The Boogie Bus

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  1. The bus jostled and bucked along the unpaved road of the the Midwest, the gentle grumble of the engine and whir of cicadas in the distance was all that could be heard. A voice broke the silence as the first rays of sunlight peeked over the horizon, echoing through the old intercom systems like a tour guide.

    "Goooooooooooooood MORNING PASSENGERS! This is your Captain speaking. It is time to rise and shine. It's a beautiful morning in the American Midwest. The sun is rising, the birds are singing, the flowers smell wonderful. According to the maps, we'll hit a town in about five hours, so I want everybody up, their bellies full, and their brains awake. We're starting to run just a touch low on supplies, so we'll be making a pit stop to refuel and scavenge what we can. It's just a little village off in the middle of nowhere, so we'll likely encounter few zombies. Most survivors likely dies along with their families long ago, so we shouldn't find too much resistance. Feel free to make a pot o' joe and heat up some breakfast."

    The intercom buzzed quiet again, and the bus's other occupants began to awaken.
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  2. Elizabeth had slept very little over the course of the night. When Alex, or the captain, spoke over the intercom he roused the young Elizabeth from a light nap. Wearily she sat up in her bunk. The little bottle of pills was underneath her pillow, kept hidden. She took the bottle out and opened it. Two small blue pills later and she was putting the bottle back under the pillow.
    "Is everyone up then?" Elizabeth asked as she swung her legs over the side of the bunk bed.
    Lithely she dropped down. Still in her underwear she proceeded to get dressed. First sliding on a simple tank top, black in color. Then she pulled on a pair of skinny jeans that were ripped at the knees. Finally she put on her shoes; a pair converse that ran up to her knees, also black with white laces and soles.
    "I'm going to boil the kettle," she said. "So who wants tea or coffee. I think there's some soup left too."
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  3. Chio couldn't sleep without hearing the groans and moans coming from outside their bus and huffed as Captain's muted voice proceeded to rouse her from her well...unsleep? Is that even a word? Whatever. She got up from her lower bunk and ignored Elizabeth's inane chatter. Not that she could hear her well with the ear mufflers on her ears constantly. It kept loud sounds at bay and kept the demons' voices away. She went down the stairs, bumping slightly at Elizabeth who was in the way. Reaching the kitchen, she grabbed the kettle and added three cups worth of water in it. "Just boil it then add more should anyone want some." she told the University Student who followed her.

    Chi knew she was acting a bit...mean. Not that she didn't like the kid, she did! It was just that she was young and that just annoyed her. She was just as young, once a upon a time. That and the fact the kid was a Uni student. A UNI student! Not that it mattered now. But she had dreams once upon a time. Well and before this crud started happening. She smiled at Elizabeth, knowing she didn't mean anything bad. It was one of her bad days. They all had them once in awhile.

    Chi scoffed as she grabbed the tin of her favourite green tea. Well, the last can anyway. There were others but call her prejudiced, she preferred her can of Asian tea over the Western kind. Too much flavour for tea wasn't right. "Can you heat the soup, kid? It'll expire by noon if we don't gobble it up now." She spoke as she placed the strainer on top of her mug and placed the right amount of crushed leaves over it. Turning her black eyes to the other girl. "I'll go wake the other one and see if Captain ate or needs to switch." Not that the other guy needs to woken, but it wouldn't hurt to check. No one could've slept through the mindless groans they hear at night.

    She poured the water over her mug and watched as the water turned golden brown. She then prepared Captain's mug and made him a cup of Joe. Chi made a face as she breathed in the scent. Tea was her blood, how anyone could stomach coffee was beyond here. "Save me a bowl, yeah?" She asked Elizabeth with a smile and rushed upwards without spilling a drop of the two mugs she clutched with the ease of a well-seasoned waitress. She could hear the other girl reply, but the sound didn't make sense to her.

    That was fine, they all knew why she kept them on anyway. She was slightly less insane and trigger happy with the ear mufflers on. Not she'd shoot them or anything, but she only ever took them off when she played her guitar. Otherwise, they were safely on, unless Captain said otherwise.

    She went left first, peeking through the open hallway and called out. "Morning Doc" she greeted and disappeared towards the driver's seat. "Hey-a Captain" she greeted, putting down both mugs at the nearest flat surface. "Cheery morning alarm, by the way. HATED it, just so you know." she told him with a frown knowing he knew she meant nothing by it. It was just how she was. Chi removed the ear mufflers, letting it rest on her neck. "Oh. Breakfast's ready." She added, looking by the stairs as the scent of soup reaching their area. "It's not much, but we reheated the soup sludge before it goes bad."

    Chi smiled at him sheepishly as grabbed her mug and took a sip of her blissful beautiful tea. "I can switch while you go eat..." She trailed off, knowing how important the Boogie Bus was to him. He could say no or yes. If he said no, she'd shrug and go back down and prepare something for lunch. If yes, well, that was something she wasn't about to push him.
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  4. "Sure, thing," replied Elizabeth, though she was unsure if Chio had heard her through those ear mufflers.

    As Chio carried a pair of cups up to the captain Elizabeth set about making her own morning coffee. She took the kettle in hand, already boiled, and began pouring into the nearest available mug. Elizabeth didn't bother with milk. Though they didn't have any, they didn't have any sugar either. Next she reached for the two nearest bowl and a satchel of instant soup. There were two bags left, though Elizabeth left one unopened for Chio and the captain. Pouring the contents into pair of bowls and adding hot water, there was a hiss of steam as the soup boiled.

    "Hey, Doc," she called out to their fourth bus-mate. She prefered to refer to Alex as Captain and Alexander as Doc to save from confusion. Even Chio called them by their nicknames. "If you're awake, which you probably are, I'm making you some of this soup sludge. Want some coffee too? Or some of Chio's tea? I won't tell her if you don't." With a quick glance Elizabeth saw Chio taking off her ear muffles. "Scratch that, she can hear again."

    Elizabeth raised the cup of coffee to her lips with hand as she stirred the soup with the other. She took a sip. "Ah! That's hot!"
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  5. "If you would. Haven't eaten a thing since yesterday afternoon's little incident at that gas station. Ugh, make my stomach turn a bit at the thought of it. That poor man..." he trailed off, carefully climbing out of the driver's seat and letting Chio take the wheel. He grabbed his cup and headed down to the main dining area, to get a bowl of what could barely be passed for soup. The sloppish mix was a few days old, but with their situation they weren't too keen on the idea of wasting food. It was edible and relatively tasty, for what it was. As the concoction of tomato soup, sweet peas, sliced carrots, and chunks of chicken came to a boil on the small electric stove, Alex sat down. "Mornin', Elizabeth. Gimme a bowl of that, if you would, please."

    He stretched out, propping his feet on the table and yawning, rubbing the tiredness from his eyes.
  6. The petrol station. Even Elizabeth had a tough time forgetting that one. How could one man bleed so much? Though she was surprised that the Captain had given up control of his precious bus, especially to none other than Chio.

    "Morning Captain," she replied as she finished making the first bowl of soup. "Here. You have this one, I'll have the next."

    She placed the bowl of soup on the table before returning to her coffee. Sip. Still too hot. The electric stove was back on again, bringing another mixture of chicken, vegetables and sludge to a boil. Once boiled Elizabeth poured it all out into a bowl and began stirring it. She stirred it for no more than a minute. Whilst she waited for both her coffee and soup to cool down Elizabeth sought out their fourth man.

    "Come on Doc, there's no way that you can be soundly asleep after seeing the guy at the petrol station," said Elizabeth as she climbed the stairs. "Do you want some coffee or soup?" She looked down the stairs and tried to catch a glimpse of Chio driving the bus. "Or some of Chio's tea?"

    They would be arriving at another town in a few hours, maybe sooner now that Chio was driving. Elizabeth and Doc would likely be searching for a drug store, a general medical practice or a hospital. Though she doubted that there would be a hospital in just a town. Chio would most likely be doing a food run, staying near to the bus whilst Alex kept the engine running. That's how they usually hit towns. It was bad form to separate, given the circumstances. Though if the Captain asked for things to be done differently then they would all do as he asked.

    Elizabeth gave up on calling for Doc and returned back to the stove. She took up her cup of coffee and bowl of soup and then joined the Captain at the table.

    "What's the weather looking like today?" she asked.
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  7. Chio couldn't help but grin when Captain left driving to her. WOW. It was such an honour, though she could see Elizabeth give her this concerned look when she took the wheel. She scoffed and rolled her eyes. Okay, just because she found a motorcycle and decided to for a quick spin...which may or may not have attracted the demons to the man's hiding place. It wasn't her fault she was slightly unhinged. Okay, so maybe stealing Elizabeth's axe and swing it around the undead to TRY and save the poor man while laughing maniacally wasn't the best way to show she could drive like a sane person. She huffed. Fine.

    Chi swallowed a mouthful of tea, careful of the heat. She heard their youngest call out to their resident Doc, but she shrugged. The guy must have been tired after yesterday's events, he looked frustrated--unable to save the other dude. But then she heard Elizabeth call out something about her tea.

    Chio swerved the bus in shock, not much, but enough to maybe rattle the rest. "SORRY, Captain, my bad!" she called out, "AND Lizzie-hun, what have I said about my tea?! Don't touch it...well, not till we hit the next town, at least. You can have some my stocked Granola bars behind it. It's too grainy." Grumbling, she noticed her tea didn't spill. Well, wasn't that proof she can do this. Humph. She was set on a food run when they reach town. Chio hummed. Wonder what the guys would want for her to ... shop? More Asian Tea and sweets for her at least and a dozen or more of the coffee these guys liked. Real canned goods. Maybe there was some rice? If they hadn't spoiled already...

    Grinning to herself, she steadily increased their speed and reached for her mug for a sip. She always did like to shop. The mob of angry demons between her and goods were just another variable, like girls during a sale. The only good thing about it was she could actually hit them to get rid of them. Fun.
  8. Unlike the rest of the crew on the bus Alexander had no problem sleeping after yesterday. It wasn't that what happened to him didn't bother him, in fact it was the centerpiece of the nightmares that had assaulted him throughout the night. He had just been up for several days before hand and after what had happened, there was no way he was able to keep his eyes from closing. He could here the others calling for him distantly, but all he could see was the blood on his hands as he worked that mans chest over and over until he finally turned...

    Chio swerving the bus was the last straw, Alex wean't from deep in his dreams to wide awake in a moment. Suddenly he snapped up into the sitting position his hand around the pistol he kept under his single pillow. It was almost like the man had been suddenly struck by lightning and it took him several moments to slow his breathing and remember just where he was. Slowly but surely he remembered, sighing to himself and rubbing the crud from his eyes. He slid off his bed slipping the colt into the waist band of his jeans, the only thing that he was actually wearing at the moment.

    Stepping out into the hallway, calling out a greeting to Chio as he did, he realized he must of been somewhat awake, he could recall the captains announcement just a few minutes ago along with the several offers for coffee, his only weakness besides alcohol. Slipping his way down stairs he did his best to slide between people in the tight space, finding a space to park his ass. Smiling politely to everyone as he made his way past. He looked whimsically at the Captains soup wishing he had a hot bowl in front of him as he addressed the girl. "Yes Elizabeth I would love some coffee. Sorry about that, I'm too use to sleeping in, I just hate getting up sometimes. Captain can we try to find some good coffee this time. I don't know if you care but this bargain brand stuff tastes like shit. "
  9. "Ah, it doesn't looks too bad. Might get a bit of Rain Late-" the Captain was interrupted by the jostling of the bus as Chio got a hold of driving. "Later in the day, but nothing too bad." It was then that Doc finally walked in. "Mornin' to you too, Doc. And Let me tell you, I agree 'bout the coffee. Never been able to stand the taste, but I get headaches if I don't get my mornin' cup. But this is the midwest, they're bound to have something." he said optimistically, raising his cup in a salute and taking a bitter, regretful sip. "Alright, should just be another two hours or so." Alex stared down into his soup. "And suddenly I can wait until we find something. Doc, you want this?" he asked.
  10. The doctor did not hesitate a moment. The second the captain posed the question, Alex was already sliding the bowl over in front of him. A large smile on his face, he dug into the meal happy for something warm to eat this morning. In between mouthfuls he continued talking to the capt. "Why yes, as the chief "Medical" officer of our crew I think quite important to make sure I am level headed and in top performance, in case the WORSE happens!"

    His usual demeanor fell off slightly, and slowly the doc slide the have eaten bowl of soup away from him. "At the same time however, a full stomach didn't help much yesterday." He offered Alex a sad half smile. "I am not too hungry myself it seems. Liz just bring me a cup to my room later, I have stuff to work on before we get to town." With that he sat back up, only having sat down for maybe a minute and a half and left out of their kitchen area and back toward his room.
  11. "Sure thing," replied Elizabeth to the Doc.

    Elizabeth took a sip of her coffee. It had cooled down now. Judging from the morning - Chio was driving and they were all left a little shaken after yesterday's gas station incident - it was gong to be a long day. She instead turned her attention to the bowl of soup whilst Doc and Captain talked. She had barely eaten since yesterday.

    "I hope that it does rain later," commented Elizabeth. I was almost funny to watch the zombies slip around on wet floors. Then she leaned in close to the captain. "What stuff does he have to work on?" she asked with a quiet voice. "Am I the only one who's a little scared of him at time?" She sat back and just smiled. She was only joking and the Captain knew it.
  12. Chio heard Doc call out to her as he FINALLY woke up. "Morning~" she greeted back, but frowned as it was ignored then shrugged. She placed back the mufflers on her ears as she focused on the road. Checking the sun's position to check the time, she frowned to see dark clouds in the distance. She frowned.

    Chi usually didn't mind the rain. She loved it. It muffled the sounds of the demons loitering around, but today was important to them. Rain was a variable that could change things. Also, shooting in the rain was hard and if it rained too hard, you couldn't tell demon from friend until they were close enough to bite you. This was speaking from personal experience.

    Snarling, she picked up speed. Wanting to hit the town before the rain came a-crashing. She noticed Doc tread back up to their joint bunkers looking dejected. He didn't look like he wanted to talk and chat, judging from his pale features. Chio could sympathize with that, so she went back to the road. She hoped that Captain would get some sleep, he drove Boogie all night. He'll need his energy for the supply run and any other survivors who might have gone slightly unhinged.

    Chi continued onwards. It took an hour or more, but it seemed like they've reached the next town. She removed her mufflers and grabbed the speakers at the headboard. Then she saw a flash of lightning followed by the crash of thunder. She froze then cursed rapidly in Japanese, forgetting that she had it on. Her luck sucked.

    Chio pressed on though, flushing when she realized her mistake. "Oops? Uh--yeah, Captain! Next town at 12'o clock. We've arrived. I repeat, we're here." She placed it back and sighed. Bad weather or not, they needed more supplies. "Yay rain." she sarcastically said to herself while she waited for Captain to arrive for her next orders.
  13. "Uh--yeah, Captain! Next town at 12 o'clock. We've arrived. I repeat, we're here."

    Hearing this, Alex downed the last of his coffee and shot up, rushing to the front of the bus to direct Chio where to park. "Pull her in next to that shack there. Use the tree to hide it. If we run into raiders, we don't want them to know about the Boogie Bus until we're dead. It'll likely just be Zeds out there, but no point in being careless." He turned, shouting so the others could hear him. "Gear up! Weapons, tools, spare space only! Doc, bring your med bag, we're out in five!" He walked up the stairs, grabbing his already emptied bag, AR-15, Colt, ammo, lighter, multitool and khukri. He went back down and waited at the door of the parked bus. First out, last in. As the others got ready, he started formulating a strategy. They'd probably just go with the usual- Have Chio run center down the main street while the other three did circular perimeter sweeps around her in the buildings, all of them killings zombies as they found them. Once the two was clear enough, they could begin scavenging for supplies. Looked like a small town, shouldn't take more than three hours to clear. They could check the farmhouses nearby, getting whatever they could from them, maybe stay the night. It had been a few days since they had a good rest.

    "We good to go?" he asked as everyone began to line up in the doorway.