The Bright Death.

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  1. Ell Cromford, the girl who looked as if a Rainbow, and Death itself had a child.
    A freak, weirdo. Those were the names that people called her, and honestly she didn't mind. Throughout her school, people had their own opinions and state of mind, as did she. So she wouldn't get mad at them or anything, and it's not like she's some complete loner either. She has friends, and people get along with her.

    Well, besides your stereotypical popular group.. You know who's in there, the Jocks, Cheerleaders, Bad Boys or Girls. As long as they were 'Hot', then they were in it. Ell never has, and never will be within that group, and of course that didn't bother her either.

    A girl, this certain girl was in the Popular group.
    She was new to the school, and never had even heard of Ell until their fateful meeting in Biology.
    Turns out.. Ell, is the girls 'Mate' or Soul Mate, it doesn't matter. They were meant to be, and that terrified the girl.


    Okay! :D So, as you can see.. It's a FxF Werewolf story. So, I'm Ell. I wouldn't name your character!. The two girls will meet a few posts into the story, I guess.

    Anyways, there will be drama. Sadness, possible rape, Mindfuck, Mental Illness... And of course, Romance and Comedy- Kind of. But I'm hoping to get a Dominant Female, and if not, then I can be Dominant. ^^' I'd just like to try out Submissive roles while playing Females- Since I usually am doing a Guy on Guy type thing and I am always Dominant. Which is totally cool with me by the way!.

    I'm hoping to have someone who's willing to go through pain, and.. All those other emotions, which, don't be afraid to tell me if you're uncomfortable with some things because I completely understand :D

    Thank you for reading, and I hope you join!.
  2. I might be interested in said roleplay ^_^
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  3. Alright! Well, just send me a PM and let's see if you're interested by then. :P
  4. I'm interested as well!
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  5. Well, send me a PM and we shall discuss! :D
  6. I'm a bit late to I?
  7. You can join too, if you want. Aren't I in a RP with you?.. I recognize your name.
  8. I think so...I think its the rp I made. Hauntings of Jennifer Rose
  9. Ah, yes. I remember now. Has anyone else replied on that by the way? The last I remember was you. Anyways, if you still want to join, send me a PM. ^^'
  10. I don't think so. I haven't received any alerts from it...

    All right. :)
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