The boy with the Rainbow eyes

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  1. So this is another boy romance idea and the title actually covers a lot of the idea.

    So this boy who comes from a musically inclined family has a genetic mutation in his DNA. That being his eyes can't decide what color to be so they chose a rainbow, and he has rainbow colored irises. Because of this people quickly labeled him as a freak since his eye color wasn't normal so he moves to a new school and pretends to be blind so he doesn't have to show his eyes under his sun glasses using his magic powers to read braille, and do other such things. Another kid comes to school though one who's interested in this boy who pretends to be blind, and the two wind up falling in love while the one still thinks the other blind, but he has to know the truth if they're actually going to stay together. Feel free to add whatever you'd like.

    PM or reply if you're interested.
  2. intrested
  3. What's your character plan?
  4. You got me interested =3
  5. What did you have in mind if I may inquire.
  6. dude I like your idea just fine =3 you want play the rainbowed eye boy? also is it m/f or m/m?
  7. If I can I'd like to maybe we could split it so the human's the one with the rainbow eyes, and your the wizard :) and it is dude on dude
  8. Yay! I get to be a wizard! ^w^ so are they both new kids or is the wizard been in the school for a while? or vise versa
  9. The kid faking the blindness, me, should probably be the new one, and you been there awhile. You feel free to have as much extreme magic as you want really. I'm not sure if later my character should find out he's one to just his family didn't want him to know or something like that. But would you like to start? Or is there anything else we should cover real quick?
  10. um, I think that's everything; can you start? I've started all of my other ones ^.^'
  11. Alright give me a moment I'm post a link
  12. still looking