the bloodline

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  1. Ranielle kneeled in front of the king, her wrists and feet chained. she knew that what she had done was highest treason of the law and therefor the punishment would not be mild.
    she stared to the cold greystone floor underneath her feet, waiting for the king to speak.

    "Ranielle, you have comitted treason of our law. you know what punishment awaits you.."
    "You will no longer be able to move, see or breath without me knowing it, you will live the rest of your life in the dungeon, where you belong.."

    the prisoner looked up and faced the king's eyes, a grin appearing her face.
    "come on, father I only killed a handfull.."

    she thought of the number of guardians she fought on her attempt to escape from this lands, clearly, without succes.
    the king shook his head and clenched his fist.
    "Take her away!"

    Ranielle laughed, just loud enough so the royal king could hear..
    2 guards helped her up and guided her away from the king..

    "you cannot hide what's in your blood!"

    the girl opened her eyes, her eyes adjusting to the dim light that shone through the gate of the dungeon..
    it had only happend yesterday and she was allready bored..
  2. fangs is sitting against the wall watching the prisoner.
    "why did i have to get stuck on guard duty"
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    The life of a viper, was a lonely one. With boots more often heavy with the dirt of the road, than a heart with the thanks of the people. Stories abound regarding their birth, but the dark ritual itself was ambiguous and shrouded with as many lies as truths. More than often people viewed their mutated lineage as a curse, heresy against god and a willful act at defiling the nature order of our world. It is this misconception that has given birth to the endless bigotry and terrified looks. A simple stable boy in any village, was more likely to receive praise and acceptance than one of her wretched blood."Thirty two and the half..." She whispered, as her stride remained as wide and constant in pace as ever. Fiery golden eyes were only matched in their defiance as her own long red hair. Crimson locks blew in the wind, as dust lingered briefly in the air.

    She had received her orders through her contact, who arranged a rather odd contract. Usually her kind were dispatched to slay monsters, never free them. But whoever the contractor was apparently wanted the lord of this land discredited. Leather armor clung tightly to her bodice, as her porcelain toned skin was marked by the filth of travel. Giving testament to the fact that she never stayed at one location for long. In the distance she could see the aged castle, it's stone walls standing as proof that time can be thwarted momentary. The guards noted her approach, as a few were stationed by the iron clad wooden gate to greet her.

    "Halt!" One of them called, as the other two kept their weapons at the ready. "What business do you have with milord?" She found his words to be cute, treating her as an equal. Though in all fairness the hood over her head did much to mask her true identity. Without so much as a reply she lowered her covering, displaying those fiery golden eyes of hers. Within seconds the men drew their weapons and became shaken. Almost as if they had seen an apparition of sorts. "Stay your blades, no need for violence." She purred, her melodious tone soothing their uneasiness slightly. Bewildered the men glanced at one another, unsure of how to react to this epiphany.

    "What does one of your taint want with our lord?" The most senor guard of the group spoke, sheathing his blade. Unlike those greenhorns who accompanied him, he understood that by nature a viper was seldom violent. "Isn't that apparent? I am a monster slayer, and an exorcist of spirits and supernatural afflictions. I have come to see that the lords daughter is alleviated from her sickness." By nature vipers were deceptive; one moment playing the role of a noble. The next a murderous flirtatious prostitute. Their innate affiliation with the illusion arts also allowed them to manipulate the thoughts and emotions of those around them, though such witch craft was saved for a last resort.

    "Be careful sir! She be one of them viper eyed witches!" One of the other guards called out. His words meriting a frigid stern gaze. As the color of his skin had become flushed out of fear. "I know that child! But not all witches are evil, and they have at times provided aid to us against the monsters of the grove." He spoke, his words carrying the weight of solemnity and authority. He spoke not our of arrogance, but experience merited through his years in the watch.

    "You may pass viper; but you will understand how an armed escort is necessary...given the sensitive information regarding the matter." He tactfully replied, though his honeyed words didn't little to obscure the truth of the matter from her ever vigilant senses. "But of course." She replied, offering him a bow. "Sir should we take her weapon?" One of the other guards inquired, but before she could react the old man intervened. "No, to take a weapon from a viper is to take their soul. Each blade or axe is formed with their blood, enchanted heavily and argued an extension of their soul. She will not taint it so lightly, and to attempt to remove it, would undoubtedly result in our deaths."

    For just a sentry this man was well informed, than again such knowledge was hardly classified. It was one of the few stories revolving their reclusive organization that proved valid. "This way." The man motioned, leading her through the gate of the castle and into it's claustrophobic and sparsely lit corridors. After some time of traversing this castle; they found themselves stepping into a dark and damp dungeon. "Standby here while I summon the king." The guard ordered her, though the viper had no intention of following nor disobeying his lead.

    Silently she gazed at the troubled woman, she had seen such corrupt spiritual surges before. Usually amongst those suffering from vampirism or a form of therianthropy, most commonly lycanthropy. "I see it is in your blood. I can also smell that you bear no regret nor remorse, as if you have embraced the beast within? I also doubt this is your first time indulging in your bestial prowess." She replied, ignoring the guard seeing him as unimportant at the moment.
  4. The raven haired woman lay against the dirty floor she had been thrown onto. Everything she owned removed from her body. Tattered rags given to her to replace her armours. The corner she sat in was dark, usually the guards simply witnessed the glimmer of her eyes. She enjoyed watching them walk by, it excited her as she wished to taste their flesh.
    The previous night they had brought in a woman of interest. The kings own daughter, it had certainly spiked her curiosity, bringing the tall well built and defined woman to her bars. Something that wasn't often witnessed by the guards. Her features seemed to turn their attention towards her, dark hair, light eyes, strong jaw and well defined cheekbones. She wanted nothing to do with them, other than feast upon their flesh.
    "Seems like daddy's little girl had fun last night." She chuckled with a devious grin. Fangs revealed, a feature that many mistook.

    Princess Ranielle had been tossed in the cell next to the raven haired woman's. She had stepped next to the bars that divided their large cages. She watched her until she felt like sleep was needed. The next day she awoke and the princess was still within her cell. Moving closer to the young princess the inhuman lady gripped the bars.
    "Seems like you've made quite the mess." She commented. "The scent of their blood is still fresh upon you." She groaned. "Does it ever excite me." Another chuckle.
    The conversation from above rang in the taller woman's sensitive ears, she chose to ignore it until the dungeon door slid open. Looking over her shoulder she raised an eyebrow.
    "What business could a viper have here?" She studied the red haired woman, her face seemed familiar although she couldn't quite remember. This dungeon had been her home for quite a while.
  5. Jasmine smirked, thinking back on the night prior as she'd watched with relish to see her father banish her younger sister to the dungeons. She didn't know what Ranielle had done this time, and she didn't care- she was an embarrassment to the family name. How dare she not act with the decorum and honor so hard won and instilled in them by their father- THE KING. Above all things, Jasmine craved and delighted in the power afforded her by her position, and though she was not 'afflicted' by the variance in her family's bloodline- she would one day reign over the land in her father's stead. As long as her sister didn't continue to make their family a laughing stock and show weakness, that is. After all, who would show loyalty to a king who couldn't control his own daughter?

    Lost in thought, she moved soundlessly through the dark corridor- delicate hands smoothing down the front of a lavish, pale blue gown. It wasn't until she rounded the corridor that she heard the man and ran straight into one of the male servants, grunting in pain on impact as his solid build ran full force into her petite frame. Pressing a hand to her chest, she gasped for air as she felt her heart squeeze painfully and pause from beating. It would seem Ranielle wasn't the only one with a genetic inheritance after all. A weak heart, that delivered low-oxygenated, poor nourished blood through her body- compliments of her grandmother on her mother's side. After the space of a few seconds that seemed like eternity, her heart began to thrum steadily again and her pale face flushed with irritation.

    "Get out of my way you clumsy oaf!" She snapped at him, flicking her ebony locks over her shoulder in a petulant manner. It was then that she heard the voices just around the corner, the terse responses giving away a guarded conversation being had. Shoving past the servant, she pressed her frame against the cold, crumbling stone wall as she remained just out of sight, the low flames of the torched sconces casting shadows over her face as she listened carefully. A viper? She arched an eyebrow at this, now curious as to what her sister had done to garner the interest of such a being. Perhaps if she were particularly clever, she could orchestrate a plan to 'remove' her troublesome sister from the lands.
  6. Her gaze turned to the corner. A familiar scent entered her nose, her ears picking up an intriguing sound. The dark haired woman grinned. She moved closer the that corner. She wouldn't be able to mistake that scent, nor the sound of such an irregular heartbeat.
    "It seems that someone else is also interested in the current events. The weak end of the bloodline is eavesdropping." She smirked as she spoke to another of royal blood.
    "Tell me m'lady, do you care to share your reasons with an old friend?" Obviously a friendship that did not end well since one was within the other's dungeons. But that was a story that would require some time to explain.
  7. looks at the other prisoner and wonders what theyre talking about
  8. She couldn't hear the whispering of the 'forgotten friend' just inside of the thick-walled cell, but she was painfully aware of the woman's presence. Having been partially responsible for her banishment to the dungeons, Jasmine couldn't help but think about her from time to time, and smile smugly. Her attention however was on the viper, and she waited with bated breath for the woman to proceed with whatever task she'd come with. With her palm pressed hard to her chest, her heart beat unsteadily in her excitement as she eavesdropped, not even aware of the danger she was putting herself in as she lingered in the dungeon alone and unguarded.

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