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  1. Alex was running as fast as her little legs can take her. Ignoring the roots on the ground or the rocks she kept on running through the thick forest. She was excited today something amazing happened to her. “Uncle Ig! Uncle Ig!” she cried out happily. Then she smelt it. Ashes. Lots of ashes. Slowly stopping, she looked up. Smoke. Alex eyes widen in fear and continue running in pursuit of her Uncle. “Uncle IG!” she cried out again in despair. “Where are you!?”

    Tripping over a root she looked up. Red was all she saw. Red hot flames. “UNCLE IG!” she shouted. A stick snapped behind her.

    “Child what is the matter?” Looking up she saw it was her Uncle.

    “Wha-what happen?” she asked him sobbing still.

    “I’ll be gone for a while child. Okay? What is it you wanted?” Suddenly smile largely she lifted her hands.

    “Look!” and across her fingertips where flames dancing in the dark.

    Alex sapped her eyes open. That had been over a decade ago. Lifting her hands again flames flickered slightly. Sighing she woke up. There was no reason to go back sleeping. Looking outside she saw it was moaning groaning she decided against waking up. It’s too early. she thought and went back to a dreamless sleep.

    Hours later Alex woke up up to shouting, “YOU NEED TO GET THEM NOW!”


    “NO BUTS MISTER!” Lifting her head she yelled out,

    “WHY ARE YOU GUYS YELLING?” Two people stepped into the room, looking at them she silently groaned. Her brother Hunter turned to their Mother.

    “Couldn't’ Alex go?” Alex rolled her eyes. Before her mother could say anything she said,

    “Fine I’ll go. Just stop yelling. You are going to wake everyone up.”


    Alex was walking out in the open sun. People bustling around her. Looking down at the list her Mom gave her she sighed. She needed to towels and they were so far away to get. Strolling down the walkway she made sure not to look out of the ordinary. She felt like everyone knew she was a Dragon Child.

    Turning the corners she found the towels. “Finally!” she said and practically skipped over to the stand. “Can I have five towels?” Waiting for the towels she turned around. Behind her where she was standing was a food stand.

    Then out of no where was standing there in the flesh...was a boy.
  2. Ajax had been trying to keep his stealing to a minimum these days, he was able to make some money, but rent was due today and he still needed food. It was a busy market, but no one was ever down this way besides the blind man with a towel stand. After disappearing in he grabbed the cheapest bread and then walked back out, turning visible before checking for people, which was his first mistake. As he turned to leave his eyes widened at the girl, she must have see him, with the look she had on.

    Without a second though he started running into the market, not wanting her to see the show again, but also not wanting her to follow him. The crowded nature of the market was on his side even if he wasn't that fast of a runner.
  3. Eyes widening she quickly snatched her towels and threw the money on the table. “Sorry Sir! I’m in a rush.” And sprinted at the direction the boy was running at. Damn it! she thought angrily. There are too many fucking people. Careful not to drop any of the things, her Mom would kill her if she did, she kept looking. “Excuse me! Pardon me! Sorry!” is what she seem to be only saying to the people around her.

    Craning her neck to look above the people heads, jumping up and down she saw a head running. Alex ran after the moving body with new determination. If he is one, we need to get him to the Born Ones Hide out now! He can’t be out here no longer. Does his family know? And why in the world was he at the food stand with some bread? she thought to herself while sprinting.

    She felt like her chest was getting heavier. If Alex didn’t get to him soon she won’t get him at all. Alex felt herself slowing down. And with one burst of speed she ran after him in hopes of catching up. "HEY! You! The boy!" she felt her self say. Sooo spectic. she thought to herself sarcastically.
  4. Ajax kept running, but he had already used up a lot of his energy turning invisible. When he felt a hand on his shoulder he tried to shake it off. "Just leave me alone!" He said turning to the girl. "You didn't see what you thought you did. I'm nothing special and you should just forget about me."

    As he tried to turn to run again he felt a wave of tiredness hit him and he stood still, trying not to fall to his knees. The bread was still cradled in his hands and he started to eat tiny bits of it to give him more energy.
  5. Getting closer she put her hands on his shoulder. “You didn't see what you thought you did. I'm nothing special and you should just forget about me.”Alex shook her head at him.

    “Hey,” she panted. Hands on her knees she looked up from here where was standing. “You idiot.” She panted again catching her breath. “You don't need to run. I can help. But you have to trust me,” she said. Looking at him she helped him up. “There are others like you you know. But this is not the place we should speak about it at all.” Alex slowly started to catch her breath. Looking at him square in the eyes she said, “We could do this the easy way. Or we could do this the hard way.”
  6. He chewed on the bread and swallowed as he tried to gauge her strength. When Ajax had some bread in him he decided to take off again. If she was breathing this heavy he might be able to outrun her.

    Ajax knew she was lying, there was no one else like him, he hadnt met anyone and if there was they wouldn't just talk to someone else with powers. She would just turn him into someone and try to get money from it.
  7. Alex watched as the boy kept chewing the bread. Her right eye started to twitch. She needed to get them to the Born Ones hideout. Alex stood there for a while waiting and watching him. If he was going to run, she was going to grab him and dragged him there.

    “Run. I drag you away. Okay?” she told him. Shifting her weight to one side she looked at him. “Come on.”

    She didn’t really want to hurt him but...if she had to she would. Alex was running out of patient and she needed to get there now. Most likely she was late already and needed to get there soon.
  8. Her words sunk in, but it did not sway his decision. After a moment Ajax through his bread at her and started running once again. There weren't many people around anymore, just a few going into the market and his running wasnt that great.

    Ajax had just assumed that since she was a girl she would be slower and didn't realize that she had caught up to him pretty fast last time. Without the bread he was able to move just the slightest bit faster.
  9. Alex shook her head. She really felt exhausted. Sighing she ran after him. Alex shifted the bags on her so she could run faster and not get uncomfortable while doing so. “I’m amazed on how long he lasted without people noticing. And considering what he just did most likely he was used to being invisible.

    Jumping him she pulled him by the arm on a strong grip. The only thing she feared was that her hand will burst into flames.
  10. He was pulled back by her and he groaned, knowing he wouldn't be able to get out of the situation without risking being seen. "Just let me go, I won't bother you, I'll go to another town." Ajax muttered, glaring at her. He hated that she had caught up to him and had a hold on him.

    Ajax did know that he wouldn't try to run away again until she brought him wherever it was she wanted to. Once that happened he would just turn invisible and make his way back to the market area.

  11. Glaring at him, she dragged him into the forest. Alex was annoyed. She didn’t understand why he didn’t just turn invisible yet to lose her. She knows she has to get him back but still...he could of use his brain and gotten away like that. “Listen,” she started when they were near to the place. She lifted her hands up to her face. “I’ll show you.”

    Breathing in, she calmed herself down from nervousness. Lifting her hand flames emerge from the tips of her fingers until her whole hand carried a flame. Taking her second hand she held the fire.
  12. Ajax's eyes widened. As he watched the flames he carefully reached out and touched one, he was burned, but instead of flinching back he watched with amazement in his eyes. "That's amazing." He said softly, watching the fire.

    "I guess I owe you an apology then." Ajax said with a shrug. He hated being wrong and this one was a pretty big wrongdoing. "are there really others besides us? I thought I was alone."
  13. Alex smiled at him. She was a bit confused when he touched her flames. Of course he was burned. “Isn’t it?” she said. Then suddenly her flames went out. Placing her hands back she looked at him. Giving him a WTF? expression she rolled her eyes. “Well, there are more of us? Don’t you know why there are so few of us though?” she paused. She continued walking. Expecting him to follow she turned her head back and said, “C’mon follow me.”
  14. Ajax shook his head, but started to follow after her. "I never showed my power to anyone so no one would know that I had it. I also have never heard of anyone else with powers, only normal humans. I was starting to think maybe I was what future people would be like and that I was just the first." He explained as he put his hands in his pockets.

    "Do you want me to carry anything?" He asked when Ajax realized she still had the towels and he had nothing.
  15. Alex shook her head smiling. Honestly this kid was stupid. she thought. "No, I'm fine." she told him. "We are almost there anyway." She thought over what she said and looked at him. "These powers were past down since the beginning of tome. So you thought the opposite. The thing is we aren't allowed these powers. It's like having a forbidden fruit everyone wants but can't have."

    She started to twirl around. "There many people like us. And well we should be dead."
  16. He frowned as he watched her. Her tone sounded much too happy for the information she was telling him. "Well then why am I still Alive and why is everyone else with powers?" Ajax muttered, keeping his eyes trained ahead of him, trying to figure out what he was walking into.

    "I don't want my power, could someone take it?" He asked, wondering what she would say. In some ways what he said was true, but in others it was completely wrong.
  17. “You got it wrong. The reason you are alive because they don’t know about your power.” She pointed at a tree. “There.” Alex frowned deeply. “It’s an honor to have the powers we have. When the world was made there were creatures who ruled the earth. That is where we get our powers from.”

    She breathed in. Standing in front of the tree she said to him. “Wait, everything will be explained.”
  18. Ajax rolled his eyes and just waited for her to do whatever it was she was going to do. "So the tree does something?" He asked even though she had said everything would be explained.

    He had always been impatient with people and wanted answers right away. That is why he didn't work too long at the market, no one would buy his food with his emotional issues.
  19. Alex rolled her eyes. “The tree doesn’t do anything.” she said annoyed. “The power behind it does.” Flicking her finger into flames she traced a sigh onto the tree. It was a delta like sigh with the symbol of earth in the middle. The tree slowly opened up. Finally the tree opened and looked at invisible boy. “Jump in.”
  20. He had gone invisible for a moment because of the loud noise he wasn't expecting, but soon Ajax was visible again. "Ah, alright." He said, slightly skeptical because going into a hole that formed from a tree wasnt something that happened every day
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