The Blair Witch Project OOC [Group Roleplay]

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  1. Story goes:

    Three young final year film students were deciding on what to do for their final project when one of them suggested that they should shoot a documentary of the famous local legend: the Blair Witch.

    Legend mentioned that many children have vanished in the 1940s and they were all not found. Not a single trace of evidences were left and the local people still avoids going in too deep within the stretch of woods in fear of their lives.

    As such, they decided to seek for facts that will prove or debunk the legend but after the last ray of light left the forest, they disappeared and it wasn't until a year later when their cameras were found and the world watches what goes on behind those woods.

    Their cameras were discovered by a team of hikers who watches in a mixture of horror and excitement, wishing to get into the bottom of this legend. They gathered a team of experts and ventured into the forbidden woods, only to find themselves to be lure in their own version of the horrible legend.


    So I was thinking that we should have a group roleplay but it's split into two timezones, one is the team that vanishes, and another is the group that discovered their cameras and wishes to get to the bottom of the story.

    So two time zones will be played simultaneously and we'll see how it goes from here. Hence I'm just wondering if anyone is keen?

    So I'm thinking of a total of six characters, three on the original film team and three on the hikers team. You may play multiple characters but it's limited to one character per team. So ideally, the minimum number of players I'll need is two excluding me.

    Sorry if I'm a bad GM.

    Current Characters List

    Original Team:

    Brandi Terressa Holiday (writer4ever)
    David Carter (Kronas17)

    Hikers Team:

    Barry Lee Walker (Clockwork)
    Avril Colombe (The CookieMo$t3r)
    (Reserved by OverCast)


    Ethan Ford (Hikers' protector) (the sympathetic assasin)

    Character Name:
    General Personality:
    General History:

    General Appearance:
  3. Yeah I'm interested. I'd like to play one of the people that vanished though.

    Name: Brandi Terressa Holiday
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: She had worked as a waitress.
    Age: 21
    Personality: Spunky, brave, pratically fearless and a believer of ghosts and other supernatural things and beings, and often gets friends to go "ghost hunting."
    General History: Uhhh...I'll get something up, I'm just slow at that.
  4. Yay~ hahas.. No worries about the background... ^^

    Character Name: Barry Lee Walker
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: One of the hikers
    Age: 20
    General Personality: She's very nice, but has a somewhat short temper. Barry's also somewhat paranoid when it comes to walking around in the woods, not because of the legends, but because she's a generally paranoid person (worrying about snakes and bears and such...). Despite that, she loves going hiking with her friends.
    General History: She's had a pretty normal, uneventful life. She was born into a simple, middle-class family and went to normal public schools, nothing special really. She's in college, studying to become a Doctor, so she knows plenty when it comes to first-aid and other things.
    General Appearance:
    Show Spoiler
  6. [How hCharacter Name: Avril Colombe
    Gender: Female
    Job/Role: Paints and goes to clubs to entertain by playing the guitar and singing.
    Age: 26
    General Personality: Has artistic vision, along loves making her own songs and playing them at her favorite clubs. She loves to be herself, but if she doesn't like anyone she'll tell them straight up. But loves to be real with her friends, she loves partying and having sleepovers, especially ones that involve scary movies. She loves speaking her fathers language known as Swedish, and last but not least loves eating spicy food. Give her sweets she'll throw them in the trash in front of you.

    General History:
    Her mother died when she turned four and lived with her dad for a while until she had gotten her own place at a apartment. She never really remembered her mother, but had a very close relationship with her dad. She always loved to paint and play her guitar, along with singing her own song.
    [I can't think of any else but maybe afterward if you accept.]

    General Appearance:
  7. It's ok, but which team are you playing?

    And also, I'm thinking that I'll be playing the guy that causes the strange things to happen in the forest, the antagonist.
  8. ^ I like this plot, and way you're bending it into two different time zones.

    I dun think I can join, cuz I just trust myself with one rp right now. - w- but. I wanted to support you and tell you that this looks great, and I'll be lurking along to watch the story unfold.

  9. thank you for your support Renee, but the idea was not mine. It came from the movie of the same name and I'd merely added my little twist in it.
  10. Hm...The Team that find the cameras and wants to get to the bottom of things.
  11. Okk noted
  12. Character Name: Ethan Ford
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: protection/tracking
    Age: 25
    General Personality: Ethan is a very job minded man, he is quite serious when hes working but short of that he likes to have fun just like everyone else. He just might think of a bit differently.
    General History: Ethan spent five years in the army with two tours to iraq thrown in. His father however was the tracker and when Ethan came home suffering from post traumatic stress disorder his father introduced him to tracking and offered to teach him, He accepted and now hes the man to go to for protection in a forest. Theres no terrain short of a desert he cant survive in. Occasionaly though when he gets scared or woken suddenly hes been known to have the offending body attached to the arm that touched him on the ground. Phantom parinoia left over from ptsd however hes working on it.

    General Appearance:
  13. [HIKER'S TEAM]

    Character Name: Henry Chaplon
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: Exorcist
    Age: 23
    General Personality:
    General History:

    General Appearance:

  14. Need three more players, anyone has any recommendation?
  15. Name: David Carter
    Gender: Male
    Job/Role: One of the hikers
    Age: 23
    General Personality: David is the type that goes out and does crazy things, he's mostly catorgorized as a crazy kid who loves the thrill. He can sometimes be observe and he has great memory and tends to make many people laugh in good and bad situations.
    Genereal history: David's parents were murdered when he was eight years old leaving him to go and live with his uncle. He grew up in the city and took on many sports such as swimming, track, and boxing. When he turned 17 he joined the wrestling team and helped them go nationals. His uncle always had his back and he helped his uncle around in the mechanic shop for pay and went out and explored the woods with him when his uncle was heading out the city.
  16. Hi, the hikers team is filled. Perhaps you would consider the original team?
  17. Okay ill do the original team
  18. I'll have my temp up for the last member of the original team this week...

    I've been hit with a major whirlpool of bull at work. So, it's taking longer than usually to get it up.

    Just an FYI! :D
  19. I definitly want to be part of the group that finds the cameras.

    Name: Nadia Joy Preston
    Age: 17
    Job: she spends most of her time writing music, and singing.
    Gender: female
    Personality: funny, sweet, defined as a major Leader, has music in her blood, loyal, happy, loves a good mystery
    History: She was raised by a single mom that died when she was 15, she now lives with her grandmother who is also on the verge of dying. She loves music but also has a passion for film and special effects. She doesn't know much about her history since her mother was somewhat distant and rarely home. So by the time she was seven she was basically taking care of herself. This is what makes her a leader.
  20. Hi the hikers team is filled, would you consider the original team instead?