The Book Recommendation Thread

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  1. I'm a Bookworm and I can prove it: I have over $2,000 worth of books in my room (though when you really think about it, it only amounts to close to 100 books...). My ultimate dream is to create a reading room in my new house; one with wall to wall bookshelf and a long vertical window looking out into a nice green garden with a comfortable chair and reading lamp smack bang in the middle.

    This thread was created for people like me who love a good read.

    Feel free to recommend a bloody good read you've just gone through! Alternatively, feel free to (diplomatically) prosecute a horrible read to save fellow bookworms from mind numbing illiterate works!

    Make sure to provide the Title of the book and the Author (and perhaps a short summary/review) so fellow bookworms can source the recommended book from their nearest book store/retailer!

    ('Books' can include Graphic Novels, Comics, Fiction, Non-Fiction etc)

    At the moment, I'm reading 'The Killling Art' by Jonathan Santloffer, which is a crime/thriller novel about a psychopath who is slashing paintings (and eventually their owners). I'm one quarter of the way through and the plot is getting quite interesting, though the idea of a psycho obsessed with cutting paintings for a 'cause' is kind of... lame. I really only got interested once people started dying... Not that I condone violence or anything.

    Good for those who read a lot of crime and want something different.
  2. Subs are my jam so I can practice listening to Japanese! :3
  3. Awesome! I think I shall check out the first and second books after I'm done with my current one :3

  4. This.



    Child 44 is a thriller novel by British writer Tom Rob Smith, and features disgraced MGB Agent Leo Demidov, who investigates a series of gruesome child murders in Stalin's Soviet Union.
    The novel is based on real Russian serial killer Andrei Chikatilo, also known as the Rostov Ripper, who was responsible for 52 murders in communist Russia. In addition to highlighting the problem of Soviet-era criminality in a state where "there is no crime," the novel also explores the paranoia of the age, the education system, the secret police apparatus, orphanages, Homosexuality in the USSR and mental hospitals.
    The book is the first part of a trilogy.<sup class="noprint Template-Fact" title="This claim needs references to reliable sources from May 2009" style="white-space: nowrap;">[citation needed]</sup> The second part is called The Secret Speech and also features the character of Leo Demidov and his wife, Raisa.
    Child 44 was longlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2008 and won the Waverton Good Read Award in 2009.

    I loved this book! and it seems it will be a trilogy?! I did not know that.. I need to wait around for the next two books then!
  5. I promise you will LOVE East of Eden, Its one of my top five favorites. A solid classic.

    ....Also I've been meaning to read Child 44........
  6. Panne's Manga Recommendations
    Here you can find various manga that I've come to enjoy, and would recommend to others!


    Pandora Hearts

    Pandora Hearts is a shonen manga that spans over 20 volumes. It takes place in the 1800's, and draws influence from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. The main character, a young boy from an aristocratic family named Oz Vessalius, is just about to turn fifteen. However, at his coming of age ceremony, his life changes as he's thrown into a dimensional prison called the "Abyss", which is home to monstrous creatures called "Chains". After being saved by a young woman named Alice, Oz's life is thrown into chaos as he begins to discover the secrets behind Alice, the "Abyss", and Pandora, an organization that handles the Chains that live in the Abyss.

    I'd recommend Pandora Hearts to people who are interested in fantasy plots, and incredible plot twists that come later on in the series. The characters are very well-written and detailed, and the author, Jun Mochizuki, does a great job of telling the story. The plot twists may become confusing at some points, but PH is very much worth the read.

    The concepts behind the story, mostly involving Chains and contracts, are also very interesting. Overall, Pandora Hearts is a thrilling fantasy adventure full of plot twists and lovable characters.


    Bungou Stray Dogs

    Bungou Stray Dogs is an action and adventure anime with elements of mystery and comedy added to it. If you like manga with characters that have powers, then this is for you! Bungou Stray centers around a group of supernatural investigators that solve mysteries and bring evil-doers to justice. Almost every character is named after a famous author.

    The main character, Atsushi Nakajima, is down on his luck after he's kicked out of an orphanage. Starving and desperate, he roams the city, until he saves a mysterious man from drowning. The odd man, suicide enthusiast and private detective Dazau Osamu has been investigating a mysterious, man-eating tiger that has been appearing across the city. Alongside Dazai's strict and schedule-obsessed partner, Kunikida Doppo, they solve the mystery. After various, even stranger events occur, Atsushi is forced into joining their firm of supernatural investigators, and the story moves on from there.

    Bungou Stray Dogs is a manga that has its serious moments, and then its lighthearted moments. There are a wide variety of quirky characters with different powers, all named after novels or works written by the author they're based off of. The characters, I find, are very well-written, especially Dazai Osamu (who I am definitely biased towards), who has many different facets of his personality, as well as mysterious motives that have yet to be uncovered. There's a huge amount of potential in this manga, and a lot of backstory to be uncovered. I highly recommend this manga to people who enjoy adventure stories involving supernatural elements.

  7. I know its a bit lame but I happened to fine a small thin book by Daniel Steel called Sunset in St. Tropez. OMG! That little book was really good. It has all the DS qualities but it was still a great read.

    It made me step back and rethink... that way I looked at things and they way I judged them as well. It was most unexpected, but I liked it. Also one of my all time favs by her is Messages from Nam* that was really good too.
  8. If a book can change the way you look at things, then it truly is a good book, I must say!

    And Child 44 is right up my alley... that looks like something I can really get my hands onto...

    Oh, god... so many books... so little time...
  9. I love books. I liked the *Odd Thomas* by Dean Koontz. Im not a huge Dean Koontz fan but that one liked. The second one was so soo.. and ended up on ebay and I havent read the 3rd..
  10. Ooh! Odd Thomas was good! I haven't read the second one yet. I don't really like him either... "The Face" was terrible! But I did love his book "Velocity". I've read it about three times and just love it.

    I finished Weaveworld by Clive Barker and it was pretty good, yet strange in the usual Clive Barker way. He's a good storyteller but some of the stuff is just too weird for me....
  11. If you're into cyberpunk stuff, I recommend Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash". F'ckn awesome shit, yo.

    Also... I like these books "Ender's Game", "Ender's Shadow", (and all the other book in the "Ender" universe) by Orson Scott card. Amaaaaaziiiinnnngggggg stuff. Enough said. o_o;;

    And for more fantasy/modern/humorous stuff, try "Good Omens" co-authored by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (both of whom I adoooore).
  12. hmm so i'm not the only one who has read Black House? ^^ cool

    If you like a good sort of suspensful jack the ripper sort of book I suggest The Music of the Spheres by Elizabeth Redfern. I dunno I liked it and think I may just read it again soon now that I think about it..

    oh I also forgot to add not only is it sort of jack the ripper sort of book it also has astrology aspects as well as historical aspects ^^ it's a bit slow sometimes but i think it's still a decent read.
  13. Okay... I finished "The Killing Art"

    and it was so-so... not as gruesome as I like but story wasn't too bad. Have moved onto the next book I had bought the other week called "The Bridesmaid" by Ruth Rendell.

    Hopefully it will be more intriguing than the last...
  14. I recently picked up one of RA Salvatore's more recent Drizzt books and wanted to vomit. I was headdesking by how asinine it got. I wonder what I saw in the series to begin with?

    ....Oh wait. That's right. When I was 14, Drizzt was all like "angst!" "swords!" "SNICKETY SLICE!!!!" You know. When he was badass and looked like some kinda superhero or maybe Errol Flynn erroneously put into a fantasy novel.
  15. I recently finished "The Bridesmaid" by what's her name... it was... eh... really not interested in books with different layers of meaning. The main character pissed me off... I mean, if you're girlfriend is a bit crazy and you find out that she's killed someone to provide her love to you... you'd feel at least a little compelled to dob her into the coppers right???????????