The blind butler and master

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So I have been itching to do an RP with this character. He isn't completely flushed out yet just a heads up. The basics are pretty much done though. Warning fantasy element

I am looking for someone who can play a master for My character. Please aproach me with any ideas you may come up with. The master may of just met him or grew up with him, or maybe he has been around for a while. The master can be a little younger or older then him. The master can be a normal human or something a little more.

As it says in the title this will be a Blind butler and master RP. No not that kind of pervyness, just the basic idea then we can work from there. My characters name is Jason Anguis.
Race: Half-gorgon
Hair: unkempt medium Black hair
Eyes: Normally cut, if healed hazel and like a snakes
Skin tone: pale Caucasian
Age: apears to be mid twentys
Extra: wears bandages over eyes and carries a blind mans cane.

Jason's way of acting is fairly innocent and kind. He is naive to things of mature nature only wishing to help people. If in a romantic setting he will usually not make the first move. He is very diligent and even though he is blind, he is precise.

His backstory I wont go into detail but i will give a basic idea. His gaze can not affect gorgon bloodline so he didnt realize his powers as he grew up with his mother. One day men came and he accidentally turned them to stone. He cut out his own eyes scared of what they could do. His mother pleaded to the greek gods for pity on the child. The gods agreed to heal the child, but as they were healed the child cut them out again once more. Having their gift thrown aside they felt insulted. Knowing he would just do it again they decided that once every year his eyes would heal. So the cycle continued.

Later on jason left his home to be in the normal world, always staying blind.
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