The Broadcast.

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  1. Big bright brown eyes shot opened and widened as a shrill tone filled her ears, making her cover them with her hands. Her television had a weird coloration on it as she turned it off. She rubbed her eyes with her fingers then threw the covers off of her as she got out of the bed, walking out of her room and down the hall. She knocked on her roommates door three times before speaking. "Aye, it's time to get up." She said while turning heel and walking away. Stephanie didn't really believe about this whole apocalypse mess so she was going on about her day, just as normal. "Sarah!!" She called out while looking for something to make for breakfast. She bent down and her eyes peered over the items - Nothing in there really satisfying. "Shit." She spoke under her breath while back up and closing the fridge door. She jumped slightly, holding her hand over her chest as her roommate Sarah stood there.

    "God, you are acting creepy. What's up?" Stephanie asked while walking to the other side of the counter. She stared at Sarah, who jumped on the counter and towards Stephanie, who ducked down so that Sarah landed on the floor behind her. Stephanie looked over her shoulder at the body behind her then watched as it twitched and jumped right back up. She ran towards the knife drawer and grabbed a Dexter knife, throwing it towards the zombified Sarah. Bullseye! Perfect hit. She watched the body fall to the ground as she leaned against the counter, breathing heavily.

    Realization sat in and she bolted upstairs, changing into some camouflage clothing, which she had for awhile since she left the army. She grabbed a backpack and stuffed it with at least two changes of clothing, ran downstairs and grabbed some bottled water and food. She walked over to the hallway closet and grabbed her Katana, strapping it to her back then grabbing her Assault Rifle, which she threw over his shoulder. She reached up and grabbed a box that was filled with extra bullets, which she stuffed in a small compartment of the backpack. She checked off items in her head then nodded to herself while walking out the front door - Stephanie had to find other living people in this. If there were any.

    So now her journey, along with many others begins now.
  2. I had awaken up in a familiar bed but wasn't mine. I rolled over and nuzzled Kayley's nose. "Hey babe." Nemo said to Kayley and Kayley rolled over smiling at Nemo. I kissed her closing her eyes letting all my senses be drowned in Kayley. Then the kiss broke and we both got out of the bed throwing on clothes.

    "So are you going to say for breakfast?" Kayley put on her bra and shirt smiling at me as she looked around for her pants.

    I shrugged. "Sure why not." I grabbed her satchel and began to walk with Kayley downstairs into the Kitchen where we found her Dad eating Kayley's little brother. "OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCKEL!?"

    Kayley screamed, she was infront of me. She fell back and I was squished, her Father got up and began to tear at his daughter's body. I could feel her still hot blood splatter against me.

    I vomited and tried to throw them off me. I barely managed to wiggle out and I ran down the hall and out a window. I ran into the neighbors lawn and broke into their house. A man with a crazed look in his eye pointed a sawn off shotgun at me. I raised my hands frozen in fear.

    "WHO DE FUCK ARE YOU?" The guy yelled at me.

    "My names Nemo." I barely held the tears in. "Please don't kill me."

    "Only if you do me a favor!"

    "What kind of favor?"

    The guy threw me a huge plastic bag filled with blue and white pills. "You take that and meet me at Dellwood. Have some if you like but leave most of it there! I have errands to run and I will be at Dellwood. Just ask around for Watson Weaves. YOU UNDERSTAND?!"

    "Yes! Yes!"

    Watson didn't take another second he bolted out of there and into the street opening a car and driving off. I was then alone in the weird bathroom, there was used needles, a cracky radio talking about a virus and Dellwood, it seemed to be recorded and on repeat. I took two of the pills popping them in my mouth and ran out of the building. I looked all over and began to run right. She saw some chick in a camo outfit with a fucking sword and big gun.

    "HEY! HEY!" I waved my arms at the girl! "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!" She looked like military, she might know whats going on. Maybe she's with a unit or a battalion. Was I safe? I hope so. Then again I did have all of those pills in my bag.
  3. It was dark...the window was shaded but wind blew in it causing the curtain to flutter, something some noise inside the room, sounds like humming? The curtains fell and the light hit the roof quickly flooding in and showing a black room with nothing but a punching bag and a guy sitting on the floor cross legged. Screams filled the room from the outside, He chuckled and slowly rose from the floor. His Brown hair cut not to short but slicked back over his head, He was wearing a black-beater and green camo pants.
    he was wearing Mixed Martial Arts shoes, his build was well and his eyes still closed. He opened them and his Hazel eyes were showed out in the semi light room, He heard banging on his door and the sounds of groaning and screaming. He tensed and walked over to one edge of the mat and pulled out two combat knifes and a sheathe for each of them, He sighed and walked towards the door.
    Someone shouted his name through the door " Michael!! " before the sounds of blood spurting and bone chewing interrupted them. He opened the door slowly pulling it towards him, He looked down at some creature feasting upon a body. He put his foot to it and shoved it away from the bleeding body, sending it rolling down the steps. He ran down the steps after it and leaps over the railing and landing right on its head when it lands on the floor, He mushes the face into the floor. He then opens his door and looks around the streets thinking maybe he could find some of his friends but right now...he needed to run. He saw more of the creatures on his tail as he took off running down the road his face without emotion of fear, He only had determination on his face the determination to survive.

  4. Her ears twitched as she heard someone being loud, calling out towards her. Stephanie ran towards the idiot and covered up his mouth while whispering. "Can you shut up?" She said while looking around, seeing zombies fill in the closing space between them. "Don't make any sudden movements." She continued while her eyes shot towards the oncoming Zombies. "Come on." She removed her hand from his mouth then walked away slowly. When she felt the need and the desire to run, she did. Stephanie didn't care about the male she had just met, after all, it was every man or female, for themselves. She ran into another male and pushed him. "Watch where you are going, will ya?!" She shouted while turning around and seeing Zombies come from out of nowhere. "Looks like we'll have to fight for a minute." She said with a slight smirk, unsheathing her Katanas and charging towards the Zombies.

    She had perfect markmanship and heads were rolling everywhere. She looked to see if the two idiot males needed her help.
  5. I stared at the Katana girl as she cut down a zombie and felt like I was going to throw up. I didn't know if it was the pills, the blood or both. I then looked at the zombies and picked up a brick from the ground. I could my heartbeating in my chest. I threw the brick up in the air and caught it. I was going to go kick some ass. I ran at one and hit it over the head with the brick, it didn't do much. I did it again and this time it fell. I then clawed at me and I dropped the brick and tried pushing it away as it grabbed at me.

    I felt good, everything was slow and I was the observer in the world around me. The zombie was weirdly fascinating in it's own way. I knew it couldn't bite me, everything was going to be all right, that Katana chick would get it off me and then I'd be back to fighting more zombies. Everything was going to be all right. My pupils dilated as soon as the pills hit in. I started giggling as I pushed the zombie away from me, I don't know why it was just so funny.
  6. Did i just get pushed? who was she? aw shit she's going to have to fight the zombies. He skidded to a halt and turned around to begin running back but a zombie tried to rush him from the bush, He ducked under its onslaught jump and as it went over him he stood up quickly sending his shoulder into the creatures gut causing it to soar over his back and spin and skid onto the floor. He then began walking towards the group and noticed the man trying to push a zombie off him laughing, he was obviously in denial. He began walking towards the girl and approached the zombie who was going to try and feast on this girl, His foot quickly implanting itself into the zombies face sending it sliding and rolling back off the girl. He picked the man up off the floor dusting him of but quickly spinning around and sending a punch into the zombies face that was attacking him before causing it to fall back again, He then lept forward and raised his foot into the air. Slamming it down on the face of the zombie mushing it in he continued to stomp on its face, the zombie stopped moving and he spun back around pulling his combat knives from the back hip sheathes and getting into a muay Thai stance. " Hope you guys dont mind a stranger tagging look like you know were your going Ma'am and sir " He nodded with a smile.
  7. "I'm pretty sure Katana person is a chick bro." I started cracking up. "No fucking dude would have tits and hair like that man." I was giggling before looking back at the zombies. It was quite obvious from my voice that I was a girl. "Holy shit. We're fucked." I looked around and spotted an alley where zombies weren't, the chain link fence would be easy to jump over. I pulled the only man in the groups shirt and pointed at the alley. "Way out I see." I broke out laughing and I could feel my body going numb. "Lets go? No?" My speech was slurred.
  8. -from a distance the biological experiment would hear the screams of fear as his crimson eyes and crystal blue bio hazard shaped pupils scan the area until he finds exactly which direction the screams came from and he lowers onto all fours and takes off in the direction of the commotion. After a minute of travle he would find himself at the back of the pack of zombies as one tries to rush him he simply uses the bladed tip pf his tail to cleave off the zombies head as he let out a loud roar like a xenomorph so he could distract the zombies his five inch long claws glistening in the light ready to spill zombie blood-