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The Bosses

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by The Philosoraptor, Jan 15, 2014.

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  1. "Stop up here, Jacques." The Camaro halted in front of a bar, its name (Kaylee's Club. Well known for the great "dancers") spelled in neon lights, not so glamorous in the daytime. Kyle Jaeger and his number 2 Alain McGrath stepped out of the car. Kyle adjusted his crisp black suit and red tie, combed his hands through his black crew-cut, and walked through the front door, flanked by the identically dressed Alain holding a large bowling bag, right past the bouncer. He was greeted immediately by a waitress playing around on her IPhone with a "Welcome to Kaylee's, how can I-" She looked up and saw Kyle. "Oh my God. Mr. Jaeger, I-I-" He held up a hand. "Is there an Adam Barker here? He's supposed to be waiting for me."

    "Oh, oh yes sir. Follow me." She hastily pocketed her phone, and lead the two to the back, away from the bar, away from the tables, and away from the strippers, all the way to the black door. "Right through here, sir." He smiled in her direction, a smile that almost melted her. Alain, on the other hand, threw her a crippling glare, which said Get back to work. She practically ran back to the bar. "You really shouldn't display such sympathy, Kyle." The Scottish accent rolled clearly through Alain's mouth.

    "They work, I get the profits. If she had been doing that when there were more than just a few old perverts in the bar throwing ones at the girls, I'd have fired her then, and had a man waiting when she got there." It didn't improve Alain's mood. The room was relatively comfortable, carpet floor that was there from when the building was constructed, red painted walls, and some lights set in the sealing. A single booth was set up to the side, where sat a Caucasian male, wearing a white tank-top, jeans, and hair styled into a green Mohawk. He had multiple bags under his eyes, his body was shaking, and his eyes were flicking back and forth across the room, and a briefcase stashed on the seat next to him. He practically leapt out of his seat when the door shut. "Fuck man, don't sneak up on me like that, man." They ignored the comment and sat down opposite of him. A moment later, a waitress walked in. Kyle ordered a beer (Guinness), Alain and Barker abstaining. "What's this about Barker? The boss ain't a dog." Kyle looked around, appearing incredibly bored.

    "I want out Jaeger. This is getting too deep for me." Kyle waited for a moment before answering.

    "You don't just walk 'out', Adam. You were one of my best cooks. Past tense. Were. I keep you around because it entertains me, not because you're valuable. The records you have in that case of yours won't help you at all, especially considering that all the copies were destroyed when we cut off your FBI friend's head. McGrath." Alain opened the bag and pulled the head within out by the hair. Barker promptly threw up on the table. "FUCK! What did you do to him?!"

    "Quite simple really. Alain took a knife. Placed it to his throat. And sawed through the bones, esophagus, and spinal vertebrae. He then placed the head in the bag, carried it here, and presented it to you. Honestly, I thought you were smarter than that, Barky." The waitress returned with the beer, ignoring the decaying head. "Thank you. Now, you see Adam, you're not getting out very easily." He sipped his drink.

    "FUCK! YOU'RE CRAZY!" Adam pulled a pistol from nowhere. Alain in turn pulled his Micro-Uzi out of his coat, prepared to die for his boss. "Gentlemen, gentlemen. Please." He placed his hand on Alain's gun, pushing it down to the table. "So, Adam. You want to get out? You want to expose me? Follow." He got up, Adam's crosshairs following him, Alain prepared to leap at him. Kyle reached the wall, and pulled a panel aside, placed his eye against the sensor, and allowed the door to slide open into a white hallway. "Don't keep me waiting." After much thought, the druggie got up, his gun now trained on Alain, who walked in front of him. The hallway seemed to stretch on forever, until suddenly opening up into a massive, white, warehouse. Actually, warehouse wasn't the proper word. Horizontal skyscraper was much better. And pixelating the floor were hundreds of labs, all directed towards three conveyor belts, which led to a packaging area, which in turn were directed towards a large group of trucks. Similar areas ran up and down the complex, though one looked like a distillery, and Adam could've sworn the third was a gun manufactory. "100 buildings like this across America, 10 about to be set up in Japan once my deal with the Yakuza goes through. 47 U.S. senators and 114 representatives in my pocket. You can't even dream of taking this down, or getting away without a scratch after threatening to do so." With a quick motion, Kyle had snapped Barker's neck, who promptly collapsed to the ground. "McGrath, take the body and the case. No one sees anything. And keep his head. I've got plans for it." Alain did as he was told. A few minutes later, Alain walked out and into his car. "Corporate, Jacques." The driver did as he was told. Just another day of tying up loose ends.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.