The Bringer of Death

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  1. Alrighty so this is the OOC thread for our little fantasy adventure. Please tell me if you don't like the title, I'll change it. But anyways, here is the CS.


    But can feel free to add to the CS, I'm working on the setting as we speak and will edit this message for the setting once I got it all together.
  2. Until Skedaddle adds the map to the first post, I'm including them here for character-creation reference. He already approved it:

    For lore, I'd like to suggest that there was a time when five primary races lived with set boundaries in a state of uneasy balance, but then some sort of chaos came to the planet, borders shifted or dissolved, cities were destroyed or made, before-unknown races began popping up, and a common language came up that overshadowed all the ancient ones.
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  3. Name: Ismene Cai

    Gender: Female

    Age: 18 years old

    Race: Human/ Fae with Aquarius's Gifts

    Appearance: Ismene was born with both human and sprite characteristics, she was pale but not the deathly whitish blue of her water Fae clan, just white. As for her face she took after her human father; large round almond eyes, pale pink lips, and naturally defined eyebrows. The only resemblance to her mother is slightly pointed ears and the same vivid brilliant blue eyes with a strange streak of green through the middle of each. She is not as tall as a normal fae is, about three inches under average but has the same Lilith body as the rest but with some added curves of a humanoid female.

    Personality: Courteous, daring, rebellious, sensitive, passionate, guarded, involuntarily gullible at times, emotional, trustworthy.

    History: To show rebellion against her overprotective controlling father, Ismene's mother Heasti ran off into the forest and came upon a human village where the equally frustrated chiefs son Adonius was too contemplating running away from his preplanned future, especially his newly betrothed wife. The two met in the forest and well...that was it, two days later Heasti was found by her father's warriors, and Adonius was married off and sent to rule his wife's tribe.

    A few weeks later Heasti was found with child. In order to prevent disgrace upon his families name and shame to his title of the clans head general, Heasti's father, Owan made a hasty agreement with a simple fisherman for Heasti to marry his son. Yong the son was a great man who fell hard for the stoic Heasti the moment they were wedded, and was ecstatic when she informed him of her pregnancy.

    When Ismene was born however, it was very clear to the clan that she was not Yongs, it was clear that she wasn't even full Fae. Yongs father wanted the marriage to be ended as soon as possible and the clan agreed that Heasti was a shameful girl and the child should be abandoned to a human village or even left to the mercy of the forest. But Yong took one look at the child, took her in his arms and promptly named her Ismene, his daughter.

    Most of Ismene's childhood was spent with her father and his siblings. Her mother left to join Ismene's grandfather as a warrior as soon as Ismene could be without her for nourishment and was constantly absent in her life. Most of the clan disagreed when Ismene showed up for education with the village tutors claiming that she would amount to nothing and never develop a gift. They were shocked when, a year before the rest of her classmates she manifested under Aquarius the gift of water, just like her adoptive father.
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  4. Name:
    Rafael Silva

    Appears 19




    Combat style: Raphael's primary weapon is a longbow with a fair range and a few usages in close combat. He has the ability to infuse arrows with small doses of light magic, but it tires him out greatly.
    He also carries a small dagger, but its mostly for utilities like cooking and clearing brush since he's somewhat clumsy when engaging in close combat outside of the occasional bow whack or arrow stab.

    Rafael is naturally a very gentle being with a strong sense of sympathy and empathy. He's easily moved by displays of emotion, as recognizable when he observes the passions of other people. Because of his rather sheltered early life, he's also prone to being gullible. As a companion, Rafael is loyal, but also bluntly honest - not in the least a fan of sugar coating or white lies. And while he's generally accepting to others, he's quick to turn a cold shoulder to demon races and their affiliates and household members.

    While seraphim traditionally are not found on the ground as some other angel classes, Rafael is a bit of a shameful exception. As a young seraph, he often looked upon his guardian angel brethren who free traversed the lower realms freely. He never needed, never had to toil, and was never alone. Yet, he longed for something that was ever present and so very, very close. However, because of his status, he was bound to the skies - for it was not just for a lone seraph to take leave without reason. And as he was, with his six wings, Rafael was well aware that he would be unable to see the world beyond the wings that covered his face. So he did what was considered just barely above falling. With his own two hands, he pried away the two wings that covered his face. As he pulled them away, they fell apart into nothing but a few feathers, opening his eyes to the world. Rafael was surprised to find that the process of losing two of his wings was physically painless. Granted, this was made up for by the quiet, but nonetheless heart wrenching shame he received from his brethren.
    Still, he was not exiled from the skies, nor punished. As it seemed to Rafael himself, his punishment was the shame of having to look at other seraphim, with their six wings in comparison to his four. So, without a word, he took his own leave and left his home for the ground. For the past two years, he lived as a quiet traveler, aimlessly seeking the world as a comfort to what he once had. He is still currently unsure about his status, or more importantly, personal satisfaction and regrets.

    ((Gonna edit this as I have time. If there are any plot clashes, I'll edit it as soon as I recognize it since I'm taking a bit of a sandbox approach to this))
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  5. ... ANY race you say?

    Of course, I know the limits so I won't go too cray.

  6. Name: Pardia Monomin
    The consonants in her name are pronounced with
    the tongue against the back of the front teeth,
    not at the roof of the mouth.

    Age: 39 yrs
    Shapeshifters age at half the rate that humans do.
    Technically, Pardia is almost 20 in human years.

    Gender: Female

    Race: Shapeshifter [feline]
    Shapeshifters are a race of humanoid creatures
    that have an animal form they can shift into.
    They are capable of small magic and usually
    live in nomadic clans.

    • has a feline form and all the enhanced senses that come with it
    • feline form enables her to communicate with animals
    • can accomplish limited earth magic
    good at close combat, especially with daggers/knives

    Pardia is obviously a feline shapeshifter. Even in her human form, she has a pair of large black ears
    at the top of her head. Her eyes are amber and her waist-length black hair is streaked with white.
    She has dark lines on her cheeks that resemble whiskers, but these lines are actually birthmarks all
    members of the Monomin clan have. She's quite busty, and could be described as thickset if she
    didn't stand at six feet even. Her feline form is a black-and-white cat the size of a lynx.

    Pardia is a sweet, cheeky girl; with customers, that is. Once you get to know her, you'll discover that
    she's can be rather scornful and demanding. She's the type who will tease you but gets angry when
    you tease her back. She's feisty and aggressive, not hesitating to play dirty to get what she wants.
    Pardia is also be manipulative. She has a false persona that she puts on for strangers and the like.
    This persona is airheaded and giggles a lot. It leads to many people underestimating her character,
    but she's fine with the idea as long as she gets her way. It may seem like Pardia only cares about her
    own needs, and sometimes this is true, but she's also fiercely loyal and will fight relentlessly for her
    friends and loved ones. When she's in a good mood, she makes charming company.

    The Monomin are merchants. They travel from town to town, bartering goods and setting up shop
    at festivals. With three sisters and four brothers, Pardia already has a large immediate family. When
    you add her aunts, uncles, cousins, and wizened grandparents, things start getting tricky. Life in
    the family merchant business is active and exciting. You get to go to a new place every other week,
    talk to the interesting inhabitants and participate in the festivities. However, it can also be dangerous.
    Everyone in the clan has at least a little combat training, no matter how young they are. Pardia does
    not plan on staying a merchant forever, no matter how much she enjoys the lifestyle or how good
    she is at trading. She'll even marry out of the business if she has to-- a life of constant movement is
    wearing on her.
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  7. Name:



    Hailing from the mysterious, mythical Gearbel is the Mashin race. The Mashin are steampunk mechanical beings given life by magic from the humans they coexist with. Over the years, they have become rebellious towards their creators. While some chose to attempt take over Gearbel, others like Baal chose to leave to explore the world.

  8. Name: Abaixo "Eolas" Duende
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male (eunuch)
    Race: Half-Elf
    Class: Bard


    Personality: Eolas is a mild-mannered seeker of knowledge, at least when he feels secure in his environment. When confused or threatened, he may lash out in an irrational manner, giving in to deeply-concealed resentments.


    Abaixo was the illegitimate child of a wandering elf called Fiosrach and Donzela Riqueza, a duke's daughter. The Riquezas were one of the oldest families on the Eastern Continent, able to trace their lineage back to the time before the chaos. The duke was greatly irritated at his daughter's pregnancy, but the child was attractive and his father had not been a fool. So after making sure the half-breed wouldn't be responsible for any of the next generation, the duke had him raised to be a scholar.

    Abaixo grew to adulthood as a high-ranking servant in his grandfather's household. Extensive tomes of history were available to him, as well as tutors of mathematics, language, and the arts. Once he had learned all he felt he could learn there, Abaixo went on a journey to learn from others. He came to Cathair, ancient home of the elves, and as they recognized him as a relative, they took him in for a time. While studying amongst the elves, they gave him the name "Eolas."
  9. Name: Chieko Yumi
    Age: 422
    Gender: Female
    Race: Fairy
    Appearance: MyStyle(3).jpg
    Personality: She is secretive and doesn't trust people. She is cocktail and sarcastic on the outside, but she is actually pretty kind if you get to know her.
    Chieko lived in a city of humans for her entire life. She concealed her wings and didn't like telling people that she was a faerie. She still practiced her magic, but only one other person knew about her.
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