The Blood in Us (an +Anima Fanfiction)

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  1. Freaks, that's what they called us...demons from another world bent on utter destruction; but we couldn't help it...we were born this way.
    Scientists raved about it on the news, some innocent civilians had something called the corrupted gene...which if activated by something utterly traumatic in their lives, thus...wham-o, we wake up (for some reason) with an animal part that only activates when we are really stressed in general.
    I've been noticing lately however that the animal part that has been given to them had something to do with why they were stressed in the first place...and I'm not talking about getting your final papers in before due date stress...I'm talking life and death situations...
    I heard about one little boy that almost drowned and now whenever he's in the water, his legs transform into a fishes tail...another tale was that of a young girl who was beaten by her step father so she ran into the forest...she grew bat wings and bat ears for sensitive hearing...activated when she's scared.

    However, I acquired the wings of a dove in a rather traumatic event myself.
    My father wasn't fit for the normal lives of human beings...he was mentally insane and tried many times to kill me, he kept mumbling that I was "eating and eating and not growing fast enough..." And that therefore I was a "defective" child.
    I should just get to the point, he tried to kill me by throwing me off the cliff of The Grand Canyon--you see he works there as a tour guide and knew the perfect places that was off limits to guests visiting the serene place...I was bagged and gagged as people say and well despite my pleas to put me down the lunatic thought he was "sending me back to God" since he "didn't deserve me..."

    As he tried throwing me I remember struggling so much he could barely keep a hold on me, you see I was 14 when this all happened, and well...he was 60.
    I was able to wiggle mostly from out of the bag before I was thrown and then wings as beautiful and white as the Angels themselves grew from my back and I was able to fly away and now here I am a little street mouse...I am now 18.


    1. You must describe your character either now or later but at some point in the story

    2. Your character has to be 18 or older

    3. You cannot kill a character unless you and the creator of the character your killing discusses it with you(after your character dies you can make a new one)

    4. You may choose up to two animal parts but they have to be from the same animal.

    5. In order to have an animal part your character has to have something traumatic happened to them

    6. You cannot have the same traumatic story as someone else

    7. You may only have one character in the story
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  2. Is this based off +Anima? Seems like it is.
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