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  1. Hi there, hopefully you'll find something of interest here we can collaborate on!

    Firstly, I guess some information on myself and what I expect is in order:
    • I only do heterosexual pairings, that being said, I may have an idea for a plot revolving around two male characters.
    • I only play males.
    • Not all of the themes listed will be involved in all of my RPs, and some not listed may find their way in.
    • I will try to post at-least once a day, maybe once every two days, and hope you can do the same.
    • I hate having passive partners, and ask that we are able to push the story forward an equal amount.
    • I've set the requirements to Adept, though a long post isn't necessarily a good one, I'll provide a writing sample at the end of this thread to see if you like the way I write, and if you do then great, shoot me a PM! But I might ask to see an example of your writing too!
    • I was reading through the thread and I've lost my train of thought..... :(
    • Oh yes, OOC talk is good! It helps to discuss where the story and our characters are going, right?
    • I live in Britland, but my sleep pattern is disgusting and I can end up posting any time of the day.
    • Oh one last thing, I like to post the image of my character with each of my posts, and hope you would do the same, if you don't know what I mean, just check my writing sample at the bottom!
    • Do I do smut? Yes! But do I do smut? No. It depends on if you want it or not!
    Wow that's a lot of stuff, trust me, I'm really a nice person!

    Well you're still here huh? I guess I should tell you what plots and pairings I am looking for right now. Not all of these plots have to include romance, though if they develop that way that is good too!

    Pairings (No particular plot)

    • Prince x Princess (Arranged Marriage)
    • Pirate x Pirate (Realistic and historical or Fantasy)
    • Modern Day Romance (Old Friends, Love at first sight, etc lots of possibilities)
    • Post Apocalyptic Romance (Image the Fallout setting, not necessarily an adventure, just trying to survive in the harsh wastes)
    • Elder Scrolls Universe
    • Anything Fantasy really

    Plots (To come soon)


    Look it's my writing
    Show Spoiler

    He held the memory card in the palm of his robotic hand as he fell, the putrid smell of the city's underbelly hitting his nose as his body hit the ground. If pain was an emotion he recognised, it would be surging through his body at this moment, tonight he was lucky that it was not. He turned his head to the sky he had just fallen from, shards of glass still spilling from the window he had jumped from. Miles higher than he now stood. He had to move quickly though, or the agents would soon catch him and fry the circuits in his limbs before finishing the job in whatever manner they saw fit. He knew there was no coming back from this betrayal.

    He pushed through the dark alleys of the Undertown, a name un-lovingly given to the flip side of the coin by the politicians and scientists who made their living providing for those that lived in the bright lights of the sprawling metropolis above. A cyborg running through the streets up there would cause no fuss, but down here his body was followed by many eyes, some simply intrigued whilst others hid a more sinister interest. Julian knew of the seedy operations that began in this place, and what happened to robots that found themselves down here, but he was not worried about street-gangs who wanted to sell his limbs for a small profit. He worried about the encrypted information he held in his hand. The information which would lead to the mass production of augmented men and women like him. He held the secrets to creating an army of super-soldiers, yet this information was not created by him, or anyone that worked for Biotech Industries, luckily he was the one to find it, and steal it, wiping it from their databases, but who had created it? It was the blueprints for creating an organic cyborg, such as himself.

    Five years earlier Julian had awoken in a lab at Biotech Industries, where he was told he had been in a coma, and by the consent of his relatives, who had since passed away, he had been patient zero of a new cybernetics program they were experimenting with, and the only patient since. Since then he had worked as the head of their security, and as such had access to almost every system they controlled, maintained or had some kind of connection to, which was a lot. He had also been in charge of silencing human rights protests throughout the country and Europe, without the press finding out. He had unflinchingly believed the lie that was sown before his feet, that he was simply the beginning of a line of new security measures for the company. But the puzzle inside of his brain had fitted itself together earlier this evening when he had found these files on the chairman's computer. It made sense why they had not produced any more cyborgs like himself in the last 5 years, they simply couldn't, it wasn't their research. They had stolen it, and, tried to capitalize on someone else's work, but who, this question remained the biggest mystery in his analytical brain.

    Sparks shot through his head as he ran through the dark streets, distant memories, people, locations, all muddled into one great fog. His attention snapped back to reality as he stood before a run down building, scanning the area he noticed a sign a few feet away, wiping dust from it as he lifted it to his eyes, most was illegible;

    ''Dr, ------ Laboratories, '' he continued to try to decipher the writing, but the cracks and faded paint made it impossible, the only other noticeable words were ''A brighter future, for everyone'' written at the bottom, a laugh escaped his lips at the cheesy slogan.

    His gaze returned to the decadent building in-front of him, was this a laboratory? It felt similar to him. Motors could be heard spinning in his arms as he inserted the SD card into the reader on his bicepl and, lodged his feet into the ground before pulling the boards out which had been nailed across the wooden door to the building. Kicking it open, dust flew outwards into the air around him.''Shit..'' He murmured, entering the building, with a touch of his temple, circular pads on his temple and the backs of his hands began to glow a faint blue, providing light in the pitch blackness. It was a small building, no doubt the home of a modest business. He picked a book from the floor, it was almost as illegible as the sign outside;

    ''It's nearly finished, ---------- -------- ------------ ------------ how can I?'' He searched down the page for more legible words, ''Just ------ ------ - ----- volunteers perhaps?''

    He dropped the book and threw it onto the ground, hearing the floor creak behind. ''I'm not looking for trouble.'' He said calmly as he turned his body around.

    If you're still interested after this, shoot me a PM or post here!
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  2. I'd like to do PrincexPrincess or another fantasy one.
  3. I'm interested in Prince x Princess, but I also have a plot I have been dying to do, and that's; Demon x Human. Whichever you are up to, though.
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