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    Border house with lots of rooms in a small town with whatever you need (school, college, shops, park, markets, the grill, hospital, etc.). Lots of natural places around the house (forests, river, lake, beach, plains, etc.) Present time. If you wish to post any image of a place as you reply, feel free to.

    Characters: Any race you can imagine of. Vampires, werewolves, shifters, anthro, gifted ones, demons, witches, humans, dragons, etc. Your choice. Just put the following information to help the others:
    (Security officer, Dr., student, rouge, owner of..., etc.)
    Image: (Can be your human appearance, creature, animal, anything. Of you have two or more forms and wish to post them, do it.)
    History? Not necessary, let it slide along as you post to keep it more real. If you want to add something, like personality, you can.

    Rules: Same as always. No godmoding, keep it IC, write correctly, please be active, and most important, have fun.

    Questions: Feel free to ask. Yes, there can be sexual content, so get in on your own risk. You can fade to black or be explicit, but no stalking or raping. Violence and blood, of course, that's life. Killing? Just if asked by the victim OOC, it's a good excuse to leave the thread. Yes, you can have more than one character here, but stay active.

    (My character will be posted below...)
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  2. Name: Geist Drachen
    Race: Oriental golden dragon
    Age: Unknown
    Status: Owner of the border house
    Personality: Calm, respectful, mysterious, quiet, loyal. Just don't get on his bad side or you get roasted or eaten. (Open for family related character.)
    178737297419499708n6ZXVc8c.jpg Ancient-Chinese-dragon-Desktop-Wallpaper.jpg
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  3. Name: Kadence Snow
    Race: Wolf Shifter- Not werewolf. She has control over when she shifts
    Age: Looks 25
    Status: Renter of the border house
    Personality: Quiet yet loud; Gentle; Caring; Brash when confronted.

    **Wolf would have blue eyes as well**​
  4. He walked around quietly checking out the occupied and free rooms inside the border house and marking them on his notebook. The afternoon was quite inactive and quiet, as usual. Geist, closed his notebook and saved his pencil on the pocket of his jacket walking back to the living for a drink. Pouring a bit of Brandy on a glass, he took a slow drink with a sigh. He would maybe go out later, still had to buy the Christmas tree and get the decorations out from the basement.
  5. Name: Aventus Jaice
    Race: Gifted Human - Snake Charmer/Elemental Summoner
    Age: 18
    Status: Student
    Personality: (Very bipolar) Usually quiet, isolated or frustrated, but easily cheered up depending on the situation. His mood also tends to swing from depressed and antisocial to very talkative and humorous. He also has a very blunt, sarcastic and wise-cracking attitude.

    History: When he was eight, Aventus decided to explore an abandoned zoo out of his own childish curiosity. Finding a large dark room, he was ambushed by a large wolf. After a fair bit of running and hiding, the wolf finally had him cornered. Shutting his eyes, Aventus cried for help and waited. But before the wolf could attack, there was a hiss, a yelp, and sounds of struggling. Nearly three minutes had passed before he opened his eyes again, only to find the wolf crushed within the white coils of a seventeen-foot female python. It was then he started his new friendship with Nia.
    Ten years later, Aventus and Nia left his abusive foster home, finding the borderhouse more than a week afterwards.


    (Except he usually wears dark clothing.)

    Aventus burst through the front door of the borderhouse, stomping off to his room without so much as a glance at Geist. It didn't take a genius to find out that he was displeased.
    "Damn history teacher. If it's not one thing, it's always the other..." He grumbled, slamming his door and tossing off the scratchy uniform he was required to wear, and dawning something to better fit his mood: A dark hoodie with blue jeans.
    I really need a drink... He thought, twisting the silver ring around his finger.
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  6. He looked up from his notes to check on the harsh sounds coming from the front door. His eyes shifted green for a split second as he looked at Aventus stomping to his room. "Hmp..." It seamed he had a bad day in school. How weird... Geist looked at the bar and took a bottle of Vodka, pouring some on a glass with ice. Walking slowly to his room he knocked slightly.
  7. From underneath his bed, Nia slithered out, looking at him with soft eyes. "Bad day, hun?" She said, coiling affectionately around him.

    "You have no idea..." He replied, rubbing his temples.

    "Do you want to talk about it?" She asked, gently nuzzling him.

    His head jerked up toward his door as he heard the knock. "I... I'll tell you later..." He told her with a heavy sigh. "Enter." He called.
  8. Geist opened the door and stepped in looking at Aventus and Nia. Walking closer he gave him the vodka to then just turn around and walk out again. He was never the most social or chatting one. "If you keep stressing like that you will die young. Relax." He took the door and closer it again quietly. Walking upstairs to his room, Geist took his coat and ax to head outside for the Christmas tree. Maybe a bit of 'holliday joy' as they said now days would help ease the mood at the borderhouse.
  9. Characters:
    Name: Ellyn Drachen
    Race/Ability: Half dragon, half phoenix. Just looks as a phoenix, only larger and stronger than the average.
    Geist's half sister. Just came to the borderhouse.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Personality: Hyperactive, straightforward and sarcastic. She doesn't care for or tolerate many people, but would do anything for those she does.

    It had been long since she saw her brother for the last time. It wasn't that he avoided him, as she did with many other people, but she just had no idea where he had been. Anyway, she heard about some really big house owned by a golden dragon, and it definitely sounded like him. She flew that way, mostly out of curiosity. As she approached the house, she closed her wings and went back to her human shape. It took her a few minutes to find something that looked as a front door. She knocked it and waited.
  10. He walked downstairs again with the ax over his shoulder when he heard the front door calling for him. Rare... Everyone in town knew it was always open and anyone could just step in. Sighing quietly, he opened the door and looked at the woman frowning slightly. The his eyes widened slightly at the realization. "Ellyn? What are you doing here?" He smiled slightly still not believing it was her. How many years has it been since the last time he saw her?
  11. "You know it's weird to receive a visitor with an ax, right?" told him, raising an eyebrow. Strangely, she felt actually happy to see him. "You look older." teased him with a smile on her face, just before stepping inside the house. She was her sister, so she didn't need to wait for him to invite her... right? She looked around; it was a nice place.

    "I just came to visit you, Geist." answered him, as if it was obvious. "And... maybe I burned my previous house and I have nowhere to stay." confessed with a mischievous smile. "So, what do you do in such a big house?" asked, completely ignoring that actually many people lived in it.
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  12. Name: Izaak Jaeger
    Race/Ability: Nachtkrapp
    Age: 21
    Status: Student


    Swearing he saw fire, Izaak flew towards it, curiosity getting the better of him. He originally went out for a flight to go find some tasty food, but whatever he saw distracted him. He tilted his wing slightly to swoop down towards the house. He shifted as soon as he was close enough, raven legs and feathers shaping into skin and bone. He walked as he finished changing, beak pulling back to his head to shape into a more suitable human face. Tilting his head like the curious raven he was, he raised his arm to rap three simple knocks on the side of the house, watching the pair exchange coversation.
  13. Geist smirked at his sister and glanced at his ax. "I was about to go and get the Christmas tree for the house." He moved aside to let her pass and looked at her up and down. "I have aged centuries ago sister, but you on the other side... Is that a gray hair?" He teased taking a lock of her hair.

    He smiled lightly and looked around. "Well, as long as you don't burn this house, you are more than welcomed to stay. There are plenty of free rooms. I just hope you get along with the other roommates." The dragon shrugged slightly playing with the ax on his shoulder. "I like a peaceful and quiet life, Ellyn, of you can remember. I got this house some decades ago and decided it was big enough to accept anyone in need of a roof on their heads to enjoy the town and places around. Its actually pretty beautiful around here, unless you burned the forest already..." He looked outside in sign of smoke obviously teasing her with a grin. "Why don't you come with me for a pine tree so we can then decorate like when we were kids?"
  14. "Well, I'm glad that was what the ax was for and you didn't become a psycho killer. Not yet at least." teased him, looking at his ax. When she heard what he said about her having a grey hair, she almost killed him with her look. She opened her mouth, probably to say something really unpleasant to him, but decided to shut up and check her hair. Of course, she knew he was just teasing her, but... anyway, it wouldn't hurt to make sure, right? "You are not funny." simply answer, keeping an upset expression, which didn't take long to fade away.

    "You are saying that I can't burn anything and I have to get along with a bunch of people? You are already making it really hard, but you know, I'll do my best. Thanks for taking me in." said. She was actually glad to have a brother as nice as him, that would welcome her anytime, but seriously, how many roommates was he talking about? "I know about your peaceful and quiet life, you were always the boring one. I mean, God, you are a dragon! You need to admit that the fire would look so much more beautiful and awesome covered in flames!". She slightly smiled and nodded about the tree idea, barely remembering her childhood. She already had the image of trees on fire on her head, but sure, decorate them would also be fun...

    At that moment, she heard three knocks from the outside of the house. She checked, going through the door once again, and saw a complete stranger to her standing in there. "Umm, hey." said as he saw him. Afterwards, he looked at her brother. "So this is one of the roommates you hope I get along with?" asked, raising an eyebrow. It wasn't that she didn't like to meet new people, but she have always found humans extremely boring, so she preferred to avoid them. Of course, she had no idea that most of the ones that lived there were far more interesting than mere humans.
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  15. Aventus sighed and set the glass of Vodka on his nightstand and flopped on his bed with a groan. He heard the doorbell ring not very long after Geist left, but he didn't care to check it out. All he wanted to do was lay in his bed and keep himself isolated from the rest of the world.
    Nia went about her usual routine of coiling herself around and underneath him, resting her diamond-shaped head next to his. "He's right, you know."
    Aventus grabbed the glass of Vodka and took a sip, clearing his coughing a bit as the strong alcohol burned his throat. "What do you mean?" He asked.
    She nudged his cheek. "You stress too much, love. You're always worried or frustrated about something, and it worries me just as much."
    "Well, what do you expect?" He said with a scoff. "I can't always be laid-back and act as if nothing is wrong. I do that, and I'll get lazy and entirely too dependent. I'm not gonna spend my life as some fat bum sitting in front of a television screen collecting welfare checks."
    Nia raised her head and looked deep into his eyes, delivering a piercing sapphire gaze into his very soul. "Aventus," she began firmly. "One thing I do know about you, is that you are nowhere near lazy or dependent. I don't see you becoming that way, and neither do the others. You have too much potential for something like that to happen. Do you understand?"
    Aventus rolled his eyes, the only response he could manage.
    "One thing I do know, though... it wouldn't be so bad for you to fill out a bit. Especially with how deathly thin you are." With that, she used her tail to poke him directly in the abdomen, stifling a jump and a small giggle from the boy.
    "Hey!" He snapped. "You know damn well I'm ticklish!" Even as he glared at the white snake, he couldn't keep himself from smiling. He sighed heavily and took another sip from the cup. "Yeah, you're right. I guess I should try to calm down a little..."
    "And it's almost Christmas! Be thankful you're not with your parents anymore." She paused for a moment, before quickly adding in, "Why don't you do a little Christmas shopping, hun? I'm sure everyone would be grateful for such a thing, and maybe it'll take your mind off of school for a bit."
    "Actually, that's not a bad idea." Aventus said, sitting upright. "I still have yet to ask what Geist what he wants..." He got up and threw on a larger jacket over his black hoodie. "I'll be back in a few hours." He stated before heading down the stairs.
    He caught Geist at the front door. "Hey, Geist, I need to ask you-" He stopped when he noticed he had been talking to two other people who had just arrived. "Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt." He said quickly.
  16. Geist was about to go outside to see who Ellyn was talking about when Aventus appeared behind him. "Don't worry, didn't interrupt anything." He looked back at her and motioned at the kid. "This, is Aventus, one of the guests in the house you will have to get along. Aventus, this is my sister, Ellyn. She will be staying with us. Careful or she might burn your ass." He smirked teasing his sister to then walk outside to look at the one she was talking about. "Evening kid... And who might you be?" He looked young probably on his 20s but he couldn't realize his race by his scent, just that he was no human. He glanced at the snow and then back at the guy. It was getting cold. "Come on inside." He said simply with his ax on his hand. More an order than a request. He wanted to make sure he wasn't inviting a killer to the bording house.
  17. Aventus smiled and waved half-heartedly. "Hello and welcome."
    Although he didn't show it, his mind was swimming with questions. Geist has a sister? And what did he mean by "burn him"? Was she a dragon like him?
    He decided not to question it at the moment and moved quickly towards the door, giving a polite nod to the man standing at the door. He turned back. "Hey Geist," he called. "I'm going out for a bit. I'll be back in a few hours."
    He shivered as an icy gust of wind blasted his face. God, I hate winter...
  18. Izaak remained silent as another man joined them. He listened to their conversation, but remained silent, even after being addressed. He cautiously entered the house, eyeing the axe the entire time he took to step inside. Izaak's eyes followed the man who had just joined them, leave out the door, shivering against the cold. He cocked his head towards the siblings and finally smiled. "Izaak Jaeger." He bowed slightly as he introduced himself and openly gawked at the borderhouse.
  19. Geist looked at the boy as he stepped inside. Glancing at Aventus he called at him. "Wait, I want to ask you a favor." Leaving to his office for a moment he came back and gave him $300US. "Buy me all the lights you can with that money. Whites and of color. For the outside and inside the bording house. Including the trees around the house. You can take the Avalanche if you want, the keys are inside. And why don't you take Nia with you? She could help you." Turning again at Izaak he nodded back at him respectfully. "Geist Drachen. If you need or want a place to stay, just take one of the keys at the reception and search for the room. You don't have to pay anything rather than your food. You can use the kitchen, library, roof, and every other place at your will, but leave everything as you found it. Have any questions, just find me." He looked back at his sister and took one of the coats at the entrance throwing it to her. "So, you coming?" He stepped outside smiling faintly and walked to the forest through the thick snow.
  20. She smirked at the presentation his brother made for her and thanked the human boy. Afterwards, she glanced at the other one who was coming in. Even if she didn't have great smell as a complete dragon, she could sense something weird with him and frowned slightly, something that she had skipped previously. She would have asked him, but at that moment her brother threw her a coat and she caught it. She slightly chuckled and walked towards the entrance, putting the coat back where it was. She stopped before leaving the house. She didn't have a chance to introduce herself to the newcomer, and she was suppose to be nice. "Oh, I'm Ellyn." said and rushed to catch up her brother.

    "I don't wear coats, brother." told him with and amused smile. She was always wearing a light leather jacket, but just because she liked how it looked. Having her fire ability, she could heat her body whenever she wanted to, and after all those years, it became something automatic that always gave her a perfect temperature. "Are all your roommates human?" asked with curiosity, walking at his side.
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