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    • GM @Scorpio Queen Co gm @Poisoned Rose

      Background History

      Many a years ago in a Kingdom by the sea a group of 8 orders got together. They were known to help the world and rid them of their problems. They killed those that did harm unto others. They were known as the world's Guardians. the orders had sublets all over the world. They were known as The Guardian Orders. Each hailed from a different country. The 8 countries were, Russia, Ireland, Egypt, Rome, Greenland , Asia, India, and Greece. Each leader held a amulet that held a power of their gods order (powers below). The amulets had the power of the god they were named after. However the world seemed to no longer need these orders. So they went into the under ground order's and continued their work silently as Vigilantes. However all trace of them has been snuffed out and the world has grown dark. Before they went into hiding They made a blood pact they would return again when the earth was in great need.

      Many years later after the orders seemed to have gone silent 8 College age males and females are forced to take the amulets. They are now forced to come together to work with one another to get the world back into order. The world was dark and grey and run down. The ones who had money before everything started to fall to Hell,made a place called Haven. The Middle class made a small place called Medium. The rest of the world was called hell. where the lower middle class and lower class fought and scavenged to survive.

      The 8 will be taken from where ever and must put the world right to bring back peace and balance to the world.

      List Of Characters:
      (ages 23-27 non all the same age)

      Female upper class @MotherOfCthulhu
      Female Middle class @Poisoned Rose
      Female Lower middle class @White -- Chocolate
      Female Lower class
      @Scorpio Queen

      Male Upper Class @King★Shattered★Heaventric★Charming
      Male middle class @Andy
      Male Lower middle class @Gorgeous♠Chaos
      Male Lower class @Kirito

      Order's (Russia, Ireland, Egypt, Rome, Greenland , Asia, India, and Greece):

      Order of Dis Pater ( Irish) symbol and amulet a Scorpion @Scorpio Queen
      Order of Odin (Nortic, Greenland )symbol and amulet Star @King★Shattered★Heaventric★Charming
      Order of RA (Egypt ) symbol and amulet eye of RA @Andy
      Order of Neptune (Rome) symbol and amulet Sun @Poisoned Rose
      Order of Hades (Greece )
      symbol and amulet Dog @Kirito
      Order of Shiva ( India ) symbol and amulet elephant @White -- Chocolate
      Order of Nio (Asian ) symbol and amulet Tiger @MotherOfCthulhu
      Order of Savrog (Russian ) symbol and amulet snowflake @Gorgeous♠Chaos

      Order of Dis Pater ( Irish) Death god death, shadows, and darkness
      Order of Odin (Nortic, Greenland ) king of the skys god so air and wind
      Order of RA (Egypt ) Sun god fire and more powerful in the day
      Order of Neptune (Rome) God of the sea, so water powers
      Order of Hades (Greece ) Death God shadows death and darkness
      Order of Shiva ( India ) God of Destruction Chaos and mayhem
      Order of Nio (Asian ) God of wrath a guardian and protector. So a lot with this one
      Order of Svarog (Russian ) Fire God so fire powers
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    • List Of Characters:
      (ages 23-27 non all the same age)

      Female upper class Satow Iyo @MotherOfCthulhu

      Female Middle class Katarina Caecius @Poisoned Rose

      Female Lower middle class Kamala Indrani
      @White -- Chocolate

      Female Lower class Octavia Mortelle. @Scorpio Queen

      Male Upper Class @King★Shattered★Heaventric★Charming

      Male middle class Harris young

      Male Lower middle class Luca Drugov @Gorgeous♠Chaos

      Male Lower class Aedion Ashryver @Kirito

      Order of Dis Pater ( Irish) Death god death, shadows, and darkness
      Order of Odin (Nortic, Greenland ) king of the skys god so air and wind
      Order of RA (Egypt ) Sun god fire and more powerful in the day
      Order of Neptune (Rome) God of the sea, so water powers
      Order of Hades (Greece ) Death God shadows death and darkness
      Order of Shiva ( India ) God of Destruction Chaos and mayhem
      Order of Nio (Asian ) God of wrath a guardian and protector. So a lot with this one
      Order of Svarog (Russian ) Fire God so fire powers

      Picture Here :: No Anime/Cartoons/Drawings, Real, Human Pictures Only}
      ﴾ First Name | Age | Birthday <month and day>
      | Nationality/Ethnicity| face Claim﴿

      ༼ Full Name ༽
      « Here {First, Middle <optional>, Last} »

      ༼ Nickname ༽
      « Here »

      ༼ Gender ༽
      « Here {Male or Female} »

      ༼ Physical Description ༽
      « Here {include height, weight, complexion, eye color, hair description, natural markings, piercings and tattoos} »

      ༼ order to be ༽

      ༼ Class ༽

      ༼ Amulet look ༽ {realistic picture be creative }

      ༼ Personality ༽
      « Here {minimum of 5 traits each positive and negative} »

      ༼ History ༽
      « Here »

      ༼ Likes ༽
      « Here {at least 5} optional»

      ༼ Dislikes ༽
      « Here {at least 5} »

      ༼ Hobbies ༽
      « Here {at least 3} »

      ༼ Talents ༽
      « Here {at least 3} »

      ༼ Weaknesses ༽
      « Here {at least 3} »

      ༼ Fears ༽
      « Here {at least 3} »

      ༼ Relationships ༽
      « Here {please indicate what the relationship is :: friend, enemy, best friend, crush, secret crush, significant other, ex significant other, etc...} »

      ༼ Pet ('s)༽
      (Limit 3 Name, type of animal, real photo, Age young or old)

      ༼ Family ༽
      « Here {please include the name and relationship to the character at the minimum.} »

      ༼ Other ༽
      « Here {any additional information you would like to add} »


    Octavia | 26 | October 31st
    | Irish | Katrina Law

    Full Name
    « Octavia Lynn Mortelle »

    « Avia»

    « Female»

    Physical Description
    « height 5'8
    weight 120
    complexion fair flawless skin
    eye color Blue
    hair description Long wavy and black
    natural markings none
    piercings ears, belly button
    tattoos Order Tattoo of a Scorpion on shoulder (gotten later in rp), wrist, and back, also behindo the ear »

    order to be
    Order of Dis Pater

    Lower Class

    Amulet look

    « + Witty
    + Smart
    + Brave
    - Sarcastic
    - Temper
    - Dark witted
    - untrusting»

    « will reveal in a bit »

    « - Hunting
    - Hand to hand combat
    - Reading about Assassin history ( never said that their wasn't History or it could not be found. Just rare to find)
    - Cool run down places
    - learning weapons »

    « - Stupid Questions
    - Rude people
    - the rich
    - snobs
    -Not getting what she needs to survive »

    « - Reading
    - training
    -Hunting »

    « - Agility
    - Hand to hand combat
    - Tracking»

    « - Her pets
    - her pride
    - Her need for knowledge »

    « - Being caught by the government police
    - Being killed
    - Not finding a safe haven or food ever»

    « open ask me
    Darrel Friend who runs the street's with her »

    {- Shadow young Albino Python mIgyw.jpg
    - Jack young Peregrine Falcon download (4).jpg
    - Slash her Black Lion download (6).jpg }

    « Father Alanis Alive but unknown to her. Leader of her order 55
    Mother Jaclyn unknown 50 if alive
    Younger brother James unknown 17 if alive»


    Hates snow it shows her tracks
    Watch "Wicked - Overture/No One Mourns The Wicked - Suzie Mathers - Manila 2014" on YouTube

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    Dis Pater




    Svarog (that's how you spell that russian gods name)



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  16. Satow Iyo


    ﴾ Iyo | 23 | Birthday <August 17th>
    | Japanese| Devon Aoki﴿

    ༼ Full Name ༽
    « Satow Iyo »

    ༼ Nickname ༽
    « Sukoshi Ryu Little dragon»

    ༼ Gender ༽
    « Female »

    ༼ Physical Description ༽
    « A deadly beauty her 'family' have always needed to be careful with. Her heart shaped face has high cheekbones, dark amber/hazelnut eyes inset behind thick black lashes. a slender nose leads down to pale pink, cupids bow lips often held in a pout of look of exceptional boredom. Her skin is golden brown, smooth and slender without a mark upon her. Undressed, one would find a long, reaching azure dragon starting from one thigh and sliding up to her slender backs and narrow hips, reaching further until one clawed foot gripped at the side of one of her modest breasts, the head of the dragon ending just below the back of her neck, fixed with green eyes that seemed to almost be 'too' realistic. She doesn't strike an opposing figure, standing at five foot and five inches high and weighing little more than a wet paper bag. Her body is well maintained, tight and toned and made for agility rather than constitution. However there is no denying that she is as fierce as any tiger when she desires to be and only fools would underestimate her.»

    ༼ order to be ༽
    Will be in Order of Nio

    ༼ Class ༽
    Higher Class

    ༼ Amulet look ༽

    ༼ Personality ༽
    « Quick thinking, Cool headed, Persistent, Charming, Very Loyal
    Obtuse to other people's emotions (and her own), Sometimes 'too' relaxed, Prideful, Is very 'traditional', when angered logic goes out the window.»


    ༼ History ༽
    «Born the first daughter of her father, the leader of the local mafia in their homeland. She was raised harshly, trained in the traditions and weapons more befitting a son than a daughter but in the etiquette, poise and dance of a daughter. Her schooling was very ordinary, aside the 'uncles' that accompanied her to and from school and were enough to intimidate most 'friends' away.

    Eventually her father grew bored of the public school system and had his daughter home schooled. This meant less of her time was occupied by distractions and she could focus better on studies and practice. As she grew to her teenage years her mother birthed her second daughter, Rini and the family were excited.

    Of course such people had enemies, of course they did and while out shopping when Rini was only a year old their mother was shot down. The funeral was lavish, though she remembers little details of the service and every detail on Rini's face.

    After their Mother's death Rini was given to Iyo to look after between training and studies. The smaller girl grew and by the time she started school was well educated in many things. Iyo insisted on taking the girl to school herself and was quickly given the nickname 'ryu' by the children there. Hearing this her father commented that if she was a dragon, she was only a little one and the nickname stuck from there on out.

    Presently she trains between taking care of her little sister; who regards her as a hero, and her studies. Keeping her skills sharp and running small jobs for her father when the need arises.»

    ༼ Likes ༽
    « 'English' Food, Thunderstorms, Small Weapons, Tricking People, Raspberries, Orchids and Lilies, Classical music »

    ༼ Dislikes ༽
    « Stereotypes, Nicknames, Being Insulted, Loud people, Disrespect, Lack of Honour, Idiots »

    ༼ Hobbies ༽
    « Kyudo, Kenjutsu, Freerunning/Parkour »

    ༼ Talents ༽
    « Proficient in many melee weapon types: Bow, Kama, Sai, Shuriken, Senbo, Kunai, tekko and Kusiragama
    Disguises/blending in
    Speaks 6 languages fluently: Japanese, English, Mandarin, Russian, Italian, Malay»

    ༼ Weaknesses ༽
    « When she loses her temper she doesn't think things through, she refuses to use guns at all, she often will bite off more than she can chew, her sister and her father. »

    ༼ Fears ༽
    « Letting her father down, scars, falling, romance, something happening to Rini. »


    ༼ Relationships ༽
    «Best Friend: Kaya Ei- Female, Runs a casino (NPC for Flavour)
    Secret Crush: Sonoda Goro - Works as a waiter at her favourite restaurant (NPC for flavour)»

    ༼ Family ༽
    «Father: Satow Masashige - Alive, Head of the Mafia
    Mother: Satow Kurea - Deceased, Wife of Satow Masahige
    Little Sister: Satow Rini - 7 years old, currently attends school like a 'normal' child
    Uncles: Nomura Morio, Yanagi Kanzaburo,
    Aunts: Nomura Aiki, Fujiwara Tatsu, Yangai Risa»

    ༼Pets ༽
    «One Female Albino Boa constrictor
    One Male False Water Cobra

    ༼ Other ༽
    «Doesn't like being cold
    She trains 3 hours a day everyday
    Beethovens Moonlight Sonata

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