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  1. Official thread:

    Hello fellow Iwakuan role-players! I wanted to do a role-play that was mostly surrounding a closely-knit group of friends. Stereotypical? Yes. Beneficial and--admit it-- fun? Yes!
    Then I thought, ehhh, that's so.. boring and overused. But the idea allured me, for I have not dabbled in this area very much. So.. here's my prompt/slight outline:

    A group of 5-6 High-schoolers, ranging in ages from 16-18, live pretty average lives at Alpine High, struggling with the typical problems of teenhood. They've been friends since middle school, with a intricate past that we may or may not bring up in the role-play. Then one day, one of the characters finds an old and worn book. This book holds recipes of both magic and regular remedies, ranging from "Bottled Flight", to "Sore Throat Remedy", "Sudden Death". They all become curious about the potions and test them out, becoming addicted to the power the potions could give them. They could alter their reality, along with others. Will they fight? Will they conquer the world? I guess we'll have to find out!

    I want to keep this role-play flowing and natural, but there's a few basic rules:

    • No god-modding, unless your character is being selfish with use of the recipe book.

    • Be detailed and use correct grammar and punctuation as best as possible. (:
    • Keep personalities differing for a more interesting role-play!
    • Fill out the below Sign Up, [Copy & Paste and remove my answers :3] we're only excepting up to 6 players, including myself. (:
    • Attach a picture of your appearance

    Here's Mine:

    Name: Adelie Finner
    Age: Sixteen
    Personality: Bubbly, happy, and ditzy. Almost always with a smile on her face, sweet and innocent.
    Biography: Adopted as a child, she was always that kid who wrote everything in crayon. She wasn't shy, but never really had friends until 8th grade.
    roleplay picture.jpg
  2. Name: Celeste (Cel) O'Hara
    Age: Sixteen
    Personality: Level headed and organized, but still fun to be around.
    Biography: Cel loves to dance (ballet, jazz etc) and write. She has a twin brother who is five minutes younger than her and about 10 times less mature. She always had one best friend, but she moved away at the end of grade 8, and then Cel became close with her current friends.
    (Sorry that is so big, my computer is being fussy so I can't make it smaller)
  3. Name: Elvira Summers

    Age: 18

    Personality: She doesn’t care what other people say about her, even though she has a very tomboy nature – preferring to play football with guys instead of shopping for clothes with other girls. – However she does have her girly moments, especially when it comes to her best friend and crush, Zayn. He is her only weakness.

    Biography: Elvira met her best friend Zayn when she was five and he was six, when her family moved into the house down the road from Zayn’s place. Since then, they have been almost inseparable, even when Zayn is away on tour with his band, because then they text and call, and video chat all the time. When he is away, she is forced to go and hang out with other girls such as Celeste.

  4. This is seems fun. :3

    Name: Claudia Beldeschmidt

    Age: Sixteen

    Personality: She's the kind of girl to listen to Indie music and be the different one out. She has somewhat bad academics but her drawings and stories are top notch. She's pretty unique taste in everything. She often cracks jokes and lately when she's mad she often bad-mouths in German.

    Biography: She is the child of a rich business man who is currently living in Germany. Her father wanted her to have a better education, so he sent her as a young child to America. She grew up off standish to the majority of students, many people thought she didn't speak english, but she did. The only people who approached her friendly became her best friends to this date. They accepted her quirkiness and very indie rocker personality and she has never been as happy. Although her father want's her to return to Germany she resists frequently. She also recently has developed a love of Bob Marley, causing her to often wear dreads.

  5. Name: Natalia Revane
    Age: Sixteen
    Personality: She is a bit sarcastic and has an unnerving age to her usually quiet demeaner. She only opens up when around her friends and can be a bit over-sensitive. She has a bit of a trust issue around strangers and knows how to flirt without being too forward.
    Biography: When she was just the tender age of five, her parents filed a divorce. Her mom had cheated on her dad. She never really saw her mom, as she never cared for her much. Her dad tried to take care of her, but being a single dad can be difficult. So, she grew up naturally keeping to herself and never really opened up about the divorce until she met her current friends. They are the only ones who know about it and, therefore, the only people outside of her family that she actually trusts.
  6. Okay, awesome! We have a perfect amount of role-players, although we could accept one more.
    I'll make the first post in a couple of seconds, let's try to keep the posting order to this: Imagination, kalliope_garnet, Becca Malik, Rufia, Jennifer_Vanice. However, there will be times when people aren't online, or the conversation needs to be continued, or someone isn't present where we can skip this order, but generally we don't want it to focused on one or two people-- which can happen easily! Try to post one or more times a day, if possible so it doesn't die. If you ever want to leave the role-play [which I hope never happens], make a death of some sort, or ask on here for someone to kill you. Just don't want an awkward hole of a character. xD

    That's about it for introductory here! :D

    The actual role-play thread:

    Edit[On the blue text line]: Posting order isn't necessary anymore, simply because I fear that that would be to slow. Just try not to leave anyone out! [:

    Also: I recruited a friend of mine to join our role-play as the 6th player. He will post his resume, and applications are now closed!
  7. Name: Ralph Tsoukalos
    Age: Seventeen
    Personality:The Weird kid. Low hygiene, constantly goes on rants, talks to himself. No one really knows his story.
    Biography: A social pariah with often iconoclastic tendencies. Most people are too scared to even talk to this kid. The few that do often regret it for days afterword. When he finds a new 'friend' (and by friend I mean someone is just trying to be nice and decides to talk to him for more than five minutes) he will talk to them relentlessly until his new companion gets so fed up with him that he is rejected.