The Botched LARP

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  1. The LSA (LARPing Society of America) has planned an excursion out in the countryside. There were to be multiple areas in use for LARP sessions based on what players preferred, like fantasy, or whatever the heck else you can pull off in an area of green fields, hills, ETC.

    That is, until they learn that hidden among their ranks were…Douchebag roleplayers. First they started ruining the games, then they took over, the stormtroopers in fursuits bonking people left and right on the head with foam sticks, when some of the shitty roleplayers' higher ranks, the vampire LARPers (known for bullshit and character hijacking) and others. They had formed their own group, the LARP Legion.

    Now, people have scattered. But they cannot find their way back so easily…especially with the douche-players' tight grip on the area, supplies and safe areas to camp in being rare.

    Now, LARPers alike must band together, and attempt to escape, Their insanity only growing as they continue to remain in cosplay and around others also wearing fancy outfits, as the battle rages on, the LSA vs the LL...


    Character Sheet: (feel free to add details for the regular character and the person they're dressed as.

    Dressed as:
    Appearance: (Physical appearance and outfit)


    Weapons: (DO NOT GO OVERBOARD)


    Fun Facts:
  2. Name: Jack McCoy
    Dressed as: His OC Superhero, Saint Champion
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Jack possesses short, spiked black hair and brown eyes on a caucasian skinned athletic build that has some muscle to it, with a height of 6ft.


    History: Jack McCoy was a member of an online text based roleplay empire that included various Superhero RP's, the members of which, meeting once a month for one big collab story that tied together all their seemingly separate stories, like real comic books.

    The best members of the group were among some of the 'peacekeepers' of the LSA, approving players and characters, settling arguments and other disputes, ETC. Hence why they were the first target in the attack by the secret faction known as the LARP Legion. Now, Jack seeks to help the Superhero LARPers to re-unite, and lead the LSA into battle one last time.

    Items: His phone, and some keys. He had a backpack full of comics, food, and one normal change of clothes though.
    Weapons: Are you Kidding?

    Skills/Abilities: Although he doesn't have real superpowers, Jack makes up for it by already being pretty strong, boasting some skills in hand to hand combat. when OOC, he uses Jeet Kune Do. When In character, he has a very Boxing/Wrestling fighting style. Either way, he simulates 'flight' by using parkour on trees and stuff.

    Quote(s): "Time For Victory!" "I Swear man, I have dreams about myself flying when I take a nap…this LARP session is messing with our heads!"

    Theme Song: