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  1. First thing's first! Character sheets. Once you post yours, @Flannel, I will make the first actual post. (:

    Alter Name: (For boys: Another name they go by for the band, if you want/nickname. Can also be for the girls if they have a nickname)
    Appearance: (the following points filled out and a picture if you want, I use anime pictures and not face claims, by the way, but you can do either).
    • Height:
    • Weight:
    • Hair Color:
    • Eye Color:
    • Other: (tattoos, birth marks, piercing, and other defining traits).
    Band Playing Preferences: (This is for the boys, this just means what they like to do. We never really discussed it. I'm thinking they are both singers most likely, but list any other instruments he can play and can/will also be playing in the band. He can play the same ones as my character. I can imagine them working well together and switching off instruments or both playing the same ones together.)

    Name: Chase Rascal

    Alter Name: Castle

    Age: 19




    • Height: 6' 1"
    • Weight: 170
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Other: He has one small studded diamond earing in his right ear lobe and a small tattoo of a music note on this left hand underneath his thumb, not on the palm on his hand, but directly on the other side of his palm.
    • Extrovert: Loves to be around people, can't stand to always be alone, and is a very open book.
    • Confident and Cocky: Some would say he's just confident and some would say he let the fame go to his head. He is borderline cocky and sometimes acts with a big head. He knows he has talent and he loves it. He's not afraid to speak his mind and walks with an arrogant air around him.
    • Wise but not Bright: He's never been good at school, in fact he dropped out a year before graduation. He just isn't bright. But what he is is wise. He is street smart and full of knowledge about the universe. He has strong standards for himself and sticks by them. He is great with advice.
    • Funny: Has a strange sense of humor, it's not like that of a normal's person... You'll just have to see.
    • Pet Peeve'd: This is what I call a character who gets annoyed but not the big things, but the VERY LITTLE things. Like someone clicking a pen to much or someone humming/whistling. He hates a lot of small things and will get annoyed quickly and angry.
    Chase started off as a normal boy with a normal family. One little sister and two adorable parents who let him be his own person. He experimented with a guitar when he was 10 and he instantly fell in love with it. He always loved the fact that he could make his own sound. Instead of spending hours searching for songs on the internet that described him, he could write his own music. And that he did.

    Soon he found out he wasn't to bad of a singer and his parents agreed to get him coaches for vocals, guitar, and any other instrument he wanted to play. His life was soon filled with music but this made his grades drop drastically. His parents were on the fence about that, they wanted to encourage him to do what he loved but it was interfering with school.

    Chase hated school, he hated every second of it. Sure he loved to be around people but he hated being away from music and what he truly enjoyed. His parents didn't support him dropping out of high school, but they saw it coming long ago. So when he did to pursue music, nobody stopped him. They all knew he was destined for something greater then school.

    Band Playing Preferences: Singer, bass guitarist, and acoustic guitar.

    Name: Riley Taylor

    Alter Name:N/A

    Age: 18




    • Height: 5' 8"
    • Weight: 148
    • Hair Color: Brown with a tint of midnight blue in it
    • Eye Color: Blue almost grey
    • Other: Both ears have one piercing
    • Ambitious/Dreamer/Strong Willed: She has large dreams for her life and future. She will do anything to achieve them and doesn't ever take no for an answer. She has always lived her life doing what she has want to do and won't let anyone drag her down.
    • Mind Reader: Okay, she's not really a mind reader. But she's really good at reading people. She can almost always guess how your feeling just by the twitch of her finger and your eyebrows, (okay that's exaggerating a little), but really. She can read people really well.
    • Not Patient: She's not patient. At all. She doesn't wait for anything and gets anxious when things in her life aren't happening fast enough.
    • Enjoys Life: Overall, Riley knows how to enjoy life. She knows how to stop and smell the flowers and loves to meditate.
    Riley's mother died during Riley's childbirth. Riley's dad always knew her mom was weak and carrying a child would be life risking, and unfortunetly it didn't end well. Riley was born two months premature and her mother died in the process. After two horribly long months for her father, Riley was deemed healthy and able to go home with her father.

    For the rest of her time it would always just be Riley and her father. No women ever threatened to take her mother's place because her father wouldn't alllow it. The two of them took care of each other and loved each other.

    Riley eventually met her best friend and soon it became the three of them. When Riley wasn't at home with her father, or at school, she was with her best friend. She found her life simple and fun, filled with many dreams. Even though her past was sad her future always looked bright.

    Band Playing Preferences: N/A
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  2. Name: Alex Suave

    Alter Name: Zero

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    • Height: 6'3"
    • Weight: 190 lb
    • Hair Color: Brunette
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Other: Tattoo in the photo, snakebites. He also smokes.
    Quiet: Onstage, he's bright and seems confident, right? Wrong. Offstage, Alex strays from everyone else. If he were in public, you'd simply see him as another person doing their daily routine. He keeps his head down.

    Rude, but sweet on the inside: If Alex doesn't like somebody, he's kind of a dick. However, don't get him confused. He's a jerk to everyone at first. If he likes you, he'll eventually open up and can be quite a romantic.

    Alex's parents were killed in front of him when he was 10 years old. He was taken in by his grandmother and fell into a bad case of depression. His grandmother bought him a drum set when he was 13, and he became addicted. Music became his drug, his addiction. He spent every hour, practicing. He did finish school, but didn't go to college. Instead he joined the band.

    Band Playing Preferences: Singer, Percussion.


    Name: Caitlyn Forbes

    Age: 19

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: [​IMG]
    • Height: 5'7"
    • Weight: 120
    • Hair Color: Silver/white
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Other: Snakebites, septum piercing.
    Tomboy: Caitlyn is exactly what she looks like. Boyish. She grew up with five brothers, so it wasn't hard for her to become this way.

    Jokester: Caitlyn loves to joke around and be sarcastic. She's like this with anyone- and doesn't hesitate.

    Rude: Caitlyn can be very rude. She often says things she knows will hurt the other person, even if they're important.

    Background: Caitlyn had a very care-free life. She grew up with five older brothers and focused on sports and grades more than anything. She didn't have a hard time with it either, like most. She somehow had enough time to fit both in. She is in college.​
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  3. The lights flickered around the room that smelled of flowery perfumes and desperate girls. Riley could swear all the screams of the girls could be heard from miles around town and maybe tonight would be the night she lost all hearing in both of her ears. But her own blood pumped with adrenaline and her heart beat with the sound of the music that boomed out of the speakers.

    "Caitlyn!" Riley reached out to grab her best friend's wrist, she was almost sure she couldn't hear Riley over all the noise. The last thing Riley wanted to do was get lost in the crowd. It had happened once before at a concert very similar to this one. She could remember the rolling waves of people and the fear that hit her like a lightning bolt through the heart. Some boys had tried to pick her up and bring her home, and that was the day Riley swore she would never lose Caitlyn at a concert again.

    Riley's nails were done in pink and her outfit consisted of a gold and black tank top, fit to her body to show off her curves, and a little black skirt. Along with 2 inch black heels that Riley could walk flawlessly around in. Her brown hair was braided up into an updo to keep it out of her face and neck, keeping her a bit cooler in the crowded concert room. "Let's get closer!" Riley yelled at Caitlyn.


    It had mostly been a surprise concert. No exact seating was necessary and to get in was a very low fee. They had also sold a limited number of backstage passes to the first come fans. Most of their actual concerts, the ones that were planned to the t, had ticket prices up the roof and were sold out within minutes of the announcement. Only the die-hard fans knew of the smaller concerts that they held on occasion in whatever city they were currently visiting. This was one of those surprise concerts that Chase, known as Castle to his fans, loved more then the actual big time big arena concerts. The fans he saw were the ones that wanted to be around and the smaller area of the club they had found for this gig was packed tightly and was more up close and personal, something that he truly loved.

    Castle currently had his bass guitar strapped around his neck, the blue shimmer of the guitar radiated off the lights that bounced on the boy band. He had a microphone near him so he could sing vocals to, the microphone was a simple black one. No rhinestones, no sparkles, just a regular microphone. Another thing he loved about these concerts, they didn't have a certain set list or special microphones they had to sing out of. In fact, they didn't even need to match clothing! It was more freedom, like the good old days where he wasn't famous and he could play whenever he wanted.
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  4. Caitlyn was focused on the music, more than the screaming girls and the boys they adored. She never did focus on what everyone else did- she was always different. She felt someone grab her wrist firmly, her attention now on the person who did. "Caitlyn, let's get closer!" her best friend, Riley, shouted at her. She shrugged and nodded. Riley was the complete opposite of Riley, and they were the prime example of the phrase, "Opposites attract".

    Caitlyn wore black skinny-jeans, black converse, and a grey tee shirt. She wasn't dressed like everyone else- and stuck out like a sore thumb in the crowd. Her hair was down, and was straightened. She followed Riley closer to the stage, she remembered the time they got lost. It was a nightmare, pushing through the crowd alone, grabby hands making their ways up and down their bodies. It was terrifying.


    Alex, or Zero as everyone in the crowd knew him as, was currently playing percussion. Beads of sweat made their way down his forehead and neck, considering it was hot as hell underneath the light. He would throw up his drumstick every now and then, the crowd suddenly screaming louder when he did so, just to get the reaction. His gaze would set upon Castle every now and then, watching how alive he was. When he did so, he would become a bit more energetic himself.

    He was exhausted, and was ready to finish this song so they could go back- oh yeah. Backstage. He forgot about the backstage passes. Another two girls who are hauled out by security because they try to strip the band nude when they rush in. At least they'd be on the bus early.
  5. "Goodness. I love this music!" Riley smiled, she had found them a nice spot near the front. She threw her head back, eyes closed, and let herself listen and love the music. The two of them, Caitlyn and Riley, were really a weird pair but they bonded over music. They could dress differently and act like complete opposites, and even in music they had different opinions, but they somehow still agreed on a lot of music and a few other subjects.

    Riley didn't find the boys on stage that attractive, one might call her crazy for saying such a thing, but she didn't find romance in stars. She loves the work famous actors and singers do. She didn't care much for the people themselves, after all, she doesn't know them personally. Her point of view on stars always gave her more enjoyment when she goes to concerts. Instead of spending her time dreaming of being with one of the boys, she spends it loving the music.


    Chase knew when the concert was over he would have to face girls. He knew they would have the problem of security and so when he sung the last night or played his last chord, he was regretted it. He wished concerts were infinite, that they would somehow find themselves in a time pocket. Everything would remain. Screaming girls, the people who sung along to the lyrics, and just the music in general would remain. It would be nice to have everything last forever.

    But like all good things, it had to end. So before Chase, Castle, knew it- it was ending. The concert experience was going to be over in a matter of seconds and he would have to meet whoever had gotten the lucky backstage passes, something their manager insisted they give to a random select people.
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  6. Caitlyn watched Riley as she fell into the music, letting go. Caitlyn wasn't all that relaxed, she was more stiff now because they had moved to the front of the crowd. She felt a light tap on her shoulder while the band was finishing up their song, at which she jumped at. She spun on her heel and met the eyes of a woman, holding in one hand a young girl's ear as if she had gotten in trouble, and in the other two backstage passes. "My daughter won't be needing these anymore, and you were the first ladies I saw. Would you like these?" She smiled down at Caitlyn and outstretched the hand that held the backstage passes. "O-Of course! Thank you very much." She took the passes, and felt a bit guilty because she caught a glance of the girl's face and noticed she was in tears. She turned while the parent walked off with the girl and waved the passes in front of Riley's closed eyes. "Riiiiley, look what I got..."


    The band had just finished their last song, and were now packing their things up, as Caitlyn was waving the passes in Riley's face, Zero noticed the girl's and bit his lip. They don't look TOO bad. He continued to take apart his drum set, packing it up, as the band went backstage.

    @Alice Falling
  7. Riley could make out Caitlyn's voice and opened her eyes to see two lovely backstage passes dangling in front of her face. Her eyes lit up and she grinned from ear to ear, "How did you-" Riley began to say, but she stopped because the last song had ended. She looked up at the stage and back at the crowd who screamed while some dispersed outside. Riley looked back at Caitlyn and laughed, "Well. You're just a lucky charm, now aren't you?"


    Castle noticed the two girls in front and half smiled, he was to exhausted to care. The manager promised very few backstage passes would go out this time. Hopefully it would just be these two girls.

    Castle picked up his guitar and walked off stage, through a hallway, into a lounge area where a security guard held off a few girls who had managed to sneak in, and into the backstage band resting area. Two brown couches were pressed against the walls which were painted green with brown swirls with leaves. Plants were in the corners, a bathroom off to the left of the room, a mini fridge, a microwave, and a metal clothes rack in the middle.

    Castle placed down his guitar and went to the restroom to freshen up. Wiping off his sweat and putting on some deodorant and cologne to make him smell alright.

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  8. Caitlyn laughed when Riley called her a lucky charm. "I'm far from it, I was pretty damn shocked and still am." She looked down at the passes and shook her head before looking back at the stage, the band members gone. Damn, they work fast. She thought, looking back at Riley. She looked super pumped, and she was happy. She loved seeing Riley smile, it always improved Caitlyn's mood. "Well, uh, shall we?" She asked before hooking her arm with Riley's, looking over at her best friend.


    Zero caught a glimpse of the brunette's face, and he felt a sudden strange feeling. No no no no, none of that. He thought before rushing backstage with the rest of the members, grabbing a Root Beer before walking towards the bathroom door and tapping on it. "Castleeeeeee. I need in there." He groaned, his back against the door now.

    He had always been pretty jealous of Castle. He was the main attraction, all of the girls were crazy for him. Everyone else in the band were just slightly ignored unless they somehow managed to take the spotlight off of Castle, and when this happened it didn't continue for very long. Zero didn't think Castle did it on purpose, it was just how he came off naturally. He had confidence, more than anyone else in the band.

    @Alice Falling
    (I had the intention that Zero would fall for Riley and Castle for Caitlyn, is that what you had in mind as well?)
  9. "Well, I guess we shall!" Riley's smile kept on her face as she walked arm in arm with her best friend, heading to the backstage area. "What if they hate us? Like...What if they are just tired and think we are just crazy fans and they hate us?" Riley looked at Caitlyn with wide eyes as they walked. Riley wasn't a crazy fan girl, she just loved the music. Maybe if she made that clear then they wouldn't hate her. Her mind popped with questions she could ask them about their music. Like the writing process they use and what songs they loved to sing the most.


    Castle opened the door to the bathroom brushing his hair with his fingers, "Hey! Good show. Some girls are coming backstage so freshen up, kay?" Castle spoke teasingly at Zero, laughed, and walked past Zero with a hand on his shoulder, "Oh. I'm sorry I played the wrong chord in the second to last song, I was being stupid. I promise it won't happen again." With that Castle dropped his hand off his shoulder and went to one of the brown couches.

    Castle always enjoyed Zero's presence the most. Zero has an interesting back story and basically was almost the exact opposite of himself. He found it refreshing to be around him and always envied his playing skills on the drums. That was one instrument Castle could never quite get the hang of when he tried. He had a lot of respect for Zero.

  10. Caitlyn whispered to Riley as they neared the backstage door, shivering. It was pretty damned cold back here. "They'll think you're crazy if you keep rambling like that." She shoved Riley playfully before reaching the bodyguard. She looked up at the tall, towering man and gulped. "Uh we, wel-" She stopped while she was head and pulled out the backstage passes, holding them out to the man. He picked them up, turned them around, stretched them out, looked all over them before nodding and opening the door to them.


    "I promise it won't happen again." He shook his head at Castle and opened the door, taking off his shirt, putting on deodorant and Axe. He looked at himself in the mirror for a moment before turning on the sink and splashing his face with water. He left the bathroom, heading to the room they kept their clothes in, now digging through his closet. His favorite shirt wasn't here. He rushed back to the lounge and looked at the members. "Where's my favorite tee shirt?" His chest was fully exposed still, as he heard the door open.

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  11. Riley laughed at Cailtyn and nodded her head in agreement, they sure would think she is crazy if she rambled. She made it a goal right then, while Cailtyn talked to the body guard, that she would not ramble or talk to much. She would remain calm, though she found it cold to be calm when she was nervous and it was cold. She shook just a tiny bit but as the bodyguard opened the door she stood up a little bit straighter and smiled. Until she saw Zero shirtless while the two proceeded in, she inhaled quickly and her face blushed a bit. Hopefully it wasn't to noticeable to anyone but Cailtyn, who knew her to well.

    Riley doesn't have a thing for shirtless men, sure a nice six pack man was attractive, but it was something about Zero's tattoos that made her blood rush into her face. Riley was a more cautious girl when it came to body piercings and tattoos. She dressed to impress and didn't mind showing off her curves, she could be daring with her looks but it was something about peircings and permanent ink she couldn't seem to bring herself to do. She had always wanted to get an extra piercing, maybe a septum piercing like Caitlyn, but she never had the guts to do it.

    So the fact that Zero had such tattoos on his body made Riley respect him and she wanted to learn more about why he got it down and when. But, of course, she had made a goal not to ramble or talk to much. And she didn't want to be the first to talk in the room.

    Also, Zero was fairly attractive without a shirt on. So maybe she did have a thing for shirtless men.


    Castle began to speak, "Dude, you left your-" Castle stopped as he looked to the door while it opened. He stopped speaking when he saw the blue eyed girl. Well, she's easy on the eyes. He checked her out for a second, head to toe, trying not to be noticeable about it. He smiled at the two girls and stood up to greet them, but before he got to close he turned to Zero and chuckled, "Hey. You might want to find that shirt of yours. We have company, friend."

    He walked to the two girls and extended his right arm, directing like an air flight attendant into the lounge, "Welcome to our little backstage hang out." He looked at them and slightly grinned, "What would your names be?"

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