The Boogie Bus: A Story of Survival (closed)

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    In a time where the world has been ravaged by plague and the undead monsters it creates, Four survivors make their way across and around what was once the United States of America in a double-decker tour bus imported from Europe from before the outbreak, converted into a mobile four-person home. That bus is known affectionately as The Boogie Bus. Equipped with all of the above features as well as solar panels, a 250-gallon water holder (enough for the group for three months), and door reinforcements, the little group has a nigh-impenetrable fortress to protect them from the hordes of undead. The real trouble is, can they live together without driving each other crazy?!

    • Basic Iwaku rules, as per usual.
    • Romance of any type is allowed, but keep the shmexy shtuffs to PMs or separate threads in appropriate sections. Ain't no humpin' on da boogie bus! Especially not between inpapropriately age-matched members!
    • I expect at least one paragraph of a minimum of four-five sentences per post. Hell, I'll take three if it's a fast-paced scene and really good. There is no max limit, but try not to write enough that I could reinforce The Boogie Bus with all your words.
    • Collaboration between players is encouraged! I mean, you don't have to, but if you feel it's fitting, go ahead. Just don't make every other post a collab. That's just no fun.
    • Yeah, your charrie might die. Mourn the loss and make a new one, and I'll work 'em in somehow.
    • Please use this site to display gear. Be warned, it's a touch buggy yet.
    • No badasses, please. We're just people, here. That includes not having weapons normal people would have, like RPGs and LMGs and high-powered snipers and most military-grade rifles.
    • If you read and understand these rules, add "Currently, [name] is roving the country with three other survivors." at the end of your brief history.

    Character Sheets (BB coded for your convenience):
    [Pic goes here. Preferred, but not required. You do not have to use the one from the provided site. That only counts for gear. If you do put a pic, I'd prefer you NOT use an anime pic, but it's acceptable if it's realistic enough.]
    Age: (Hey there, little kiddie... Wait, you're how old?)
    Sex: (Charger cable or USB port?)
    Gender: (Are you a he-man? A she-woman? A he-woman? A she-man? None of the above? All of the above?)
    Sexuality: (What kinda naughty bits do you like, if any? Also include if they're in the closet about it or not)
    Physical Description: (If you didn't put a pic, put a description. If you put a pic, fill in some of the details. Or just don't do shit with this. See how many fucks I give.)
    Skills: (What can you do? Hunt? Cook? Medical stuff? Are you a great shot? Can you juggle a bag of dicks, three glasses and a lemon while balancing a book on your head? C'mon, out with it!)
    Basic Gear: (What's in its pocketses, precious? Please use a saved/snipping tool/screenshot image from the provided site. Food and stuff not necessary, just basic gear and weapons. Please have the clothes match as best you can to what your character would wear. Provide a basic list of what you have featured. Place all this in a spoiler.)
    Brief History: (What types of underwear did they use in the past? *badum-pshh* Ha. Ha. Underwear pun. Seriously though, tell us a bit about what you've been through.)


    Name: Alex Montegro
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Skills:: Archer, Hunter, Cook, Card Games, Driver
    Basic Gear:
    Gear (open)
    Boogie Bus Driver Gear.PNG
    Clothes, goggles, medium backpack, folding knife, multitool, gasmask with two refills, Colt 1911, with three extra magazines, AR15 semi-automatic rifle with two extra magazines and a red dot scope, Crossbow with four extra bolts, cards, lighter, khukri machete, map

    Brief History: Fanciful of knowing how to survive an apocalypse since childhood, Alex learned basic survival techniques, including how to hunt. He studied cooking in school, and had no real plans for the future. In his spare time, he had rigged a double-decker bus as a living quarters and apocalypse survival home as a hobby and fallback if he lost his apartment. When the outbreaks started, Alex took off in his bus, picking up survivors as he could. Not all made it. Currently, Alex is roving the country, with three other survivors.
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    Aka I would like to reserve a spot. It is getting late for me and I do not have enough time in the day to fill out a full and nice character sheet.
  3. I'm Reserving a spot right now! But I have a question! I can't currently post images so Would by any chance someone be willing to search for an image for me? ^__^ I know it's an odd question but I can't post images because I'm not on a computer T__T
  4. It's fine if you can't post pics, just link the URL. As for the gear thing, you can just put the list and urls for pics of the gear, minus clothes if your character pic shows them.
  5. What I mean is I can't post links or copy and paste anything. I'd physically have to write down the URL's on paper to put them up on here and If I went through all that trouble I might as well post the image link using the URL. It's just a gigantic hastle to post images or anything of thelike. If there were any way that I could trust me I would. But as for gear I know exactly how to describe the gear ^__^ I just need help finding a character image
  6. I could help with that! I have an album of over 400 pictures. If it is not there I can go look for more!

    Just depends. What is the picture restrictions? Anime or realistic? Or even real life pictures?
  7. If you can't do pics, there is still the physical description field and the describing of gear is perfectly fine.
  8. It all depends on what the Gm would preffer ^__^
  9. I am the GM. XD
  10. Yea...We are asking you what would you prefer for pictures. Realistic? Real life? Or anime?
  11. Realistic or real life works. I prefer you don't use anime, but I'll accept it if it's reasonably realistic.
  12. Cool! Well My plan is to make a female character, but with a bit of a character twist. I was thinking of having her be a mute ^__^ I thought that would be an interesting twist.
  13. Iteresting. Lets see how it works out. ^_^
  14. I am reserving a spot. I love the fact that your character basically did nothing in life but be that ONE crazy guy was right the whole time lol
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  15. [​IMG]

    Name: He goes by the name DR. Alexadner Gram-bell Eisenhower.

    Age: 28. I have no funny qipe for this

    Sex: Extension cord.

    Gender: (Is it possible to be all of the above) On second thought I am PRETTY sure I am just a dude.

    Sexuality: Alexander likes to pretend hes a gynecologist if you catch my drift.

    I feel like something should be here but I just don't. Give. A. Fuck.

    Skills: Great shot, First aid and some medical training, GREAT at lying, really tidy (Yes in such a small place four people are sharing, I call that a skill), Drinker

    Basic Gear (open)
    Basic Gear (open)

    The real Dr. Alexander Gram-Bell Eisenhower.jpg
    (cold weather clothing, a small flask of whisky, cigarettes, walkie talkie, ham radio, 2 home made bombs, M14 with a x4 scope with an extra mag taped to the first and extra in his vest, Colt 1911A1 with several extra clips, combat knife, hatchet, and one bag of medical mysteries)

    Brief History: One word, Commando

    Alexander Was born into a normal and boring nuclear family. His dad had an average job and spent most weekends with the boys hunting. His mother was a stay at home mom that loved her only child very much. In all honesty? Alexander hated them both. Don't get him wrong he loved them, and he thanks his dad for making him go hunting with him all those summers, but god dammit they were the two single most boring people in the world.

    And that's why Alexander likes to, expand on the truth, so much. In all reality hes a near compulsive liar with a ego problem. No he is not a doctor, in fact he was planning to move cross country to try to be an actor. So when the dead started rising people started dying and a dude offers you a ride in his small fortress, Alexander stared calling himself Dr. and never stopped.
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  16. Only one problem, Jex. In the gear, I'm seeing two homemade flamethrowers rather than bombs, and no extra ammo clips.

    Other than that, accepted!
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  17. Oh those are flame throwers? I looked at them and all I could see was explosions. Ill edit it when I get on my laptop. Im on my phone right now ^^
  18. Aerosol can + lighter = flamethrower. Everything else is either a bomb or most of one. Just let me know when you get it adjusted. ^^
  19. Allright All fixed up sir! ^^
  20. Brilliant.

    Also, Crysodic just PM'd me that they will no longer be able to participate, so we still have one spot open.
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