The Broke Princess

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  1. As the old older man crosses the lake he walks
    by daily, he notices something glowing.
    He takes off his hand weaved
    sandals. He walks into the lake,
    he crouches down and see's the glowing
    patch glowing harder then ever. With
    his instincts he starts digging into the
    ground with his hands.
    The man looks down and see's what
    he think is a doll. He cuffs the what
    he thinks doll in his hand.
    As the what he thinks doll blinks he jumps
    backwards in surprise and almost drops
    the what he finds out girl. The old
    man ran and ran home to
    his wife. The wife not in belief, yet a few secconds
    after saying that the girl
    wakes up. The wife
    confused, surprised, and amazed

    The girl physically does
    a backflip
    onto the ground from the old womans
    hands. She
    falls gracefully into a flower.

    The princess's life was good before
    the flashback/dream
    she had before. Also the day she
    meets the guy
    that changes her life.

    The rest is up to the roleplayers
    of to find out what
    happens next.

    The Old Woman Role:
    She is 56 years old.
    She met the old man when
    in high school. She is
    kind, understanding and
    loyal to all. She cares
    more about her found

    The Old Man:
    He is 60 years old.
    He cares more about
    money then wife or
    found daughter. He doesnt
    understand a lot, he
    wants his daughter to
    be a princess in Japan thats loyal
    respectful and honest.(going
    to make her one ps, ps, ps)
    He is lives off money
    from weaved clothing and
    old items.

    Princess/Daughter Akio:
    Her name means
    (aki) "bright" combined with
    夫 (o) "husband, man",
    男 (o) "male" or 雄 (o)
    "hero, manly".
    (gotten from
    The parents didn't have
    a clue what her real
    name meant but thought it
    was a good name.
    She is respectful,
    brave, daring,
    tough, even though
    she looks like a perfect
    dime she isn't. She
    is 14

    Akio's Friend, Isamu:
    A year older then
    Akio (15) and they have
    been friends ever sense
    he was 5. He loves
    going on camping trips,
    He has scrapes all
    over him. He is
    brave, daring, almost
    like twins to Akio.
    Or are they meant to be...


    (Old Parents/Akios Home)


    (Isamu's Treehome also
    there hangout)

    This was inspired by
    Studio Ghibli's film
    The Tale of Princess

  2. (My role is Princess/Daughter Akio and The Old Man we need 1 or 2 more role-players needed.)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.