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  1. How long does it save a post for? I never had a problem with leaving a post for days and coming back to it before, but now my posts are getting deleted and it's irking the hell out of me. Unlike most people, I can't sit down and write a three to nine paragraph post in one sitting, I have to be multitasking or leave it unattended for a little while. Now and can't do that anymore?
  2. I have no idea, but I always have taken it as my fault if I didn't type things out in a word program if I lost my post before it was done. Still rarely use them except for epic posts though...
  3. My computer is too unreliable for a word processor and I'm normally on the Ipad anyway :(
  4. iPad has a notepad. Also other apps are free. I love textilus for example, though that might have been a one day special on Apps Gone Free
  5. The notepad is mom's and I can't download anything else unfortunately. Even if the notepad was used I don't trust my brothers.
  6. The auto-save Drafts save for 24 hours. They save a draft copy every 60 seconds.

    It's NEVER been set for any higher than 24 hours, so you must have come back to make edits before the draft got cleared or left a tab open that would keep re-saving the draft?

    As a habit, you should never rely on the auto-draft system to keep a copy of your post while you're working on it. o_o You never know when something is going to screw up server side, internet side, etc. The drafting is there as a fail-safe for computer/browser crashes, not for long term post writing.

    If you can't save things computer-side I'd recommend PMing yourself with a copy of the post. >>
  7. Hm... :/ I've always came back to posts no matter how long I left them... Sometimes I'll even stumble across posts in threads I forgotten days later. In any case, I'll resort back to using my blog. Though, I wish I could make it private, all those views are really starting to freak me out...
  8. When you create an entry, you have options to make it private!
  9. Really o.o Wow, I should pay more attention xD