The boy.

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  1. He was a dark haired teenager with his hands draping down off his bed. How cold and dim this morning was, with the blinds closed and his comforted wrapped around him.

    It was another day, not getting up and going to his campus. It was a morning where people would call to see if he was okay, calling and calling until my brain was ringing.

    Maybe they would actually come to my door and see him in person. Somebody just come through that door and talk to me. He thought in his brain.
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  4. Jade Rushed to the house. The snow was comming down like crazy. She Held his homework for the time being. She knocked at the door and waited. Her brown hair was to her shoulder, blue eyes watching.. "Hello? Anyone home?" She asked, trying to be loud. It was begining to get really cold outside. The cold Breeze made her shiver. Damnit get you butt out of bed, Im going to get sick if you leave me here. she thought inside her head
  5. Charles jolted at the sound. He froze with surprise, who comes over by this ghetto lot? He wrapped his body in his comforter and scuttled to the door.
    He peeked through it, a girl was shaking and rubbing her arms. He creaked it open a little bit.
  6. "Hello, I think I'm at the right house, right? Charles? I Have your homework From School. "She looked at him. He actrally Didn't look too good. He had to be really sick. "I do hope you get better," She say, "Lately All I can hear is your friends complaining on how your not comming to school." She said. She held out the papers.
  7. He opened the door all the way this time. " Thanks..."
    A sigh came out of his mouth at the stack of papers filled with problems and answers. " Don't worry about the absence at school, I call the teachers and they know about it." He said with a weak smile.
  8. "How bad are you sick?" She asked. He really didn't look well, and even so, She would really hate to leave when he's really sick. "You at least have someone taking care of you right?" She asked him. She can be too caring at times.
  9. "Oh, it's just not getting out of bed, not eating meals." He said weakly.
  10. "Thats Very Bad For you." She says. She Sneezes slightly. She can already tell that shes getting sick. "Look. Cook something up. Keep your health up, Alright? Its better than staying home and being sick all day. " She says. "If your that sick, would you like me to make you soup for a day?"
  11. Stunned by the remark, he stands quietly. " Um, sure. Be my guest."
    He opened the door. " You seem cold."

    His apartment was filled with overdue papers and books. Quite messy.
  12. She walked in looking at all the papers. "How long have you been sick?" She glanced to him before entering the kitchen. "I can tell im not the first one to drop off papers." She said.
  13. "nm, Can't count." He muttered.
    " It's been a while. And when I say a while I mean for about half a month."
  14. "Damn, Sit on the couch and i'll Have the soup done. " She brought out some water in a glass and set it down next to him. "Drink the water." She walked back in and began to cut up veggies and Stuff for the soup.
  15. He grabbed the glass of water and started to drink small sips, like a bird. " I've never had someone cook for me." He said chuckling lightly.
  16. "Ah Well, If your not feeling well tommarrow, You can call me here again." As the soup Boils she wrote her number on a paper then put it on the fridge. "As for your work, When you feel better work on that too."
  17. He nodded. " Are you a teacher, someone who works at the community college?"
  18. "No, I'm A student like you. " She says, as she stirs the soup. "I do work at the cafe, But I got a few days off since the snow storms going to happen, Most people wont go to get coffee in the mornings."
  19. "Hm. What's your name." He said sternly.
  20. "Jade, Why?" She asked looking over to him.