The Borderhouse

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    Setting: Border house with lots of rooms in a small town with whatever you need (school, college, shops, park, markets, the grill, hospital, etc.). Lots of natural places around the house (forests, river, lake, beach, plains, etc.) Present time. If you wish to post any image of a place as you reply, feel free to.

    Characters: Any race you can imagine of. Vampires, werewolves, shifters, anthro, gifted ones, demons, witches, humans, dragons, etc. Your choice.

    Rules: Same as always. No godmoding, keep it IC, write correctly, please be active, and most important, have fun.

    Questions: Feel free to ask. Yes, there can be sexual content, so get in on your own risk. You can fade to black or be explicit, but no stalking or raping. Violence and blood, of course, that's life. Killing? Just if asked by the victim OOC, it's a good excuse to leave the thread. Yes, you can have more than one character here, but stay active.