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  1. Omega here with another partner request. I needed a new RP since I have but a few that are active. And I thought this would be perfect.

    It is in the streets of New York City. A lot of killings have been committed lately, all being chalked up under the same MO. The killer has been slicing up his victims (The FBI has determined these killings the act of a man in his late twenties) and playing with their bodies until he's sure they are about to die, and then leaves without another word. Bodies have all been found in the livingrooms of small, low-rent apartments. Because of the stylized way he cuts his victims, this has been determined to be a series of ritualistic, occult-related murders. The police have yet to get a physical description of this man, since none of his victims have survived.

    Okay, I know. This must seem like a murderer-based RP. When in reality, it's Supernatural. I would like my partner to play as the goddess of blades. You can decide the name, appearance, and other abilities as you see fit, but I do have a few guidelines I'd like you to follow. The Goddess of Blades is similar to that of the God of War, she likes to see people commit acts of violence, although she prefers seeing it done with bladed weapons. The Goddess can be summoned with a ritual, using your own blood to draw a pentacle, and chanting the words "Lamina, Sanguis, Meto." [Blade, Blood, Reap]
    This chant calls the Goddess to you. The only reason the Goddess will accept a summons, is if she knows you wish to participate in the Blade Wars, an all out killing spree between other participants using enchanted claw gauntlets. The Goddess of Blades has been aching for her war to come to fruition, as no more than one man a century has summoned her, and the war needs at least two competitors. But, even though she's desparate, she is picky. She will not grant you the power you seek unless you give her a good answer to her question; "What is your will to fight?".

    Okay. That's all the plot work I have so far. The rest will be discussed by me and whatever partner joins me on this. This will be a PM (Or Skype, should you prefer) RP. My only limitation for my partner is that they must play as the Goddess of Blades. And they may create the Goddess however they see fit. However, I would like the Goddess to be my Main Character's love interest. ((He'll be the one with two appearances in my CSs)) You should also make a second character, as I'll be using two initially. Your other Character may also be a member of the war, but she should weild a three clawed gauntlet (Doesn't have to be present in the image), and should preferably be sadistic, or even a murderer. In my CSs, there are sections saying "WTF". This is the Will To Fight, that they will be presenting to the Goddess. And their Power is the ability they get from The Goddess upon becoming a part of the war.
    Now, without further ado, here are my characters;
    Zain Z. Regis (open)

    Gunji-anime-guys-16769516-557-699.jpg Vampire13.jpg
    Name: Zain Z. Regis
    Age: 22
    Eyes: Sky Blue
    Hair: Blonde
    WTF: The Will to Survive
    Power: Enhanced Speed, Strength, and Senses/Ghost Fighting
    Zain Zephyr Regis. He was actually born in Rome, but his family moved to NYC when he was a child, to escape his family's occult heritage. His mother gave him the middle name "Zephyr" which means "Western Breeze" in his family's native tongue. He always disliked the weak, sensitive feel his middle name gave him, so he always just used the letter Z as his middle name. His parents died when he was a teenager, in his final years of high school. They died in a car accident, a gas truck slammed into them as the driver fell asleep at the wheel, and both vehicles were caught in an explosion. After his parents death, and his graduation from high school, Zain began training in the military, on his way to becoming a Marine. But, due to a degenerative disease, affecting his liver, he was honorably discharged. During his discharge, his friends, who all were sorry to see him go, gave him their second tag on their chains, signifying that they were there to support him, and that they'd fight twice as hard for him. His troop was nicknamed the one-tags because they now all wore a single tag around their neck. Zain wears the tags on his belt, taking his friends' support with him wherever he goes. Zain's condition is fatal, and the doctors cannot save him. He was given only a few months to live, so he was trying to live life to the fullest. But, every night when he'd come home from work, he'd lose himself in his depression, sitting on his couch staring at the wall he would never get a chance to paint. He'd always think to himself that he'd die right where he belonged, in his rundown apartment.

    Shawn "The Ripper" Ryan (open)

    Name: Shawn "The Ripper" Ryan
    Age: 27
    Eyes: Light Brown
    Hair: Bleach Blonde, born Brown
    WTF: The Will to Kill
    Power: Air cutter, moving his hand or slicing with his blades causes sharp currents of air to move towards a target.
    Shawn was always a spoiled kid. He grew up on Main street, as the son of the Billionaire business tycoon, Tyler Ryan, CEO of Ryan Industries. In his childhood, Shawn would kill insects in his free time, wandering to Central Park to find them and capture them in science experiment containers. He'd take them home and cut them up, tearing their limbs off before removing the head. He'd smile a bit, and then toss the dead insect in the trash, moving onto the next one. After he graduated high school, he grew tired of insects. As he attended Keller Graduate School of Management, under his father's orders, he moved onto bigger prey. He began looking around the city for stray animals. He'd take them home and slaughter them, cutting them up into tiny peices. He'd bury them in the back yard of his downtown home, hiding the evidence. To keep himself hidden, he'd only kill pets that had no tracking chip or tags, so that nobody would come looking for them. After graduating college, he slowly declined even further. He stopped killing animals altogether by the age of 26. He finally found himself when someone called him a freak, with his wild hair and wicked smile. He followed the man that insulted him back to his apartment, sneaking in behind him and bashing his skull in. He then began using his pocket knife to cut the man over and over until he was sure he would die. He then left the man's apartment and began plotting his killing spree. His murders have been going on for almost a year, and his violent cutting style earned him the name "The NY Ripper" from the FBI.

    I gave Zain a second image, which looks a lot different than him. There's a reason for that, a reason that will show up shortly in the RP, after his first encounter with another participant in the war. Zain will be the Goddesses love interest. My pla was for her to slowly grow fond of him, changing her attittude about not caring about the death of humans. But that can all be decided down the road.

    Edit: Don't apply if you're going to disappear for days-weeks without replying. I'm looking for a steady, good paced RP. I want from at least one post a day to speed of light. I'd rather it was either several posts a day or speed of light, but I can't be too picky. I'm just tired of my RPs waiting days to weeks before they get any progress.​
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  2. The RP will begin with Zain's "Death" and Shawn's summoning.
  3. Shawn is going to do bad things.
  4. Have you gotten any pms or anything for this yet?
  5. Nope. And I've been spreading the word about it like hella mad (Sorry for "Like hella mad". Sometimes poor grammar can be used to make a point XD)
    Give it all you've got. But, to keep things tidy, could you leave CSs in the comments, not a PM?
  6. Are you interested?
  7. Yeah, I think so. Sorry, I've got a big project due in Spanish on Saturday and I have to watch a bunch of movies, so I've been doing that all afternoon.

    Anyway, do you want my CS to use anime face claims as well?
  8. It's still the afternoon/evening for you? What time is it where you are? I'd really prefer it if I didn't have conflicting time zones..
  9. lol It's 10:30pm right now. I've literally been watching Spanish movies for hours.
  10. It's 1:30 AM where I am. I'm really sorry but I don't think I can RP with you. And you seemed rather interesting. I just don't want to have to wait all day for a reply.
  11. Lol It's a 3 hour difference, but okay. Good luck then.
  12. sorry
  13. Give me a bit to read over everything. Okay.
  14. take your time
  15. Send me a message it is interesting but I need to discus some things
  16. I sent you a message almost 5 hours ago.
  17. Still looking for a partner. Really want to start this today.
  18. Ah sorry the storms are really bad here focusing more on making sure we don't get hit by a tornado plus the cell service just came back.
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  20. Still looking for a partner for this.
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