The Bourne Reckoning

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  1. Operative Status: Rogue
    Call Sign Alpha: Jason Bourne
    Call Sign Beta: John Micheal Cain
    Name: David Webb
    Date Of Birth: 9.13.70

    Last Known Location: New York City, New York, USA
    Security Threat Level: 5/5, Max Level Target. Implement extreme measures when present.


    "Gentlemen, this is the objective. Jason Bourne." pushing his pen along the table absently, the new director paused a moment. "I'm certain that we all know exactly what we're up against, and for those of you who've helped track Bourne previously, you will be spearheading your posts. We have an open budget, and a distinct lack of red tape in this endeavor." Taking a small sip from his coffee mug, Mark Ellem, the new CIA Director scanned the room with steeled eyes. "We won't be loosing him a third time, is that clear?"

    Those present in the room nodded unanimously, and as like clockwork, began digging up any, and everything they could from Jason Bourne's visit to the Special Op's training facility at 415 East 71st street.

    I want the list of all passports credited to Bourne on screen one. On screen two, I want a list of any, and everyone who's ever known the man. And then I want dossiers on each of them, with one copy sent to my office, and the other kept on hard copy here in this room. After another light sip from his mug, Mark turned to the man next to him. "Dana, this is your show now. I'll be in my office should you need me. I want you to send the Assets in. Give me a report every hour on the hour." He whispered to his Deputy, and exited the control room returning to his large office.

    Plot: After the arrest of Noah Vosen, Dr.Albert Hirsch, and Director Erza Krammer, the Agency is reeling from the negative Public Relation media pouring over the radios, television networks, and internet. After two years of coverup work, Blackbriar, and Treadstone are nothing more than an anchor around the necks of Vosen, Hirsch, and Krammer. It would seem that finally their scapegoating worked, and heat from higher tiered members of Langley has dissipated. In a vie for position, and authority, the new Director, Mark Ellem plans to finally being Jason's Legacy to an end. With the rogue operative terminated, the Agency, can continue it's backroom politics, and wargames.

    It just so happens that Bourne's popped back up on the grid. Reports gather he's interrupting assassinations, and even eliminating other Assets. It's believed he's sabotaging these missions as a means to exact his revenge on Langley for the death of Marie Kruetz, his accomplice some five years ago. Either way, Bourne is still a threat, and it's been decided that his termination is now beyond saving face. It's a matter of pride, and discretion.

    Character Sheet: Note, that Jason Bourne is not a playable character as being the prototype to these Black Ops programs, his training surpasses Assets today
    There will be spots for two Assets only. An Asset is an agent that is trained to exceed in multiple disciplines, and generally exceeds all other field agents while retaining a specialty, or a skill that they exceed in exponentially more than others.

    All manner of character types are encouraged from CIA agents to locals who just get caught up in the mix of these political missions.


    Character Name:


    General Appearance:
    Weaknesses: N/A for Assets


    Current Goal/Purpose: N/A for Assets
    General Personality:
    Inner Personality:


    General History:

    Present Life:
  2. Why does this have no players? :( I love the Bourne movies!

    If you're still running this, I'd play some kind of CIA or journalist person c: