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  1. Hello everyone! I am VERY new to these forums yet I want to share an idea or two for an RP that will be based off of one of my novels. Think of this like bringing the Lovecraftian Mythos into one big arena (ala Haiyore Nyaroku-san) BUT this won't involve demons or monsters... Or chibis. It'll involve the mother frakin apocalypse! Kinda!

    Here's the BASIC rundown:

    1. I'd prefer to have one MAAYBE two people in this project with me.
    2. The aim of this project is that we will RP a caravan, buying and trading.
    3. I'd hope to have a bit of violence in the RP seeing how we're gonna be fighting for our lives for our cargo with bandits >:D
    4. NONE of our characters are Chuck Norris- or anything close to him. Just Hoomanz
    5. What there are and arent:

    Flintlock Firearms
    Basic Modern Guns, though rare and hard to come by
    Lots of whiskey, so if any of your characters is a drunk (S)he will have a blast!
    Radio Shows

    Electrical Grids- What we'll see is minor electrical generation, rationing of power, etc

    Millions upon millions of Zambies
    Millions of Bullets
    Millions of ounces of blood in our bodies


    I prefer to have this be a very realistic roleplay, in that when we DO get into combat, you keep track of how many bullets you have, how many bullets you've taken, and RP accordingly. Our characters aren't gods.

    The main aim of our caravan is survival, and then profit, though we do want to make money. The circumstances that brought us together are as follows:

    Florian Blackwater, a man of 20 years standing in the midst of a smoke-filled market with bellows from an old factory filling the air, walked through the crowd with ease. He knew almost every merchant in the area due to his family connections to the city of Rivets, a now-thriving industrial center east of Washington D.C. The city of Washington, now cordoned off by the remnants of the US Government, is now in lockdown. No one can get in, and no information gets out. Rivet is located just 200 miles east, and has a railway running through it. Fifteen years ago electricity all over the world stopped flowing from generators. Chaos ensued for the next ten- somewhere, there was a war. Now, fifteen years later Florian was to meet with a woman (or man) who said she would help him in his business venture. The two had met at a bar three nights ago, and were looking to get out of the city, Florian, who was not a native, needed money for a carriage and horse. Money didn't flow easy, the two would have to get their hands dirty before setting off.


    So yes before we even set off on our journey we'll be roughing people up in Rivet. Sound interested? :D
  2. Post a bio of sorts about your character:

    Appearance (in writing please):
    History before the Meeting:
  3. Interested! Also, preferably female or male? I don't mind either way.
  4. Prefer Female
  5. Will post a Character in a moment then!
  6. Name: Farah Gypsy

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Personality: An adventurous woman, that hates being stuck in one place for too long. She loves the smell of the fresh air and the feel of the open-road. She tends to be very competitive and won't think twice about spinning a story if it will further her situation or better her circumstance.

    Appearance: A slim girl of about 5"7'. Farah has kept herself fit, running errands for various merchants. She has black hair that reaches her shoulder blades and is tied up in a single ponytail with a Caribbean blue bandana. Brown eyes and a tanned complexion. She wears loose fitting, light brown pants held up by a belt and has two more belts, askew, around her waist, where she keeps a knife and a single shot flintlock pistol. She also has small pouches to carry bullets, money and gunpowder. On her feet she wears roman style sandals and a button up, upturned collar, short sleeved, white shirt that is tucked in at the front but not the back.

    History before the Meeting: Farah grew up in a small town, where she spent her first few years at home, being schooled by her mother to read, write and math. As she grew older though, she became increasingly restless and pestered her mother until one day, her mother relented and allowed her to start traveling with a trusted merchant of the town as he journeyed to collect stock and trade. He was a kind man and Farah continued learning more and more from him, including how to handle money as well as bartering skills. All this ended when they were attacked one day one the road, barely escaping, but not without injury. The merchant had been nicked by a rusty blade and became ill before finally passing. Since the she has been stuck in Rivets, that's until she met a young man named Florian.