The Blessed Isle needs YOU!

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In a world where the darkness surrounds everything... mighty champions rise to the challenge and keep evil at bay.

Solar Exalted, champions of the sun, gifted with powerful sorcery and martial abilities. Lunar Exalted, oft-mistrusted beast warriors with resistance to corruption, ever vigilant against the Wyld. Sidereal Exalted, leaders of the heavens, creators of the deadliest fighting arts known to the world. Dragon-Blooded Exalted, masters of the elements, born and bred to be the defending force of the world.

These mighty warriors have been pushed to the brink by an incredible war, leading to the loss of most of Creation to the Wyld Lands of the Fae. Even now, the Fae covet what little is left of the world. They seek to envelop it in chaos and turmoil, returning the Blessed Isle to the shapeless Wylds.

You... are NOT one of these Exalted warriors.

You hail from the war-damaged Imperial City, now called the Imperial Ruins. You have been raised knowing strife and difficulty, but also a sense of community born from the struggles of rebuilding the once-great city. Are you a bard? A cook? A horse trainer? A fortune teller? Whatever you are, your life has been difficult but likely quite fulfilling. The united efforts of the fifty thousand inhabitants of the Imperial Ruins have done a lot of good for everyone residing there... but all of that is about to change.

The time has come for the Fae to consume the Blessed Isle, and you are caught in the crossfire.

Flee. Struggle. Fight. Despair.

This is the end of days... but the Blessed Isle will not go quietly.

This is the story of: Exalted - The Fall of Creation
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