The Bonded Ones

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  1. Years after the Severed have gained control of most of the world, it is a time of great suffering for all who refuse their authority. The most rebelious of all being the Bonded Ones, people who have an emotional attachment with a certain animal of their liking. These people have one goal and one goal only: to end the reign of the Severed and establish a new order, one that will bring peace and balance among the regions. But alas, the Bonded Ones have been pushed to extinction...until now.

    Every character has a special companion to whome they are bonded with. These companions include, but are not limited to: Wolves, Dragons, Felines, Canines, Snakes and any sort of lizard.

    For those playing as human characters: Post your character's name, age, bio (If available), appearence, personality, and what animal(s) they are seeking.

    For those playing as animal companions: Post name, age, bio (If available), species, appearence, personality.


    1. Treat others with respect, please no trolling or name-calling OOC or IC unless it is a quarrel within the story.
    2. You CANNOT play as both your human character and animal companion. Only choose one and let another user RP as the other. The only acception is if the other user has left, leaving their character open for anyone to take.
    3. Please try to answer as often as possible, try not to leave the RP without letting us know OOC. If you're having trouble being alerted or finding time to reply, let us know and we'll pm you. Otherwise, let us know if you cannot continue so we can move on. Too many RPs have died off because users leaving, or never replying to posts directed at them (IMO)
    4. Even though the expectations are on "Beginner", please at least try use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation as much as you can. Try to refrain from using garbled up wording that is nearly impossible to read.
    5. One-lining is allowed, but please kep it to a minimum.
    6. You MAY use characters from other RPs.
    7. Godmodding is NOT allowed.
    8. For the love of God, please have fun....

    Name: Jayce Alexander
    Age: 18

    Bio: Abused as a child and considered an outcast, Jayce left his home to find a better life. After nearly three years of living on his own, he seemed to shut himself off from the rest of the world, not bothering to take part in most social interactions. He now travels the regions, searching for a place where he could truely belong.

    Personality: Mostly shy, timid, depressed and anti-social. But as one gets to know him better, they find him to be very protective, supportive, and strong-willed.

    Seeking: Wolf, Dragon, or Snake.

    After traveling on foot for nearly two days through the vast forest, Jayce collapsed to his knees by a cool stream. Cupping his hands in the clear water, he took a large sip, sighing with relief as the water washed over his mouth and soothed his dry throat.

    "Ten more miles..." He calculated in his mind. Ten more miles until he reached the next city, where he would finally be able to purchase more supplies and food with what little money he had. Cupping more water in his hands, he splashed his face, shivering as it dripped down his neck and matted his hair to his forehead. He was so close, yet his body begged for rest. Stretching his arms, he walked over to an old oak tree and sat leaning against it.

    "I wonder what lies in wait in this next town..." He thought as he closed is eyes and drifted off into a dreamless nap.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: (up to you as wolves cannot talk)
    Bio: lLived in the woods as a pup with pack but before she grew up her pack was attacked and she was left an orphan pup, to survive by herself.
    Species: Wolf
    Personality: Gentle, friendly, but aggressive at times. Energetic and playful, but is also lazy when in the mood.

    I wander in the woods, sniffing the ground. Someone was here, my nose told the tale. Sweat. Sweat. Sweat. Sweat! I half and lift my head. Man sat against a tree. Man. Man. I lift and slowly place my forepaw ahead of me. No movement from man. Man is enemy. Or was it man is not enemy. It was to long ago to remember what I had been told about Man. I advance, taking my time, keeping head up and ready for if man fights. man does not move as I approach. I let out a "gruff?" to talk to man but it does not matter. I circle man, unsure off what to do. "Woof!" I bark louder this time. Still nothing from man. Man seems not a enemy. I face man and walk up to him. I place my tongue on his face and lick. I wag my tail to try and make man happy. "Woof!"
  3. As he felt something licking his face, Jayce opened his eyes to see a peculiarly large wolf standing in front of him. With a yelp, he jerked away, staring at it with wide eyes.

    A wolf...? He thought, every muscle in his body freezing. A wolf managed to sneak up on him while he was sleeping! Well, it didn't seem like she meant any harm, considering that her tail was wagging playfully....and the fact that she licked his face instead of tearing it off. But still, he had been attacked by wolves before, so he remained fixed where he was...
  4. Name: Unnamed
    Age: newly fledged
    Bio: She has lived in the presence of humans since hatching, and has learned to understand several words of english. With her ability to mimic humans, she can communicate, but not clearly.
    Species: Common raven
    Personality: I can't follow preset personalities, sorry.
    I glided along, trying to get the feel of the wind in my primary feathers. I was still relatively new to flying. I carefully rode the currents of air, trying carefully to keep from spinning off course. I grew tired following each wingbeat, and I was hungry. I arced my wings and fanned my tail, lowering it, slowing down. I extended my feet to a branch, and flapped powerfully, propelling the rest of my body onto it. I looked below, there was a human. Humans sometimes fed me, others shooed me away, so e shot at me. This on e had no gun and was busy with a wolf. A wolf! I loved wolves! They were so useful, they were my main food source. But this one seemed to be an arctic wolf, which was strange for this environment.
  5. [​IMG]
    Name: Starlight
    Appearance: Brown long hair and blue eyes.
    Bio: She never really knew her real parents. She only knew their last name. Light. It was ironic, how dark she felt every day, when her last name was light. A few days ago, she sat up from her home on the hospital roof, and looked up to the stars. She would go and find them. She knew she had to. But what would she call herself? The name came almost instantly. Starlight. She smiled at the stars and closed her eyes, allowing sleep overcome her.
    The next morning she packed a bag and set out for the country. She knew that they lived there, After some rigorous research. She hopped a train and set out through the heavy snow, Knowing she would find them.

    Seeking; Any type of big cat, Amphibian or reptile.
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  6. Name: Kyou Takanashi


    Personality:He is kindhearted and righteous but will utilize sneaky or dirty tricks if it's required. He always will care for those in need. Known to be a bit of a hothead, but will forgive and forget easily


    Seeking:Feline, Wolf, Snake

    Bio:Raised on the streets, Kyou was taught how to pickpocket, mug, and many other dirty tricks. Since then however he has tried to live a good life. When he was seperated from thenone who taught him by authorities he learned what he did was wrong. But he still uses this skills once in awhile since it kept him alive.
  7. Kyou was sleeping in a sleeping bag in a clearing. Even though it was daytime he wanted to sleep. He had been traveling for 2 days straight now. Not caring if he was robbed he set up a tent and slept.
  8. Deciding there wasn't anything to gain here, I leapt off the branch, and a moment later alit in a clearing, specifically, on a tent. Was this where that human had slept in the night? I didn't think so, there wasn't a trail, or any sign of him coming from this direction. It was a nice roost, so I fluffed my feathers and settled down, after cawing a few times to alert other birds that this was my roost.
  9. "Oh c'mon birds...I'm trying to sleep", he said drowsily. Not wanting to get up he could only yell at them. Not that he would harm them. But they could get on his nerves sometimes.
  10. I tipped my head sideways when I heard a human yelling at me. I mimicked the statement perfectly. "Oh, c'mon birds...I'm trying to sleep." I said it again.
  11. It took him a while to register what just happened before saying, "Who's there?!" He leaned over and grabbed his dagger, ready to engage in combat at any second.
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  12. "Bird is." I said, it was the best I could do. I only vaguely understood English. The humans voice seemed alert and slightly panicked and startled, so I spoke again. "Only bird."
  13. Not wanting to get mugged, he hopped out of the tent with his dagger out, ready to stab anyone who came at him. "Where are you, coward?!" He quickly suveyed his surroundings and he couldn't detect anyone. Confused, he turned bafk to his tent to see a raven. "I don't suppose you saw who was here, did you?"
  14. I fluffed out my chest. "Bird. Just bird. Me."
  15. He stood there for a moment looking at the bird before jumping back and pointing his dagger at it. "W-What the hell are you!?" He was intimidated as he had never met a talking bird. If that was truly what this thing is anyways. He kept his eyes trained on the bird, with his other hand on the throwing knifves he kept in his back pocket.
  16. "Bird!" I didn't know the English word for raven, but I knew some people associated ravens with death. "Death bird. Wolf food bird.... Copy bird." I raised my head and fluffed my breast feathers out even more. "I copy, learn meaning. Death bird copy lots, I only death bird learn." I wasn't entirely sure they understood me, but I wasn't entirely sure what they were asking.
  17. Death bird?! What the hell did that mean? He tried making sense of what it was saying and it clicked. "Do you mean...'raven'? You copy speech and learn the meaning...right?" He still didn't trust it but he wanted to make an attempt to understand.
  18. "I only 'raven' learn. Other raven just copy." I informed him proudly. "Is raven death bird?"
  19. "Only raven that learns...Others just copy. Right?" He lowered his dagger. "I guess you are known as the bird of death."
  20. I nodded. I was pretty sure that nodding was human body language for yes. "Two-legs friendly?"