The Brink of Dawn

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I'm quite bored of Libertine just being filled with people not looking for enough action, and just looking for straight up sex and baseless romance. That's why I made this roleplay search.

Important things: I'm a fairly adaptable RPer who usually conforms to the length of the partner, and will reply in a span of 1-2 days, the most common posting speed of 1 post per day and if it takes too long, 2 maximum. My posts vary, for I have a tendency to post even if I have a bit of writer's block/no inspiration. Regardless, I still enjoy roleplay to a specific degree.

The plot, since you've stuck around long enough:

This is more of a sci-fi themed roleplay, in which there are two galactic ideologies splitting them apart from the rest. One is the more traditional ideology of religion, in which their doctrine denounces philosophy questioning human morality the mere icon of sin, the lowest of low; one the church does not allow. Their religion is of heavy faith, and without said faith, thinking that you would simply be cast out is optimistic. Their deity is one that takes the form of a human, and their council determines who would be the next incarnation of their beloved deity, after the other dies. The deity is seen as the real, almighty being, but in truth -- they're just mouthpieces of the church. The other ideology emboldens the idea of freedom of speech, a more civilized way of seeing things -- but like all good things, most people have an agenda. Brutal dictatorships spawn out of these planetary colonies, solidifying the hatred of the religious population of the each and every planet. Religious crusades and 'religious disease control' are just different words for killing those who don't stand with them.

The two main characters would be different in their own unique ways, but they would be on opposite sides of the coin. One would be the deity, one that has been recently appointed due to the recent assassination of 'the Incarnate', and one would be a high ranking Captain in the unified galactic government's navy -- as long as they both were not made to cross paths. Barely escaping with his life, the former escapes unscathed, while the latter nearly dies as a result. Barely making it back to his ship.

They were never to cross paths at all, but tragedy strikes the colony that the other character is stationed in. A murder has been committed, one of the councilmen of the church murdered by what was reported to be the deity. The deity was reported to be also missing, and is currently the most wanted person by the church and the galactic government, until a distress signal was heard from a single floating, almost derelict looking ship.

The deity was calling for help. Would the Captain set past differences aside, and save the deity? Or will the hunter be the hunted?

Willing to play either role.
Thanks, and please PM me if you're interested in discussing more about the world and etc.
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