WRITING The boy, the race, and the well.

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  1. There once was a boy who believed he could not be defeated. He had bested everyone in his school in everything. In games, competitions, grades. Anything he did, he won. Despite it being well known he was unbeatable, he constantly challenged anyone to try. And each time, he was victorious. Many felt he only did that to secure his title. Which, was in fact, the truth and he would not hesitate to point out.

    One day, as he called to anyone who would try and beat him, a girl stepped forward. "I challenge you to a race," she said. She pointed far down the field. "From the pine tree, all the way to the pole before the well, whoever crosses that pole first wins."

    The boy laughed. Races were easy, and the distance the girl suggested, while long, would be nothing for him. He had even beaten the girl before, in another race with his feet kicking dust in her face. Racing her again would be nothing for him.

    "Fine. Let's go." The boy and the girl got the the starting point and at the wave of a flag, were off. They ran down the designated track, the girl surprisingly keeping pace as compared to last time. But the boy wasn't letting that get to him; he pushed harder, keeping ahead of her. They drew closer to the pole before the well and at the last minute the girl slowed down, while the boy kept running, crossing the finish line.

    The boy laughed, continuing his run to show off. How stupid of that girl! No one can beat him! Now she has the weight of humiliation from twice defeat hanging from her shoulders. He laughed and ran, chanting, "Stupid girl! Stupid girl!" until he fell down the well.

    * * *
    Moral: Pride is your downfall.​
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