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  1. Dawson Phillips

    "Drink! Drink! Drink!" The crowd shouted as they stood around a burly man who was seated at one of the wooden tables. Empty and full glass cups of beer were scattered about on his table. His big hand reached for a full cup and lifted it up in the air, the liquid spilling as it sloshed from side to side. The crowd roared as he downed the whole drink in one go. The tavern was as rowdy as ever.
    Dawson's blue-green eyes watched the crowd in annoyance as he took a gulp of his own beer. He was seated in a corner far away from the crowd, though he felt that it wasn't far enough. Their shouts and cheers were beginning to irritate him and he couldn't quite enjoy his beer in peace. Clicking his tongue, Dawson ran a hand through his hair then took another drink of his beer. His target, Semele, was proving to be difficult to catch much like the king had said she would be. He had been tracking her for a week and something days already and all he would get were dead ends or sometimes he would even manage to get a lead on her, but the lead wouldn't last. It was truly grating his nerves and a hurting a bit of his pride, which was why he came down to the tavern to have a drink and forget about his task at hand for a while. So far, it wasn't working. This only upset him further.
    Normally, Dawson would have caught his target by now or at least be in the process of capturing them. The king had been right when he said that he would take longer than usual. Of course, Dawson had opened his big mouth and told the king not to worry; that he would bring the girl in in no time. Now he looked like the biggest fool. The king was probably laughing at his failure back at the castle while drinking his precious wine. Tightening his grip on the glass, Dawson watched his knuckles turn white. Hopefully he found this girl soon, because the longer he took, the more embarrassing it will be when he returns her to the king after the date he had set up. It would also hurt his reputation.
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  2. Semele Faelynx
    Semele had been on the run for weeks. She had out smarted the man many times. She was just teasing him with leads now. She was tricky smart and all around sarcastic. She was mocking him now, she had the towns wrapped around her finger and help in every town. She knew where he was and was always one step a head of him. She found it amusing and wanted to amp up her game and rub it in his face. She found out what bar he was in and was where she ran her usual theiving ring. She walked through the door and smirked. She removed her hood and walked to the bartender. Then men had gone silent and looked over checking her out." Leader Blue 1 and an ale." She said. She smirked and leaned on the bar, she was passed a envelope and the men whistled. She took off her cloak and smirked in his direction as she went behind the bar into a door and it locked behind her. She was teasing him, she put her cloak on grabbing a few things and heading out the back. She made her way into the dark and new how to disappear. She hid in thr datk and watched and waited for him.
  3. Dawson Phillips

    Taking another gulp of his drink, Dawson noticed the tavern grew rather silent. He glanced over at the crowd before doing a double take. That's her! Watching her, Dawson narrowed his eyes as she smirked over at him and walked behind the counter. The look she gave him let him know that she was fully aware of his doings. She knew he was tracking her down and if she knew then she would do everything possible for him not to even get close to her. "Damn it." He murmured under his breath as he left a couple of coins on the table and went to go after the girl. Sticking to the shadows, he slipped right past the bar tender when he looked away . Reaching the door, he attempted to open it but it as locked. Cursing under his breath, he took out a small pin and attempted to unlock the door. After a few seconds, he opened the door and headed out to the back. It was dark and he glanced around. He could tell she was around here somewhere. Where? Who knows. Breathing out a sigh? He looked into the shadows, trying to see if she was anywhere. "Alright, Semele." He started. "Come out. No more games."
  4. Semele smirked from her hiding spot. She saw him look around. She had wanted to say something, she didn't. She finally stood slowly and stepped into the light."Your right no more games, you know your fun to mess with." She said her voice was high and musical. She watched him."No more games right so weapons down on the ground. I am not going with you I just wanted to talk, I won't be easy to catch and I won't make it easy for you. You think I just walk in with out a plan? I been one step a head of you and I will continue to be one step a head of you." She said. She shouldered her bag.
  5. Dawson's gaze snapped over to the girl when she finally stepped out from the shadows. Narrowing his eyes at her into a glare, he crossed his arms over his chest. So she had been toying with him for the past few days. Well that sure proved to be a blow to his pride. A small smirk settled onto his lips. As if he'd let her get away. "Look, these games are going to end and you're going with me back to the castle." He said as he in one swift motion uncurled his hand from his chest and threw a vile with a needle stuck to it, towards her.
  6. She saw his hand and went to move. She saw the needle leave his hand. She felt a sharp pain in her shoulder."Just know. You had to drug me to get me captured instead of doing it on your own." She said. She leaned on the wall and gently slid down to the floor, her world going black. Her mind went to when she was a child her mother teaching her the ways of a gypsy. She smiles as she ran after her mother. She stopped as it grew dark, the worls around her grew black and a dark laughter rang out and a deep voice yelled."Your mine." She screamed covering her ears. She yelled to get out of it. Semele finally woke with a start. She was on some stone floor, she groaned and moved her head. She sighed as she felt like she had bricks in her head.
  7. Dawson watched her silently as she laid on the ground, waiting for her to awaken. He had taken them to an Inn, since a snow blizzard had began shortly after he caught her and he frankly didn't want to be caught in the snow.

    When she moved a bit, Dawson sat up straighter on his chair. "Would you look at that." He murmured. "The thief finally awakens from her beauty sleep." Fortunately, he had shackled her wrists together along with her ankles. This girl has proven to be a great nuisance. Fortunately, he finally had her in his grasp. The king will surely be surprise at Hus return with the girl. "You've been a pain in the arse these past few days." He commented.
  8. She groaned and laughed."caught your thief, yup and in a super honest way as well. Nice touch on the drugging me." She said. She groaned and moved slightly. She felt the shackles on her wrist and ankles."Yeah you been a thorn in my side for weeks so pay back it really does seem to help." She mumbled. She moved her hands to her and rubbed her head and pulled out a pin not noticeable to him. She moved to sit,"hell on earth, could of used less drugs." She mumbled.
  9. Dawson watched as she moved about on the floor. "Yeah, sorry about that." He sarcastically apologized. Getting up from his seat, he picked up the cup of water and held it out to her. "Here. Do you want food, it'll help with that headache." He said as looked down at her.
  10. She glared at him "sure you are." She muttered and turned her head drom the cup. She ignored him and silently worked on her cuffs on her wrists. She hated this what in the world was she supposed to do. She ignored him and pulled herself the best she could back from him. She hid her head into her arms. She was thankful for the chain between the cuffs."Look unless you want me to be sick in your room. I suggest you get me to the window or bathing room." She said when he got her to the bathing room she sighed and leaned over the latrine puking. The drugs had messed with her system. She couldn't work the shackles puking her gits out. She finally leaned back on the wall. She sighed as she wiped her mouth and head on any loose clothing near her. He was insane, she could of died at least she didn't try to kill any one.
  11. Dawson frowned slightly as she silently refused the water and backed away from him. Putting the water back on the table, he turned back to her and listened intently to her words. Curling his lip in annoyance and a bit of disgust, he picked up the girl and carried her to the washroom, where he set her down. She immediately puked into the latrine and he averted his gaze. "Do you feel better?" He questioned in a murmur. So maybe he did give her more than a normal dose of the drug to knock her out. He didn't need the girl sick and complaining while they went back to the castle and plus, being sick and going out into the snow wasn't a good thing.
  12. "Feel like the damn kings jewels. No I feel like hell." She snapped at him annoyed. she was not in the mood for his shit or stupid questions, her body shivered and she sighed as her eyes closed. She felt like she needed to rest for years. Her body was exhausted from running, and being drugged. She new he was annoyed and disgusted, but he had done this to her. It wasn't like she was harming any one, well she had killed guards, but it wasn't like she was a murder. Her crimes would get her the noose for sure, or burned at the steak. Her hands held her head as she sat on the floor. She had a small frame, but was trying to hold on." just move me for Christ sake you want your damn money don't you?" She asked him. she got him annoyed enough, that he took her and put her in the cage for carrying criminals back. She watched him hop in front and the carriage move. Her body shivered against the cold. She worked on her hands and finally got them free and worked on her ankles. When the shackles fell off, she went to the door and tried to pick the lock. She was having no such luck. when the carriage, slowed she lay under her cloak pretending to be asleep, she was glad he hadn't fully disarmed her. She held a dagger, she had kept hidden. She would have to escape before the castle. She would not burn for this.
  13. Dawson had gotten annoyed to the point where he decided to leave the inn and place her in the cell. The faster he got there, the faster he got rid of this girl. So here he was, venturing off in the damn snow in the carriage. The streets were obviously deserted and he was beginning to regret the fact that he decided to go right now. Slowing the carriage down, he hoped off and went to check on the girl. "Hey, wake up." He murmured as he reached through the bars to wake her up. It wasn't exactly a good idea to sleep in the snow since there was the possibility of not waling up. "We're going to go to this inn until the snow clears up." He murmured as he observed the girl. "Now, you're going to do what I say if not, then I won't hesitate to drug you again."
  14. she felt him try and wake her through the bars, she lay still. He would come to check on her and she pounce then. she waited when she heard the door open, she stayed still as a statue, She watched the shadows on her cloak and move it. she slammed him to the bars and used the shackles to lock him to the bars." Sorry not going any where with you especially the castle." she said." She grabbed the key he had from around his neck and looked at it, she smirked and grabbed the Drug."Time for a little pay back, don't freeze." She said and stuck him with the needle he had been hiding. She watched him fall asleep and unlocked his hands, She dragged him to the edge and went around cutting a horse loose and shackling his hands as she got him on the horse with some effort. She sighed and rode off, Semele found a place to camp and keep warm. She made a tent and a fire to keep him warm. She was cooking stew when she saw him move from the corner of her eye. well look who is up. I see the tables have turned. Eh no funny business I disarmed you of all your weapons including the drug. Tell me how does one come by such a prize" She asked as she got up to hand him a bowl of stew and water."Deer meat stew best thing in weather like this." she said and set it next to him. She went back to sit by the fire. she had slept a bit while he was out, she hadn't over drugged him like he did to her.
  15. Dawson hadn't seen it coming until it was too late. He winced as the cold bars dug into his neck when she slammed him into them and he didn't have time to stop her from shackling him to the bars. "No, no....stop." He grumbled as the drug began to take effect and soon he was knocked out.

    Dawson honestly didn't expect to wake up again, he had believed that the girl had left him there to freeze to death, but she didn't. Sliding off of the horse, he sat on the ground since his legs fell asleep from how he was positioned on the horse. When he heard her voice, Dawson immediately glared at her and watched her bring him some stew. Glancing at the bowl next to h, he turned to look at her. "I'm surprised you didn't leave me there to freeze to death." He said as he reached to get the stew.
  16. "I am not an animal or a fool who gives someone to much of a drug." She said. She handed him a blanket of deer fur. She watched him and sighed."your not going anywhere were in the middle of a snow storm and the middle of the woods you don't know "she said and sighed and leaned back. She curled her legs up. She was watching him. Semele was slightly cold, but the deer boots she had nade, felt nice."so since were stuck here, tell me about yourself " she said to him. She got comfy against the tree was warm in the small alcove.
  17. Dawson breathed out a sigh. "Alright, I'll admit giving you more than the normal amount of the drug was bad on my part...I'm sorry." When she handed him the blanket, he hesitantly took it and wrapped it around himself. Eating some of his stew, he looked up and watched her as she settled down. At her words, he gave her a look. He seriously didn't want to tell her his life story, especially since she was his target. Though, if they were going to be stuck there...then fine. He didn't see any harm in telling her anyways. "Well, my name is Dawson and I'm twenty-two." He said as he took another spoonful of the soup. "What about you? How old are you?"
  18. She sighed and watched him"I am Semele as you know and I am 21."She said to him. She sighed and her small frame shook from the biting cold. She got up and started putting more wood on the fire. She had put up most of the blankets for wind resistance, she just needed the little alcove to warm up. She pulled the heavy blanket around her. Her eye's watched the fire. She sighed, she knew she should go with him, she was tired of running. She was just tired in general, maybe being burned wouldn't be so bad, she could just leave this world behind and all her problems be gone. She sighed and saw her breath cling ro the air, though it might not be problem, they might freeze to death, she shook violently as she watched the fire. She wanted to show him her power, but it only freak him out more. Her teeth started to chatter as she tried to keep her warmthin and close.
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  19. Dawson was rather surprised when she informed him on her age. Her age wasn't exactly the surprising thing. What was surprising was the fact that she executed perfectly drawn out plans that resulted in success all these years. You would never believe for a youth to commit such actions like she had done. Dawson was rather impressed with the girl, so he silently watched her as she moved about. Once she was settled in front of the fire, Dawson stood up with a groan as he got that weird sensation on his legs. Walking over, he seated himself next to her, though kept a respectable amount of distance between them. For a moment he remained silent, before a chuckle left his lips. "Do you know how much the king despises you?" He questioned as he tilted his head to glance at her with a small grin. "The man hates your guts." Dawson found it quite amusing when the King would rant about the girl and throw fits when she would commit another crime or something of the sorts. "You should have seen him on the day you stopped one of the hangings. He was furious!" He added as he recalled the day.

    Dawson wasn't exactly in favor of the King. In fact, he hated the man. The only reason why he put up with him was because he gave a good amount of pay for each criminal he brought in and because he would help increase his reputation. Other than that, he frankly didn't give a damn about the man. He would have killed the man a long time ago, if not for what he could receive from him.

    The grin on his lips faded as he grew serious once more. "Why did you do all those things?" He questioned as he pulled the blanket closer around him as snowflakes descended from the sky.
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  20. She looked over at him, she was surprised he started to laugh. She looked around had she done something to warrant a laughter from her supposed capturer. She watched him and smirked as he asked her if she knew how much."Trust me I know, your living proof he is getting to desperate." She said."That was a good day, he definitely was pretty mad, that face was worth everything I did."she said gently.

    She looked at him as he asked her why she did what she did. The smirk faded from her lips."Because Tyrants deserve to fall from grace. He taxes the people to high, miss treats my people, and goes straight to useless hangings for petty crime or even no crime. My mother was locked in a basement and bruned to death." She said to him.

    She bit her bottom lip and looked into the fire. Her body shook violently from the cold. She put her head on her knees and pulled her body tightly into a ball. She had gone to grab food well steal it when the guards grabbed her mother and stuck her in a cellar locking it and burning it. She tried to stop them, but at the age of ten had no strength.
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