The Black Thorn

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  1. It was a single stretch of dirtroad that went on for miles and miles. It connected two places no one cared tobe, but lead to one where many ended up. Deep in the forest it was secluded,but bustling. The sign above the door welcomed visitors with rain swelled woodand faded golden letters that read, ‘The Black Thorn’. It was a tavern well known for its cheapdrinks and entertainment. Inside tap room friends and acquaintances gathered attables discussing all manner of things from the daily mundane to the lewd and inappropriateand laughter was abundant. In one cornera beautiful woman with long silver hair danced on a table for some coins while at the bar a large man was arguing loudlywith the barkeep. ‘Just another night.’She thought bored as she watched the happenings around her. Sitting alone nearthe large fire place meant to keep the main room warm, was a young woman. Shewas a petite little thing with red hair and green eyes that kept darting aboutas tried to watch everything at once. <o:p></o:p>
  2. Garret had just finished his 1 hour set. After putting his flute back into his bag, he walked over to the bar where the barkeep was arguing with a large man with a larger beer belly. "Barkeep......" Garret said as he tried to get the barkeeps attention. Sighing he gave up and muttered to himself something about how he better get paid as he moved over to the fireplace. "well not......leavin......Paid" Garret mumbled under his breath. He mumbled under his breath some more and then jumped when he noticed a young woman with red hair sitting by the fire place. "would you like to buy a song milady?" he said with a painted on smile on his face.
  3. They girl smiled up at the flute player who had been playing for the past hour. She wouldn't have minded to buy a song, but her distinct lack of funds hindered her ability. Pulling her knees to her chest she shook her head. "I don't have any money, but you do play wonderfully."

    With the flute players song over the room seemed to become even louder. While some men were laughing a small fight broke out. The girls attention turned toward them. She sighed softly and looked back to the flute player. "Its a shame you stopped playing. It seemed to have calmed every one for a little bit."
  4. "well.....I haven't even gotten paid for my first set so there's no reason for me to start a second set......unless of course you want to buy a song!" He flashed the smile at her once again this time making sure she knew it was a sales smile.
    Already knowing the answer he smirked a little bit of a real smile and said " thank you for the you mind if I sit?" He said gesturing towards the chair on the other side pf the table she was sitti ng on.
  5. She smiled at him again when he offered his thanks and asked if he could sit by her. She nodded. "Go ahead. It'll be nice to have a bit of company from a talented person." It was just nice to have some company. Usually, if she was really good, no one would notice her all night, even when she started to clean up toward the end. Normally that's how she liked it, but this musician seemed a bit interesting. "So," she said. "What brings you to the Black Thorn?"
  6. He sat down carefully making sure not to bump the bag that the flute was in against anything. It was nice to have a way to spend the time other then playing the flute without getting paid.after he sat down he unconsciously tapped his fingers against the table.
    He smiled at the girl when she called hum talented. "Thank you........that's what this place is called? Well I saw the opportunity to play in a bar when I walked by here earlier. Its much better then busking." He shifted uncomfortably after the word "busking". "Do you work here?" He asked quickly.
  7. "Busking?" She asked curiously, then continued on to answer his question. "Yes." She smiled shyly at him. "I clean up after most of the patrons leave or go to their rooms." She shrugged. "It's not much, but at least I'm not starving." She began pushed back some of the hair that was in her face. "If you would like I can go talk to Gerald when he's done arguing."
  8. "Ah, yes busking. It means to perform on the street.........and if you could talk to the barkeep I would appreciate it." He shifted his gaze over to the bar and the two guys still arguing. After looking back at the girl he looked down at his flute and then looked back up quickly. "If you get Gerald to pay me, ill buy you a drink." He said with a friendly smile.
  9. She smiled at him, but shook her head. "No, You don't have to." She hopped up from her seat and walked over to two men. She stepped directly inbetween them, which seemed to confuse the patron long enough for their argument to pause. She shyly looked up at the barkeep and pointed to the flute player. "He needs to be paid for his song." Gerald looked irritated for a moment, but dug in his pocket and pulled out some coins and handed them to her. She said thank you and walked away as they restarted their arguement. She sat back down and handed him the assortment of coins. "Is that what you asked for?" She tucked some of her blonde hair behind her ear and watched him.
  10. As the young people continued to talk, the bartender and the man he was arguing with began to throw fists. The Rowdier patrons started to cheer on the men. Some even began to make bets. The woman who had been dancing earlier got back on her table, now if only to see what was going on. Another night another fight at the Black Thorn.