The Bravado of Guerrillas ( 'Slightly Farcical' Historical Fantasy RP )

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    You too could be one of these happy attractive people!

    Welcome, Americans, to the Federal Democratic Republic of Marluna. You Americans are very fortunate to be here today, for Marluna is going on seven years of political stability as of 1988. This small but glorious island nation is graciously ruled by Lord President Leonardo Feraline. Coming to power through what was no doubt a fair election after the untimely death of his father and former Lord President, Leonardo rules the island nation of Marluna free of the corporate shackles that once held it as just another Banana Republic! Now, it’s a marvelous and beautiful tourist attraction, popular for you Americans in particular! Come spend your American money here!

    But you, you’re not an American. You live here. Marluna is your home and for too long has it been subject to the whims of foreign powers, corporations tarnishing your good name by turning your island home into just another Banana Republic, until their puppet cut his own strings and made life here even worse. You hear of freedom fighters in the north, men rising against the oppressors and the propaganda. You’ve got little to your name, the slum you live in has little in the way of comfort. You’ve only your life to lose, but certainly independence is worth the cost, isn't it?

    Will you join them, and fight for your independence?

    Okay, the hook baited and tossed, let’s actually shoot shit on the RP. It’s my second attempt at an RP here. The first one fizzled out. My fault, really, but I’m one to learn from my mistakes, which brings me here. This time, I’m going for something more sustainable and simple. A rehashing and remix of a few older RP ideas mixed into one. Chimera plots are best, right?

    But really, it’s not that complicated.

    YOU, are a CITIZEN of the FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF MARLUNA. MARLUNA is a small island nation somewhere in the CARIBBEAN OR SOMETHING. Its exact location doesn’t matter, so just relax. After some time of being RULED BY PROXY for a COMPANY based in AMERICA (the company itself called ENTERPRISING ENTERPRISES), and then USURPED by a WEALTHY ASSHOLE, people like YOU have decided that THIS IS BULLSHIT and are starting to RISE UP AGAINST THAT SHIT.

    The tone of the RP will not be very serious. Expect some tongue in cheek humour and shenanigans as you go into guerrilla warfare against the state. If you want a dark and edgy RP detailing people rising up against an oppressive state ruling over them with gritty dangerous guerrilla warfare stuff, I’m sure you can find one elsewhere. I could even link you to one if you don’t mind vampires.

    But, no, this is instead going to be a bit silly. Like an 80s action movie, or a war dramedy, or something. More Commando, Hogan’s Heroes, or Tropico than anything actually realistic in how it’d interpret the situation.

    Now I know what you’re thinking. “Does this mean my characters can’t die?”



    You can totally still die. I’d just make your death funny… for me at least. As long as you don’t do anything too unreasonable, you’re likely to be fine. That said, a bullet to the head will kill you, whether it’s a funny bullet or not. I mean, this is a guerrilla warfare based RP. Death will happen. And so will explosions, and over the top action scenes, and other such things.

    As for RP structure, it will be episodic. Mission or Quest based. Not sure which word I’ll use, but you get the point. The focus will be on freeing the island from its illegitimate rule, with help from various outsiders who for some reason have decided that Marluna is worth investing time or resources into. But the more help you take, the more restricted your new nation of Marluna will become! Will these foreign masters, who help free you of the FDRM, really be a better master for you?

    And that’s my spiel. If you’re interested, let me know. Also, here, have a map of the island.

    map (open)

    The Federal Democratic Republic of Marluna is roughly 1,100km2 in size, with a civilian population of roughly 100,000.

    The black line represents the Enterprise Express, Marluna's premier railroad network!
  2. Sounds like a RP where you dick around like in Mercenaries 1 and 2, so I'm all in for it.
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