The Brat Pack

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  1. "Dear Mr. Vernon
    We accept the fact that we had to spend a whole Saturday in detention for whatever it was we did wrong, but we think it's stupid for you to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see us. In the simplest terms with the most convienient definitions. But what we found out is that each of us is a brain, an athlete, a basketcase, a princess, and a criminal. Does that answer your question?

    Sincerely Yours,
    The Breakfast Club"

    The Brat Pack

    This is a new group of kids in Saturday night detention. They all have a reason to be in the high school library at 7:30 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. Five of them are from different parts of the spectrum in the school. They will interact in ways that they will never interact with each other at school in the hallways.

    Once detention on Saturday is over, what will happen next?

    Will they continue to be friends, or will they forget about each other and pretend that nothing happened?

    The Rules

    1. Please be able to write about one to two paragraphs in each post.
    2. Anything goes in this, but keep it PG-13 for the sake of this not being a mature role play.
    3. Limited spots available.
    4. Have fun.
    5. The role play will start in detention and end up continuing on from there.

    The Brain - played by Angel of Castiel
    The Athelete
    The Basketcase - played by The Red Tazelwurm
    The Princess - played by Lonewolf888978
    The Criminal - played by princessyuna

    The Teacher - played by princessyuna
    Appearance: [picture or description]
    Brief History:
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  2. [​IMG]

    Jayden Stewart
    The Criminal

    This gentleman has been caught doing stupid things in his time of high school. He was always getting into trouble, and his parents gave up trying to get him out of it. Oh, he wasn't stupid though. He never got caught doing bad things to be sent to juvenile hall, he didn't feel like being locked up. That wasn't his thing. Saturday detentions were more frequent.

    The crowd he ran with always thought of him as the leader, which he easily let happen. There was no pressure with being the leader of the group, and they followed him with no problem. The lot of them were mess ups in their time, but it was alright. He would always take credit for most of his friends, always getting sent to the principle's office for their doings. He would rather be scolded them have them scolded, the principle was so use to seeing his face. They were almost family.

    Jayden never knew when to shut up, which got him into so much trouble. He would always talk back to his superiors, and he didn't care. Also he had a short temper that got him into multiple fights inside of school and outside of school. There was more to him then people knew. People say that he was just misunderstood, but that wasn't the case. He was just a teenager who was bored with the every day life that people lived.

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  3. The Princess
    "What can I say? I'm perfect!"

    I'm Haven Black! How the hell do you NOT know my name?"
    "I'm 17 and a half!"
    "Female, Duh you idiot."
    "I'm a junior! Duh."
    Brief History:
    "I grew up in a rich family, my father a lawyer and my mother a nurse. Ever since the last year of middle school, I've been getting into trouble.... I guess it started since I joined the cheer team and began hanging with the "bad" crowd. I didn't see them as bad, but more of a fun group of people! Through out highschool I had to go to dentition repeatedly, mainly for being a smart ass, not doing homework, or talking during something important. Despite my popular girl attitude, I make alright grades! I've been known to drink alittle to much and make out with guys, but I know my limits even then. There is also a rumor that I smoke, but that is only a rumor..right?"

    "I've been called a bitch and smartass by several people, but I don't care! I'm really nice and sweet if your not a total looser, hipster, or lameo!"
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  4. Accepted. ^.^
  5. I want to get most of the other spots filled before we start.
  6. If we don't get some of the spots filled, could I take up another one :3
  7. That is perfectly fine with me. :)
  8. The B A S K E T C A S E
    Name: Abigail Thorne
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female​

    Brief History:
    She was raised in a less than supportive household. Her mother was a young wannabe diva and her father was an old lawyer. Neither of them understood why their daughter wasn't like them. Why did she stutter? Why did she huddle in her room and not come out? Needless to say they didn't really try to help her, her mother went on with her life and ignored the fact that her daughter was a wallflower and her dad bullied her. No not physically, but he tried to force her into situations that would 'cure' her of her shyness. They didn't work obviously.

    It was only when she entered high school, that her shyness seemed to evaporate. When she first walked through those doors, she saw everyone as they were. Under pressure, worry about this, struggling about that. And there she was. About to become one of them. And then she realized that she didn't want that. And so she became, a basketcase.

    She used to be nervous as hell. Stuttering when people addressed her. Hiding when people sought her. So she really had no friends because of that. And that is when she truly learned about 'bliss'. No friends, no pressure, she could do what she wanted. She started talking to herself in high school. Having conversations with herself, laughing with herself, yelling at herself. She was her own best friend. After meeting herself she became loud, crazy, unpredictable, her stuttering faded away and gave way to eccentricity.
  9. Accepted! She is so lovely!
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  10. pic (open)

    Colton Greyson
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Brief History:
    Colton was a child raised to be number one at everything. Mostly in the sports world. He had a very high standards father who was strict about winning. Pushing him to be number one and ultimately also being cool and popular. He highly does not tolerate any "losers" in his family and so strictly raised Colton to be better at everything. In truth, his father is a very competitive and ruthless being that Colton actually hates. He only listens to him because he's got no other choice to, and also because that's his father so he must show respect. Colton is actually a young male who will soon also go to a 'military academy' by force for his father.

    But despite this tough love, and harsh reality, Colton truly accepts the fact that his life is being controlled--literally in a very strict way based on how he should be and shouldn't be And what he should do and not do in life. Though he may not like it--he's willing to put up with it for now. He is fully aware of things and in actuality knows right from wrong

    Colton was raised to be this big, rowdy, and tough guy. he acts like it, as a facade for his father. Cause he has to and must but deep down inside doesn't want to. Though he actually is tough, he isn't a bully and in truth dislikes brash behavior and whatnot. He can't be mean if he has a good side in him that's not quite ruthless enough to walk away from doing bad deeds which are accepted by his father and will definitely be bothered yet won't say. So in a way he's soft spoken and submissive towards his father. Although he may seem like your typical rowdy and rude ass jock, he has a gentle and good heart naturally and in actuality is quite kind and a good gentleman off the whole 'jock' act thing. It usually catches, well, most everyone by surprise once he breaks out of character.
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  11. The Brains
    "Come at me bro. I'll blow your mind with my vocabulary."
    "The names Elouise. Elouise Bakerson. But you can call me your Overlord."
    "I'm eighteen."
    "I'm a girl. Unless boys now have lady bits."
    "I am a senior."
    Brief History:
    "I'm the youngest of three kids. My eldest sister is in college and is awkwardly trying to stalk the boys into dating her. My brother is trying to get reconigized in the music business. I on the other hand cause a lot of trouble in my quest for world domination. Not really.. Yet. Anyway, most of my life was spent with either my head in the books or me fooling the idiots around me. Which is really easy, and how I can afford my video game collection and how I got my baby at sixteen. A nice, 1967, black, chevy impala. Then again, the guy who sold me the car needed my help to refurbish it. He also happened to be one of the guys at my school. Once the deal was over, he only came to see me for tutoring. Not that I didn't sarcastically object to it many times. Though he did take a hit for me when I corrected a stupid jock for using false facts to boost his huge ego. That is the main problem I have at school. The reasons for my detention. I "backsassed" the most incompent teacher... In my defense he wouldn't know where to put a period, even if he had one. Otherwise my record is spotless. I am very smart after all."
    "I'm going to tell you straight. I am a very sarcastic and cynical person. To everyone, it's not just you honey. I only use my powers of evil to get what I want from annoying people who can't be civil about the resolution of agreements. When I'm angry at someone, I tend to call them a random combination of words like, anus monkey, or I just curse at them. Otherwise, when people see me in good mood, that get the randomly smart facts of life that spew from my mouth."
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  17. Is the Athlete still open, I see in the chat someone started but didn't quite finish