The Boy Next Door

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  1. Inhale, Exhale...breath. Aaron looked into the steam filled mirror. I can't breathe, he thought. Once again he was stuck here, in this state of mind, holding on to the one thing that kept him from being insane...pain. Reaching out, he turned the nob of the hot water on, and plugged the sink. After it filled, Aaron shut off the water. Placing his head into the water filled sink, it burned. Pain that was what he needed, and this was pain to him. He stayed under until he could start to feel his lungs tightening because they needed air. Pulling away, he looked at him self in the mirror, would he ever amount to anything other than what he was? Reaching down for a towel, he dabbed his face dry. Shaking his head he punched the mirror. STOP. Aaron looked at himself in the shattered mirror, reaching up above the mirror he grabbed a box of bandages.
    It was a few minutes after bandaging up his hand that Aaron was slipping into his outfit for the day; nice expensive jeans with a muscle shirt and a snap-back, finishing it off with some Jordans. Grabbing his gray basic backpack and cellphone, he walked over to his window looking to see if his mom was gone yet, she was. Looking up he saw the girl that lived next door in her room, miss goodie-goodie, he thought. She didn't even have anything on her record, he knew cause he snuck into the principles office to shred some of his unwanted files, and checked hers. Smiling as she turned around a noticed him looking, she closed the curtains fast, which made him laugh.
    Making his way down to his Dodge Charger, he hopped in placing his bag on the passenger side seat. Looking up to the sky, he saw storm clouds moving in. Pulling out of the drive way, he rolled down his window and let the smell of rain infiltrate the car. Rain always seemed to cheer him up, it reminded him of his father, who didn't come with them when they moved. No one knew about Aaron's dad, no one.
    It took a little while to get to school because of the traffic boom he was unable to miss. He was late, yet again, and when he parked his car the security guy came over to mention it."Yeah, I know I am late, now just back off man, I am going to class." Aaron smirked and walked into the building which housed his first period. Walking up the mountain of stairs, he came to the hall way which his class door stood. Pulling it open, he got the glares from the rest of the class as he walked to his seat in the back, behind his neighbor.
  2. Sydney sighed, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. That was all that she could do now, right? Try to relax. Try to pretend everything is okay. Try to go along with life. It seemed like that was all that was possible for her. As she turned around in her tank top, she noticed her neighbor Aaron staring at her through the window. She rolled her eyes, scowled, and ripped the curtain shut. She then turned around and continued applying makeup to cover her bruised and scarred skin.
    As she slipped on a long sleeved, white shirt and a pair of tight fitting jeans, Sydney sat on the end of her neatly made bed. She slipped her tennis shoes on and then finished up the homework that she hadn't been able to finish the might before. She slipped her math book in her bag and them ran down the stairs and walked her way to school. She got there only minutes before the bell rang, and she quickly took took a seat near the corner back where she was assigned in her algebra class.
    They were about halfway through their class when the door swung open and there he came in. Mr. Bad Boy. Arron. Sydney rolled her eyes as he sat down and she stayed quiet as his bag scrapped across her bruised shoulder before he sat down. Aaron was the schools bad boy, to sum it all up, but he was also much more than that. He was the towns bad boy. Everyone knew that, even the ones that didn't knew him, knew that by just a glance you didn't want to be around him.
  3. Aaron's friend Ryan leaned over to him. "Where have you been man, Mr. James was about to give me someone else as a partner." Aaron laughed and looked at his friend, would he ever do anything without Aaron? "Man, that would have sucked, probably would have been stuck with Miss Perfect in front of us." Aaron laughed and looked forward, he wasn't real into this class at all, let alone the people; the only reason he came was because of Ryan, his cousin Kate, and his friend Gerald. Looking forward he noticed Stacy or Sydney or Selena...whatever was glaring behind her at him. "Look I now I am fine, but can you please stop staring."
  4. Sydney rolled her eyes. She turned back around and scoffed as the teacher started to explain the assignment they were to do with the partners he would assign in a few minutes. "The partner I assign you will be the person in this room who is most opposite from you. They will be the person who you probably either never talk to, or don't get along with. Either way, you and that person will be stuck together for the next three weeks, learning everything there is to know about each other. At the end of the third week you will both write a two page essay about what you learned about the other. I don't want you to just know their favorite color, their age, and if they have siblings. I want you to learn their fears, their allergies, their shoe size, everything. Yes, you will have to work on this outside of school, no, you will not get everyday to work on this. Every Friday and every Monday you will spend taking notes in here about what you've learned so far about your partner. I do expect you all to learn to get along, and try not to do anything illegal, or break anything important. Understand? Good. Now here are your partners,"Mr.James said all in one, long breath. Sydney sighed and waited for the list of partners.
  5. Aaron looked over at Ryan, this would mean that they would not be working together, because they were the absolute same person just two bodies. "Sorry man." Aaron chuckled and punched his best friend's arm. Looking back to Mr. James, he wondered who he picked to be his partner. As Mr. James started to name off the partners, he felt bad for Ryan. "Kylie and Jack, Hazel and Sophia, Mika and Kate..." Aaron looked around, the people he thought he would be paired with where picked. "Aaron..." Mr. James looked down to his sheet. "You will be paired with Sydney, good luck." Aaron's face had no smile, but a stern look of frustration. "What?" Aaron looked at Sydney.
  6. Just then the bell rang, and Sydney didn't get a chance to say or do anything else. She sighed and walked towards the teacher and tried to smile."Mr. James, I'm sorry but I can't be paired with him,"she said disgustingly. "I will literally pair with anyone except him. Please let me switch partners,"she said begging. He turned her down, making her groan and walk out of the classroom without another word.
  7. Aaron didn't bother to ask Mr. James for a switch because he knew that wouldn't be possible. Aaron rolled his eyes as he saw the poor girl try and back out of a challenge. "I hope she knows it is supposed to be with someone you would never dream of working with, not something super easy." Aaron turned to Ryan and spoke, his friend laughed. Just then his cousin walked up and laughed at him and wished him luck on Sydney. Walking over to his locker, he saw a girl standing there smirking at him. "What do you want, Kassie?" He had recognized the girl from a few nights ago, she had tried to get with him, but he shot her down. "Why won't you just be nice, and go out with me? You will for every other girl, Aaron, why not me?" Aaron unlocked the locker as she spoke then placing his unneeded books inside. "Look, your a nice girl and all and maybe even a good girlfriend, but not for me. Why don't you ask Ryan or someone else." As quickly the sadness came to Kassie it left, being replaced by anger. "You have been with at least a fourth of the school Aaron, and I am offering you something and you turn ME down! You are absolutely ridiculous." And with that Kassie took her leave, and Aaron just stood watching her storm down the hallway. "It's for your own good." He spoke to himself, and grabbed out his history book.
  8. Sydney sighed as she walked off to her next class grumpily. She wasn't at all excited about having to work with Aaron, especially since they were neighbors and she already had to deal with him almost twenty four/seven. She sighed as she made her way to her locker, which thankfully was far away from Aaron's. She quickly pushed her English book into her locker and switched books as she walked into her next hour class period. She sat in her normal spot in the back corner and was thankful that her and Aaron didn't have this class together.
    By the end of the school day, Sydney was exhausted. As she made her way back to her house, she walked through her door and quickly made her way upstairs. She immediately took a long shower, and then began to work on all of her homework. She soon finished it, and then exchanged her contacts for her secret glassed, beginning to read a book as she sat by her open window, enjoying the fresh air.
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    Aaron stood in the back yard playing with his younger sister, Anna. They mother was working a double shift today, and it was Aaron's responsibility to watch them and cook dinner. Anna wanted to play out on the swing set that sat in the far left side of the back yard underneath a willow tree. Aaron didn't mind standing there and pushing Anna, if fact he enjoyed the way she laughed as he did so it kinda made him laugh a little himself. "Okay, Yoshi, you can stop now." Aaron slightly laughed at the nickname Anna had called him, no matter how many times he heard it, it was still weird; though he was not about to tell a five year old to stop calling him that. "When is Dad getting home?" She asked as the two walked into the house. "Um, should be home by seven three and a half hours." Aaron smiled as he walked into the kitchen and got out a pot, he was going to make Spaghetti for the two.
    It was about a hour later, that Aaron and Anna had finished dinner, and she had passed out on the living room couch. Aaron placed a blanket over the top of her. Thinking it was time to do some homework, Aaron remembered he had left his bag out in the car. Grabbing his keys, he went out to retrieve the bag. After doing so, he looked up to find her in the window next, Sydney...and a pair of glasses. Walking up the drive way a little, he looked up at her. "So, the glasses thing isn't cool enough for school?" He yelled up to her.
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    Sydney was startled to hear someone yelling up at her from down at her window. She looked down and grabbed her glasses, hiding them under her blanket."What're you talking about Aaron? Just leave me alone. It's bad enough I have to work with you on a stupid project and live next to you 24/7. Just give me a break,"she said rolling her eyes.
    Sydney might have actually liked Aaron a little bit if he wasn't such a douch to her. It started out with his friends being jerks and eventually he just joined in. She would ignore them, but then when they pulled that super cruel prank, Sydney was done trying to be nice to them. Now she completely ignored them, and prays that they don't come near her. It's just difficult since Aaron, the worst one, lives right next to her.
  11. Aaron simply laughed at the girls over reaction. "Seriously, Sydney, grow up a little bit please. Insults are so last year, and besides you may not like me, but I know you like your grades so help me out and try not to whine so much on the fact your stuck with me." He laughed again, he wondered why she hated him so much, then he remembered how cruel he was to her in previous years, especially the prank him and some buddies pulled on her. He was slightly sorry, but her reaction was priceless to it, which made the feeling go away. "Look I get it, I am a jack ass, but come on don't add insult to injury. We are partners on this project so lets pretend to at least like each other. For the grade, I mean." He smiled up at her, and began to walk towards the side door, which lead into his kitchen.