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  1. Angels and demons are trying to take over earth.
    Which side are you on ...
    10 years after the first supernatural being is seen. All of Europe Africa and Antarctica are over run. A letter is received telling the humans that in one years ti me the demons will attack. They send out a radio broadcast calling in help. Days later another letter is received from the angels saying they will give aid to the humans until the demons are defeated and then take earth as their own.

    Side fighting for:

    Name: hai fudo
    Race: half demon half human
    Side fighting for: earthlings
    Appearance: 6'. He has black hair and green eyes. He wears a black trench coat who's collar makes an m sharp in the neck he wears a black muscle shirt black cargo pants with red pockets and black combat boots.
    Weapons: a long katana blade strapped to his back on his right hips two daggers.
    Abillites: super speed strength and enhanced reflexes can also become intangible and make other objects intangible.

    The rp starts with 6months left hai and the resistance have not yet received word of any incoming help for the war .. walking through the streets hai had a dagger in hand looking around hoping to get one kill before the day was over.. his hair blew with the breeze as he walked against the strong winds .. he squinted his eyes so he could see better ... I t was approaching night .. hai stopped and thought to himself he would stay here for the night then make way to the base in the morning..
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  2. Name: Thomas Wright
    Race: Human
    Side fighting for: Earthlings
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    Weapons: An endless pocket of throwing knives.
    Abilities: Due to his old connections with the underworld, about a year ago he was able to gain the abilities of a demon's strength, speed, agility, and stamina.
  3. morning came quick Hai had found an apartment in a nearby building and stayed there for the night. he ate an orange he had brought with him and headed back toward the base camp it was about two days journey. grabbing his backpack he put his coat on and stood at the door of the building surveying his surroundings before heading offf. he sniffed in the air... 'smelt different then last night' he thought to him self. 'someone is here'. With that he was off walking down the street filled with cars and empty corpses. men women and children.
  4. Thomas jogged down the street to try to catch a Taxi, but was unsuccessful for the 5th time tonight. He didn't resort to his alternative means of travel. There were too many people out tonight. He didn't want to be seen or caught. He pulled his hood over his head and walked in what was slowly becoming night. He looked at his watch to notice it was half past 8 'o clock. He exhaled and looked around. Tonight out of all nights felt different. He didn't know why or how, but it felt so.
  5. Hai felt someone in the shadows . Knowing exactly what it was he had a choice lead it to an alley and kill it or bring it out here and kill it.. his eyes darted back and forth until he found it an empty street. He darted a crossed the street alerting the angle of him knowing that it was there.. once in the alley a bright white light illuminated the entire alley. Hai spoke:
    'What do you want we still have 6months"
    The angle cocked its head . It was hard to tell weather it was male or female.
    "I'm only tailing you, trying to find your base of operations. "
    Placing his hand on his dagger hai lunged at the creature .. it flew upward and hai followed jumping wall to wall upwards. He swung hitting the angles wing the dagger stuck .. suspended over the alley he grabbed the other and swung at its back .. the angle began to fight back energy balls being swun in every direction in an attempt to rid itself of hai ... what little civilians were in the street gawked at what they saw some even recording . Finally landing hai decapitated the angle then continued his path back to base..
  6. "What the..." Thomas watched the fast paced scene unfold. He then made his way through the gawking crowd, messing up a phone recordings. Once he got to the man who had easily taken down that angel, he tailed him keeping a low profile. He softened his step and tried to be as stealthy and discreet as possible.
  7. Hai took note to all the people walking in the sAme direction as he was mmoving. He did not see any out of character actions. He sat on a bench in front of the base and waited just looking he pulled out his phone and looked at it.
  8. Name wolf soran
    Race demon
    Fighting for the earthlings
    Appearance wolf stands at 6'2 and has a military physique. He was 1 of the great demon generals but was labeled a traitor when took mercey on an angel. Since then hes been wandering the earth for 200 years jumping througj the different militaries until he was found as a demon now he wanderers the earth evading capture. He wears a black cloak with a hood. Olive drab long sleeve shirt, black finger less gloves and camouflage pants. With combat boots.

    Wolf was running through the city. Being chased by military soldiers. This was the fifth time this week he had been found he ended up running into an ally and hiding in a very dark corner using his cloak to hide and let the soldiers pass. After they did walked around the corner and ran into hai
  9. Once Thomas realized that he stopped he decided to wait and observe from a distance. He wasn't doing anything too spectacular. He was just on his phone like any mindless human would be in this time and age. Hell even Thomas had to fight off the urge to take out his phone. He couldn't be distracted by anything. That stunt that that man just pulled off less than ten minutes ago wouldn't go unnoticed. He leaned up against a tree and watched him out of the corner of his eye.
  10. As a man ran around the corner Hai stood the first thing hai noticed was his scent. He dropped his arms to his side. Not knowing whether to trust this man or not. "Good evening sir were tho use gaursd chasing you" hai was to close to base if he did anything he would have to answer to the higher uPS. He looked back from where he came from to see if he had any companions
  11. wolf sniffed the air."a half demon and yes those guards were chasing me." wolf slowly removed the hood of his cloak. he was sketchy of trusting any one cause he had no idea who this guy sided with. then looked over hais shoulder and notices a squad of guards with guns aimed at him. he looked behind him noticing a tank. looks like o have to fight. wolfs hands start glowing black.
  12. Hai stepped back "you must be a bad demon if your fighting against the human military. He flicks his wrist opening his coat and grabes his dagger. He places his phone in his pocket. The soldiers stop behind him. "I over see all military action in this area as a defender of earth I must ask you to wait for the DATe to showyourself if you cant obey I will kill you. "Hai wait for his response. If he is fighting for the earthlings this is a weird way to show it.
  13. hands stop glowing and wolf looks at the commander. so you run the military operations in the area. than call the soldiers off before they lose they're lives. i dont want to kill them im trying to fight with them but they want me as a lab rat.
  14. Surprised and a little on edge hai puts his weapon away looking back The leader other that squad tells his soldiers t stand down "we will continue our sweep of the area" hai nods and the jog Dow the street. He looks to the man "i m hai and you are " hai extends his hand to shake . AFter he would make his a to the bcase entrance hoping wolf would follow . Once inside he leads wolf to a room on the second floor something ssimilar to a rec room with TV's games' and a kitchen .with sofas aswell. Hai takes a seat on one both te couches.
  15. "im wolf" he followed hai to the base camp. and went to the the rec room. he sat down on the couch but kept his guard up not trusting anything.
  16. "So your here to help the humans " hai gives a look that shows he is friendly but not taking any bull from this guy if he tried. " may I ask why "
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