The Black Rebellion

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  1. The story takes place in a world without modern weapons. Weapons such as guns, grenades, and nukes don't exist. Conflicts are still settled with swords, scythes, knives, axes, etc. For many years the world was in peace. That was until a man/entity who went by the alias of Zero appeared in Japan. This man clad in black layers, wore a helmet and a cape. He referred to himself as god, creator and destroyer of worlds. In a matter of months he held the world in his palms. Citizens of the 7 continents were baffled at Zero's quick dominance of the nations. It was due through his power of geass. Geass was an ocular ability that Zero could use to control anyone if there eyes met. He used this ability to cause havoc and cheat the worlds leaders into giving him control of anything. To top it off Zero has founded a group of personal gaurds referred to as the Black Knights. A group of japanese warriors skilled in combat and various other areas. They a known for their combat prowess and black clothing. Zero also has two gaurds that supercede even the knights. 1. Whose name is C.C. Although she cannot pose a threat during a fight she is an immortal and poses as a sheild for Zero. The second is Suzaku, Zeros childhood friends. He is by far the most formidable fighter under Zeros command and easily a one man army. He poses as Zeros sword. Together with Zero's strategic genius the form a threat that cannot be opposed... Until now.

    There are some that know the truth about Zero, others who posses different forms of geass. Of course with Zero's strong mind he has already found them all. Being cocky he made a mistake. Geass users are the only ones who stand to oppose him. Instead of killin them off like he should have he placed them in a colosseum. Forcing them to kill each other off instead. The battles were harsh. Bloodshed and death were the norm. All of the geass users know of Zeros power because C.C is the one who distrubuted geass to them all, including Zero. There are those who plan to abuse teir power aswell, the geass users, but for an ultimate goal. The destruction of Zero.

    Haru Tozuki is one of those people, a young veteran in the arena. He plans to single handedly tear down the colosseum and free the other geass users. Then, assming their wills and hatred were strong enough he would start a rebellion of his own. The Black Rebellion is what he'd call it. Haru knew all about Zero, including his true identity for they along with Suzaku were childhood friends. Haru was locked up by Zero when his Geass became too strong. (Because it gains power each time it is used.) Haru plans to take everyting back with th help of the geass users, not the right way but the effective way. By the use of force manipulation and dirty tactics. The same way Zero did. For if one geass user could do it, imagine the power of an army led by Haru's strategic mind and warrior prowess. Hell maybe they'd even raise a civilian army themselves. Or maybe they'd use politics. The possibilities were endless and Haru was becoming merciless.

    Okay so basically that's it guys. You can join as a geass user or just a warrior caught up in the mix. If your gonna be a geass user please don't have a god mod power like.. Uhhhh you kill somebody by making eye contact with your geass. And if your geass isn't made for fighting like Zero's, be able to turn it off so it dosnt get too cheap. Also your geass will gain power over time. Through many usages!! It won't go from.. My geass increases speed and after one use its all like.. My geass let's me teleport between continents! Keep its realistic guys and if you have any questions pm me. Okay so the story will start off as anormal day in the colosseum, well as normal as it gets there. During a match between Haru and whoever, it can even be you I'm up against, just pm me about it. Ultimately during the match Haru hatches a plan and starts a commotion, creating an exit for all of the geass users. Then he anounces his plan, much similar to Zero's to infact counter Zero and take back the world. Starting with his homeland Japan. (Hopefully the homeland of some of you guys, if you'd like) and it would go from there. By the way I don't mind if you guys jump in and take over from time to time. You can control the plot somewhat if you want. As long as we get back to the Zero thing in the end. I'll control major NPC's such as Zero(eventually), Suzaku and CC but if you want to pick up some NPc's aswell thinking that you can contribute to the plot that is more than welcome! If you think I'm missing something or need to improve, or think maybe I sould make this a signup instead. Once again don't hesitate to pm me I'm always free! >.<
    By the way I'll be putting up the plot discussion in a few so look out for it via jump in plot discussions!