the bloodsuckers house.

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  1. In a little town called creativity ville there is a mix of both of human and supernatural creatures. In the middle of this town is a giant mansion. In this mansion is a 14 year old girl that is a hybrid. She is a vampire demon queen and she has never had a single friend in her life. So she is inviting people to her mansion but beware if there is a human to walk in she might go on a bloodlust.
    " mom y u dying now!?" Aliya cries as her mom dies from sadness.
    " I lost a love once and I will go see him again, I'll miss you Aliya. U r now queen and is aloud to make friends." Aliya's mom dies and Aliya laugh trying to hide her pain.
    " I guess I'm gonna have to start inviting people,"
    Are you gonna be invited to Aliya's mom's funeral and become her friend or become her dinner? There's only one way to find out.


    Just jump in and roleplay.

    I would be happy to have help with this one.

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  2. I'm the little girl who lost her mother so my role play starts when I get some people.
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