw his dark eyes, filled with a mysterious feeling and was empty. He thought to himself; "What happened with my green eyes?" He then touched his skin, it wasn't as before neither, it's white, gray and a little honey gradient now but before it was more of a tan brown color. As shocked as he was he wanted to check the rest as he took of his black t-shirt, it was weird because he doesn't like black clothes at all, but he had black hair, eyes and even the clothes was black and a little dirty. He was about to scream, his muscles was also gone, his over part of the body was, slim, really skinny. He was like a skeleton. He slowly touched his ribs that would go out very much as his hand then got lower to his tummy. It was going inwards a lot. He took of his dirty heavy saggy pants and with a thud they fell down, his underwear were also black and a little bit red.Did he want to look on his leg? He remembers his body, before it was more muscular and now... Slowly he turned his head down and looked at his legs, they was white and skinny, they was so skinny that he wanted to puke. How could someone this skinny even survive? But the strange thing is that he didn't feel hungry at all, he took a deep breath and whispered to himself.
    -"This is just a dream, this isn't happening. I'll soon wake up and be Tsuyoi again not this "Shiro".” He took a shower, put on the clothes again that were the only thing he really wanted to pick since the clothes in the light brown closet didn't have anything good to give. He walked downstairs as he got to the living room he woke up to. He then walked to the whole dark brown kitchen with a little black here and there on the floor and walls. Cassandra wasn't there and she wasn't in the other rooms as well, he walked to the living room again as the soft carpet tickles his feet, even though he has some gray socks on them. He couldn't stop think of the irony, he's wearing dark and black clothes but the guy’s name Shiro stands for white.
    -"This just doesn't make sense..." He repeated for himself as he looks outside the window, it was winter, and he could feel the cold wind that tries to go through the window as the snow slowly falls down. He suddenly saw something reflect from the window as he turns his head, it was a black and white semi-acoustic leaning against the wall. He walked straight ahead for it as he in anger hit it against the tree-made floor. When his anger has gone down and the guitar is broken it started to shine, a lot. In a white small light, the semi-acoustic is healed and almost looked new again and was clean as before. He tried again as for every hit he got even more confused and angrier.
    -"Why... -hits- ...Don't..... -hits- ... you... -hits- ...break already!?" He made a last smash as he thought it'd break but it healed itself again. He sighs loud and long, he takes some long minutes to take a look at it as he then puts it on, he plays one string after another, he then suddenly heard something outside. Not really sure of what to do he ran back to the bedroom.
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