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  1. The pirate Mary Read escaped her hanging in 1720 due to her condition. She was pregnant. Having died in jail it is believed the baby died with her. but they were wrong. Little baby Ilaine was sent to Alinal Orphanage. She grew knowing exactly who she was and when she was only ten, managed to sneak her way onto a pirate ship. She has now become the famous Captain Black Snake of the fastest ship of the seven seas; The Plague. Will you join the crew under a female captain, or fight against her as a part of the navy?


    Ilaine hummed softly, staring blankly at the rolling waves. They had managed to docked at a small, filthy town. It should be enough to stock up on food and ammo without having to hide too much from the King's guard.
  2. (I won't be able to give an exact image picture for this guy until Monday, but until then, I will do my best to describe him.) [P.S. Also thinking of making a Navy character, but too tired right nkw, tell me how you like Viktor.]
    A young man by the name of Viktor Castov sat on the edge of a roof. To his right, a small shanty town was formed. Below were the docks, men and women who were better off (but not that much better) than Viktor strolled around, going about their buisness. Viktor himself was 22, and by now, most would think he would have a job. And in a way, he did. Strolling by below him, Viktor spotted a small, brown haired woman passing by. She had a basket, and judging by it's shape, it probably carried a selling crop. Perhaps tobacco or cotton. Viktor had become very skilled at identifying items by what they were stored in, but that wasn't his only skill. If this woman had her hands on such high-paying crops. That means she must have money on her somewhere. Quickly standing up to his full height of 6'2", Viktor ran across the rooftops until he neared a ship. From the ship, a cargo hook was dangling, and so, Viktor jumped onto the mast and then grabbed the cargo hook, swinging down to the docks as if nothing had happened. He strolled behind the woman, keeping to the crowd, then, he had an idea. Viktor continued to follow her until she turned and entered a store, from the store,multiple large ships were visible. One in particular was interesting, but Viktor had work to do. Following the woman nonchalantly into the store, Viktor saw she had placed her basket down and walked away for a moment. Doing his work quickly, Viktor pulled out his favorite little thieving invention. The small knife-like device seemed a little rusted, but still worked very well. Cutting a circular hole in the bottom of the woman's basket. Viktor took a peek at what was inside, sure enough, tobacco. Sealing the hole with a cork he had for these very occasions, Viktor quickly distanced himself from the basket. As the woman exited, he struck, out came two of his pouches, Viktor came up behnd the woman and popped the cork off. He was just quiet enough the woman couldn't hear him over the other happenings on the pier. Quickly opening his pouches and letting the tobacco fall into them, Viktor walked away when the two pouches were filled. Which also just happened to be when the basket was empty. Viktor ran away and hid in an alley, perfectly executed, now all he needed to do was sell this stuff.
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  3. ((That's fine, really. And if you wish to make another character at any point, go ahead.))

    Stretching her arm out, Ilaine ran her hand through the water, smiling at the cooling touch it gave to counter the almost unbearable heat. It was only then did something, or rather someone, caught her eye. Smiling to herself, she sat up to watch the action, even if no one else seemed to notice. It seemed he had already cut a hole in the bag and was now siphoning its contents. Ilaine sighed, standing from the rock she was standing on and followign the boy into an alleyway, staying behind him until they were almost alone. "Hey, you!"
  4. Viktor quickly looked up, startled by the voice behind him *Damn! Have I been caught?* Rushed through his mind at the feminine voice. He turned around, thepouches behind his back, then saw it was a different woman entirely. "Whew, thought you were someone else entirely." He pulled the pouches bak to the front and re-attached them to his sides "And to what do I owe the pleasure Ms. ...?" Viktor smiled as he said his, despite his raising conditions, his teeth were surprisingly clean.
  5. Ilaine watched his reaction to her appearance. She could tell that he had been startled, but she honestly didn't care. Sighing softly, she adjusting her coat, making sure it covered her weapons. "Ms. Elling," she replied. "And I was just wondering what you'd might have in those pouches. after all, you seemed so eager to hide them before."
  6. Viktor smiled "Oh nothing too important...just a few things I had recently acquired. May I ask why? After all, not many people just walk up to ask what someone has in their bags. Unless your with the crown, in which case, things could get interesting." He seemed particularly confident with himself. Though he didn't underestimate the woman if she was with the crown.
  7. "Nothing important?" Ilaine asked, crossing her arms behind her back. "They seemed rather important when you hurried away from the old lady with them. Now, I'm no member of the crown, but I am very, very curious as to what would cause you to be startled by my voice. I swear you could have jumped five feet high," she replied, giggling a bit.
  8. Viktor thought a moment "Well, you seem to have figured it out pretty well then. Cause' if you saw the old lady who had it, it means you saw me take it. So yes, I stole it. But that's what I do." He gave a confident look at this Ms. Elling "Viktor Castov, Master Thief..." He bowed "At your service." He came back up "And to clarify, it's only a little tobacco, just something to sell. I'm not one for smoking myself, you can always smell a smoker ten feet away."
  9. Ilaine clicked her tongue, shaking her head. "You should never say such things. Some people would take advantage of such words. The girl paused as if thinking something over. "Although, since you already said it. I do have a proposition for you," she whispered, a gleam in her blue eyes.
  10. Viktor laughed "Oh, I know they would take advantage of it. But I have more than enough confidence in my ability to get away. I've done it much more than once." He looked around "If you want to speak of a proposition, here is not the best place, let me take you back to my...Ehehe...."Office", and we can discuss things." He gestured lightly behind him.
  11. Ilaine nodded, pretending to believe him. 'He probably has never had to run from someone like me,' she thought to herself, smiling. "If you believe we should move, then after you, sir," she whispered.
  12. Viktor took the first step, then, he came to a tree. "Try and keep up darling." He snickered and rapidly scaled the tree, then, from the top, he jumped from the branches to a roof on the right. His head peeked over the edge "My place is not much farther, do make sure you don't trip on the way up."
  13. Ilaine giggled, watching him. Then, she followed, climbing the tree easily and jumping onto the roof. "Uh, try not to be so slow, okay?" she asked, tilting her head ever-so-slightly, a small smile playing on her lips.
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