The Blood Cartel: Angel of the North

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A meteor has struck the mainland. There is fire on the horizon and darkness covers the sun.

On the Isle of Stobrek, a small population of fishermen, monks and pirates realise that the next months will be lonely ones. All contact has been lost with the southern kingdom of Heleway, while to the north there is only the Lost Sea and the endless storms.

Duchess Wendris, sister to the King of Heleway, does her best to keep the island together, but in the eternal night tensions are straining between the two factions. The pirates who take refuge here and the monks of the Brotherhood are on the verge of conflict.

And... to make things worse... a band of mysterious survivors from the mainland are about to be washed ashore.

The war of the Blood Cartel continues...

This roleplay is scheduled for Thursday night at 11pm GMT. New characters are welcome to play locals on the island (pirates, monks, townsfolk, royal staff). The shipwreck survivors will be players from the prequel installment, who have knowledge of the meteor disaster and the greater threat that hangs over the island.
Keep your pants on, Tegan! D:
So...Koit shall return...oh boy. Maybe he can redeem himself this time? :D
Yeeeaah.. Alex thinks you're all morons. t___t Except Noel. That viper is just a bitch that needs to die.
Alexandra is who I shall be playing. >:D For new player reference.
Mah NPCs.


<table align="center"><tr><td width="147">Duchess Wendris<td width="148">Tristan<td width="147">Abbot Wexley<td width="145">Lester</td></tr><tr><td width="147">The king's sister and aunt to Princess Eureka. She rules the island and keeps both the pirates and the Brotherhood on good terms. She is reclusive from the rest of the royal family, preferring to study magic and get away from court politics.<td width="148">Advisor to the Duchess and marshall of the island. Tristan is loved and respected by the island families and always tries to help those in need. He is highly skilled in magic and uses his powers for healing and protection.<td width="147">The head of the Brotherhood and spiritual father of the island folk. Wexley believes this island to be a haven from the sin and idleness of the mainland. He despises the pirates and condemns them in his daily sermons.<td width="145">A survivor from Milicent, Lester is a young cleric recently released from a Vampiric glamour spell that warped his ming for almost a decade. He is still not right in the head and is traumatised by his experiences in Milicent.</td></tr></table>​
"Bitch, bitch bitch...."

Marika Emeraldi always had an appreciation for the feel of the sea air, the warmth of the sun, bathing herself in precious jewels--the finer things. These things are not often made available to bar wenches and nuns, and her chances of encountering any non-hostile wish-granting animals were, statistically speaking, pretty shitty. She had her mother's quick mind for business, and everything is business, and handy with all manner of sharp things and explosives. Pirating was the most practical choice. She climbed her way up, and up and up... She's a Pirate Lord, and she's not stepping down from her throne without a fight. Now all she needs is a ship.
Starting shortly. Everyone who wants to play, get to the Cbox.