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"Wakey wakey scum. It's almost time." The itchy burlap sack is ripped from your head and the heads of those around you followed by your eyes quickly adjusting. You are sitting in a wagon with shackles around your wrists and lower legs. Your chains connect you with all the other prisoners as well as a feeling of confusion. Each of you were imprisoned only a week or two ago for crime, race, or a honest mistake. Now you find yourself in this creaky cart heading for who knows where with two burly men, one driving, the other keeping watch over the prisoners with a smug look.

After a long moment of silence someone speaks up. A lanky half-elf in ragged cloths with long hair of dark hazel. "Time for what? Why are we here?" The man inside the wagon bore a grin that had far too many teeth and extended one muscular arm to lift a portion of the wagon cover, revealing their destination. The Blackened City.

Years ago it was a prosperous symbol of freedom for most races until the day that a sinister Artifact came into the king's possession. The Artifact brought a plague that mutated all those within the City walls into horrendous monsters. The City was sealed away, it's only entrance guarded day and night by the greatest warriors availible. However, once the plague had lifted from the air a new practice took hold.

A group of prisoners would be chosen every month to be taken to the Blackened City with one 'simple' task, to find and destroy the Artifact, if they succeeded, all those who remained would be granted freedom and heroic titles. Of course, this fate was far worse then any death sentence, for the creatures that dwelled in that City were the spawn of the mind's darkest nightmares.

The half-elf was stunned and silenced. He placed his head in his shackled hands. The man scoffed. "Any more questions?
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ZochaArt.png Raylex's ankles burned for the shackles rubbing them raw. She had been imprisoned the week before for a petty theft, stealing an elderly woman's purse. No big deal but now she was here in this god forsaken wagon headed to her ultimate demise. Long ago her own brother had been captured and sent here to find the artfiact. Many people said different things about him, some said he didn't even make it out of the wagon before he died and other say he actually found the artifact but was killed moments before it could be destroyed. Raylex shook her head, sometimes it's better to not think of the past and just focus on the present.

Looking to her left she saw she was chained to a large bull like creature with bleeding horns, they had been dragged across the ground she assumed. To her right she was attached to a humanoid creature that looked like a middle aged man. His chisled jawline and arms made her wonder what he could be doing here, a seemingly upstanding citizen in his suit and tie chained to bunches of criminals and being sent to the Blackened City.

Back home they called his place The Hole because no one that has gone in has ever returned... ever. Shivering slightly Raylex felt her wrists slipping slightly in the shackles. Pulling a little she felt one of her hands come out of the metal cuffs and she smirked to herself. Maybe I can get out of here before the wagon is overtaken by the beasts that wait. There were stories she had been told back home about how the wagon of newcomers was like a dinner bell to the horrible creatures in the city, they awaited the arrival of the wagon, most new comers were eaten in their shackles because they didn't get out in time... she would though.

The wagon bumped and rattled over the horrible cobblestone road into the city, the skyscrapers rising above them like black mountains looming in the darkening sky. Raylex blinked and the wagon began to slow down.

This is it Raylex, escape the wagon or die here. Escape the wagon or die here. Escape or die....
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Zaria looked at the chains on her wrist. They were not like the others for they had a curse to keep her bound. Her feet the same curse on them as well. She had made a mistake one costumer one unfortunate soul. She had just finished granting there wish then the act got herself caught. For once someone had been a brave enough soldier and hunter. They took down the dragon witch.

Now Zaria looked to the sky knowing where they were going. She just needed to know her Raven had found her. He had to for she never did much without him. "Revan..." She said in a quiet voice then looked to the others waiting there arrival not speaking to the men who had spoken. Where they were going what they were meant to do was a death trap in itself.
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The man's stubby eyes scanned the prisoners, a horrible grin still scrawled across his face. When Raylex managed to get a hand out of her cuffs a large hatchet sunk into the wood only inches away from the connecting chain. "Perhaps yeh would like a quicker death runt. Any lousy moves and I'll chop yer 'ed off." He growled, removing his axe and returning it to his belt.

The half-elf, who's name was Silus, was tempted to take the guard up on that offer. However his shackles were made for smaller wrists then his and he was fortunate to still have proper blood flow to his hands.

The man then turned to Zaria and chuckled. "Prayin? I would too, magic is weakened there. Don't think you can just fly away." Another, more cruel laugh.
Zaria glared at the man. "Perhaps it is not but you and the others have never known what all I'm capable of." She stated still looking for Revan. Her wings tried to move but she felt the chains and even a shock making them still. She hated the shackles. But appercaited that the one on her tail at least wasn't as tight as the others but she never let on about that keeping it still most of the time. Zaira didn't even really look to see who else was there just could hear them and listened to the axe when it had hit.

Soon after a while she gave a smirk. Her Raven was just following at a wise distance. Magic may seem to be against her but the men where wrong. She had many ideas but knew she had to get the stupid artifact if she ever wished to be truly free again.
Hissing quietly Raylex slowly undid her other hand but made sure she wasn't seen, keeping her hands in the same position behind her back to make it seem like they were still shackled. Her ear bled from where the axe had clipped her but she kept her face straight. The half elf across the way from her met her gaze and Raylex winked at him. She was trying to signal him to say, "yeah I'll get you out too don't worry" but was concerned he wouldn't get the memo.

The wagon bumped and screeched to a halt, the air thick with dark gray fog and the black silhouettes of the buildings surrounding them. The two men leapt from the wagon and said roughly, "I wouldn't linger if I were ya, the dinner bell has been rung..." with that they were gone laughing maniacally. The wagon was alone and sikent in the mist, chained with prisoners. The bull creature to Raylex's left began to moan and look around nervously, his ears twitching in fear. Raylex slipped her cuffs and was left only with the ones on her ankles.

That's when it began.... the sounds. Like scraping metal over stone a loud noise emerged from the front of the wagon. Following the noise was a screeching of unearthly decibels and Raylex had to cover her ears, her claws flexing in pain. Leaving down she began to tear at the shackles on her feet and she could feel her own heart rate quickening.
Zaria let her head fall back looking at the others withing the wagon. She noticed one seemed to have a plan this made Zaria feel they had somehow freed them self. She was quiet then a hirr began in her throat. As though she was going to sing a song of the dragon's really she was speaking to Revan of a plan.

When the girl acted Zaria waited she had a signal to give Revan and all it would take was one note. She shifted slightly. Though still said nothing just watched to see if this elf's plan would help her own.

Takara looked at her shackles wondering how she ended up here. Most knew the star clan as the most dangerous assassins in the world and those who managed t get caught were killed almost immediately by the clan, but takara was different they had abandoned her knowing she was coming here. As the wagon stopped she could hear screeching. "Not good they're already here." She reached her hand into her ribbon pulling out a key. She quickly undid her shackles And looked around. She handed the key to the dragon. She nodded before quickly leaping out the wagon and began free running up the wall to avoid the beasts.
Zaria smiled at the assassin. She gave a nod stating thanks. She did a different hirr than Revan was waiting on and the bird circled to show he understood. Zaria then carefully undid her shackles on her hands then forced herself to bend feeling the pain on her wings and undid her legs. Next was her tail. Her wings was the only thing she could not reach. Revan would have to still get them. Zaria gave a hurr next which made Revan come flying down and grabed the key. He flew up a moment before he could be grabbed then back to Zaria and got her wings fixed. Immediately Zaria lifted her wings and flew out of the wagon. "What was that fools?" She called. "I thought you said I couldn't fly." Zaria commented with a dark evil laugh.
A few of the others had joined in on Zaria's threat, but it died out as soon as they stopped. Silus looked at the woman unsurely but gradually nodded his head. He looked at the assassin and realized that so far, he was desperately outnumbered.

Welcome to The Slums
The massive door that separated the prisoners from the outside world shut with a resounding clunk. The sound like metal against stone was faint but approaching fast, as was the horrible screatch. In the shadows of delapitated buildings there were deformed figures, waiting. Waiting for the corpses to be made. They could not reach the many that had hung themselves before mutation, and the last meal was ages ago. Fresh meat was always welcome, especially when prepared by Her.

As Zaria gloated no one had the time to warn her of the massive shape that had drawn up behind her. It swooped over the dragon witch at breakneck speeds, it's wicked claws taring through the membranes of her wings. Luckily the horrible blades only sliced through Zaria's wings and not her actual body. It was a massive, crow shaped beast. Instead of feathers the beast was held aloft by what looked to be the skins of several people molded together. It's head was bare, a horrific bird skull with yellow teeth along its beak and those terrible talons. The beast had no eyes, and appeared to rely on sound to locate its prey. It swung upwards, grasping its claws at Takara.

"She better give us that key. We can hide in the smithy." Silus whispered, making his voice just barely audible and pointing at the cobblestone blacksmith's shop. It was stronger and safer then the rotting houses that surrounded them. Who knows, perhaps they could arm themselves.
Zaria shrieked in pain. "Damn creature" She stated her wings now bleeding but she was still amazingly in the air. "Revan move I'll call when I need you" She stated. The pain she felt Zaria knew she would not be able to fly long and her wings would need to heal. She then let them close and fall but landed on her feet. She placed the key at a spot that would be rather difficult to take from her. It was in her magical pouch. "Now I'm mad" She stated and then began to mumble it seemed under her breath. Soon beside her it seemed shadows were taking on a form kind of like tentacles.