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The Blood Guard (Historical/Vampire/Action/Horror)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Chris_Reaper, Mar 23, 2015.

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  1. Journal Entry- August 1862

    ...I've been traveling many days now from the fly infested swamps of Georgia. I'm about to cross over the Mason-Dixon with a great urgency in my stride. I've got to get into Washington and alert President Lincoln to the true threat the Confederacy poses. Now I'm no spy or northern mole or nuthin like that. I was actually born the son of a Comanche chief, given the name "Eagle's Claw" at birth. But at the age of three, my village was raided by white calvary and I was kidnapped and sold into southern slavery amongst the africans.

    Eventually I was purchased by a wealthy plantation owner named Jedidiah Leeds and his family. Now being the only native injun boy made things difficult to say the least. But I was taken in by a kindly elderly black man named Moises. Now Moises had spent the last thirty some odd years on the plantation and had already raised three sons of his own by the time I came along. Moises knew the ins and outs of surviving as a slave man, but what many peole didn't know was that old Moises was quite the learned fella in his own right. He could read and write, skills he so proudly passed onto me. Moises was also a religious man and demonstrated this by naming me Jericho, after one of his favorite Bible stories.

    Well shucks, I'm just ramblin now, but than came that one night when I was about seventeen or so. The night I became privy to the existence of vampires. You see I always found it odd that none of us underlings ever saw ole Master Leeds or his family during the day. Now for the longest I never really paid it to much mind, I was just trying to survive life on the plantation. But than, one terrible night, I found out why Leeds never came out the during the day. I was turnin a corner when I saw that fanged bastard takin a chunk outta ole Moises's neck. I tried to help him, but Leeds swatted me away like a rag doll, no doubt intendin to make me his next meal. I ran into the dead of night, into the bayou beyond the plantation...and lemme tell you by some quirk, call it a miracle or just dumb luck...don't you know I managed to escape. Before I left, I vowed vengeance against Leeds for killing my mentor, my father. I fled westward where I reconnected with my Comanche roots, learned the ways of a Comanche warrior. I was even granted an extra little gift on behalf of the shaman. You see, I told him of my plight to some day return and avenge the death of Moises and the types of "people" I'd be up against. That's when he performed the "ritual" as I like to call it. My spirit was melded with that of a totem god, in this case the wolf. I don't remember to much about it, but after it was all over, I somehow acquired strange powers. I had the strength, speed, agility and cunning of a pack animal. I bid farewell to my Comanche brethren, I felt I now had all I needed to confront my enemies on the old plantation.

    I made my way back to Georgia and armed with my new abilities and experience I reigned bloody revenge on the Leeds plantation. I wiped those blood suckin bastards out, aided by a slight uprisin of my former slave brothers and together we liberated the plantation, setting it ablaze. We left the corpses of Leeds and his vampire kin to burn in the flames. But the work wasn't done, true I had avenged my mentor, but I soon recognized a greater purpose to my path. You see the Confederacy is a teeming cesspool of vampires and the undead who plan to win this war, overtake the nation and create a new vampiric empire. With my unique talents and experience with the bastards, I've decided to do the right thing and lend my assistance to the North. The Confederates must not win this war...

    Now my biggest worry is that President Lincoln would be obliged to believe my story. For what he and the Union are fighting against are not men, but monsters..."
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