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  1. The Black Railgun OOC

    The Backstory

    The year is 2119 and Earth has completely changed(as is obvious in most such plots). Humanity has come to be ruled by a tyrant by the name of Lord Erik Knight, one of the richest, most influential people on Earth. Strangely enough, he brought with him a host of strange and new technology that he claims to have found on some other planet and reconstructed it here. Using this very strange metal, Arganium, Lord Erik created for himself a number of strange mechanical creatures which he called Tyrants. Furthermore, these mechanical creatures required pilots, Ryders to maneuver them. Each was created out of one of three basic Frames, the Armanoid, the Ravager and the Gunman each with their own battle specializations and talents. He recruited a select few to be the Ryders who made up Lord Erik's Inner Quadrants. Using them, he has established his rule all over the world.

    James Lyhall, one of Lord Erik's Inner Quadrants decided to defect after seeing the Lord's atrocities over the common man and so he smuggled across the world, half of the Lord's own Arganium in the dead of the night, unsuspecting as he was. He, along with his Tyrant, now Anti-Tyrant, decided to establish a rebel force against Lord Erik and it was then that James Lyhall, former Inner Quadrant and Ryder to a Tyrant became the Leader of AnTy. Some of the very first rebels who went on to become some of the best and most experienced.

    Recent Times

    The year is 2140 and James Lyhall is now the Commander of the organisation that goes by the name of RYDE. The recruits are many and there is now an all out war waging across the world, only James has Erik in his sights. Along with AnTy, he decides to attack at the eye of the storm.

    The 3 core Mecha Frames that a Ryder can pilot are as follows:

    • The Armanoid Frame is a very heavy Frame that specialises mostly in impact weaponry and concussive attacks. Armanoid's have plenty of hull space to store a variety of heavy weapons and shields. This in turn greatly reduces their movement speed. Weapon types range from Mechanical Clubs, Grenade Launchers, Burst Cannons, Shoulder-Mounted Cannons, etc. Defensive faculties may include equipment such as Hull Shield, Hover Shields, Bunker Modes, etc.

    • The Ravager Frame is an immensely light-weight frame that is built for speed and maneuverability. On the other hand however, Ravagers are low on endurance and can be damaged by means of well-timed attacks. Ravagers use accelerators and thrusters to dash around the battlefield at immense speeds. Weapon types include Daggers, Dual Knives, Rattle Guns, etc. Defensive faculties may vary greatly ranging from Vital Shields to Plasma Shields.

    • Mecha Frames have been known to exhibit higher capabilities in such an event as their Ryder being psychologically stressed or in a state of rage. This state is referred to as the Resonance State and research has showed that Arganium used to create these Frames acts as a catalyst in bringing about this transition. As to how it does that, no one knows. More research is being carried out on this subject.

    In-Depth Content

    There are a few more aspects to a Frame that vary from Mecha to Mecha and these will help you get a deeper understanding of how a Frame works and acts.

    • Mechas are naturally of different sizes which are categorized into Types.

      -Type I or MicroFrames are the smallest Frame sizes and stand at an average height of 30-40 feet, around as tall as a four storey house.
      -Type II or Standard are the normal-sized Frames that stand at an average height of 50-60 feet.
      -Type III or Behemoth are bigger than average Frames and stand at a height of 70-80 feet.
      [-Type IV or Orbital Frames are the rarest of all Frames and these have been known to be as tall as 100-120 feet. Believed to be long since destroyed or stripped for other purposes, Type IV Frames were the strongest of all Frames.]

    • There's 3 Standard types of cockpits that a Mecha can be retrofitted with in order to suit the Ryder's needs.

      1. Analogue- This is the oldest type of cockpit that utilizes standard switches and joystick-styled interfaces akin to that of an airplane's.
      2. AutoControl- Two generations ahead of the Analogue, AutoControl cockpits utilize futuristic technology and design to give maximum control to the Ryder. Touch interfaces and holographic hover screens are what make up AutoControl. Standard Frames come fitted with earlier variants of this type.
      3. NervePad- This is a revolutionary style of cockpits that consist of a chamber wherein Arganium laced panels and wires link the Ryder's nervous system to that of the Mecha's even as the Ryder uses the standard interface. to guide the more complex actions of the Mecha. In this cockpit, Mecha and Ryder act as if one.

    Character Sheets

    • Ryder Name:
      (Suits are not compulsory)[Attach Pictures(if any) at the top please]
      Talents and Abilities:
      (RYDE or Inner Quadrant)

    • Mecha's Name:
      Mecha Frame:
      Cockpit Type:
      (List if multiple)
      Other Offensive/Defensive/Misc. Modifications: (If Applicable)(Maximum of 3)[List if multiple]
      Mecha's Capabilities:

    • Name:
      Notable Traits:
      Relation with Your Character:


    -Reservation List-


    1. James Lyhall(@Aldriem)
    2. @Rax Rosetta
    3. @penguin055
    4. @StarryNight
    5. @Grimoire
    6. @Dakota K.

    Inner Quadrant

    1. Erik Knight(@Aldriem)
    2. @Lady Bernkastel
    3. @Evangelion 01
    4. @Zerg
    5. @Crono

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    • Appearance (open)

      Ignore the sword

      Ryder Name: Elvira Madigan

      Nickname/Alias: Belladonna

      Gender: Female

      Age: 20

      Appearance: Slender physique. Small chest, slightly wider hips. Her black hair reaches just past her chest. 160cm tall (5'2'')

      Talents and Abilities:
      + Martial arts
      + Quick reflexes
      + Unbreakable determination
      + Inhuman lack of empathy

      Faction: Inner Quadrant

      Weaponry: Apart from her Tyrant, Elvira is skilled in the art of close combat, and knows her way around a gun. She is particularly skilled with long-range firearms, such as sniper rifles.

      Personality: Elvira seems lovely and soft at first glance, but she is in fact a cold blooded murderer. Having been indoctrinated with the military agenda ever since she was born, she has an unfathomable sense of duty, and will stop at nothing to fulfill her obligations. Her voice is ice cold, her speech brutal and seeping of acidic sharpness. She revers Erik Knight like a divine being, and would not think twice about giving her life for him, or taking the lives of a thousand. Her motto is "To pilot a Tyrant, you must outmatch it in tyranny." The alias "Belladonna" refers to her deceitful beauty, because she, just like belladonna or nightshade, hides a deadly interior within a gorgeous exterior.

      Bio: Elvira's father used to be part of the Inner Quadrant, and as such, he raised his daughter to be faithful to the military. He taught her that those who opposed the regime were vermin, parasites leeching off an otherwise so healthy and perfect system, and that they needed to be exterminated for the sake of the greater good. At six years old, he took her on a hunting trip and taught her how to shoot, how to look a deer straight in the eyes as you pulled the trigger. Since then she continued training how to wield a gun, as well as training her body and mind. Her father would put her through extreme physical and mental torture, sometimes for days on end, in order to push back her breaking point, and to teach her not to give in to the enemy. At sixteen years old, her aging father had reached an age where piloting his Tyrant put an excessive amount on physical strain on him, and it affected his performance. And so, he began teaching Elvira a final lesson; how to be a Ryder. Mere weeks into training she was already showing signs of great potential and skill, and eventually, she exceeded even her own father at his prime. On the day of her eighteenth birthday, she inherited his Tyrant and place in the Inner Quadrant, shortly after which he passed away.

    • Mecha's Name: B-900 CANCEROID

      Mecha Frame: Armanoid

      Size: Type III

      Cockpit Type: Analogue. The only reason the Canceroid hasn't been modified with one of the more modern cockpit types is because of Elvira's conviction that the Tyrant's are mere tools rather than an extension of one's own body. She wants to feel in charge, like she has control over the machine, and if she were to connect her nervous system to it, it would be the same as stepping down as master and becoming part of the tool. That, and she's afraid that she wouldn't be able to pilot her Tyrant as well in any other type of cockpit other than the one her father taught her how to use.

      Appearance: The B-900 CANCEROID, simply known as Canceroid, largely resembles a giant crab or spider. It has six mechanical limbs for easy maneuvering, and a pair of forelimbs; one that's shaped like a massive claw, and one that's shaped like a sharp sword or lance, and has the properties of a chainsaw. The design of the main hull looks like two bowls or deep plates stacked against each other, encasing the limb structure (which is in a sense separate from the main hull), but it can also open up slightly to allow the limbs to revolve around the hull, allowing it to change direction relatively easily for an Armanoid of such gargantuan stature. On either side of the top and bottom hump (created by the "plate-to-plate" shape) is a high energy cannon (four cannons in total). It is a dark khaki in colour.

      Weaponry: (List if multiple)
      + Right forelimb: This mechanical limb ends in a massive crab's claw. (reference) It can be used both as a club, easily reducing bedrock or high density metal to rubble, or a vise-grip, cutting through armament or crushing it with extreme force.
      + Left forelimb: This limb ends in an almost mono-molecular thin blade with a serrated edge that oscillates like a chainsaw. While it is useful for disabling extremities on other Tyrants by cutting them off, it also has the a bit more gruesome job to cut through the Tyrant to its very core, the Ryder cockpit, and kill the Ryder without engaging in actual combat.
      + High energy cannons: These cannons, affixed to the hull, are able to fire highly concentrated laser beams. However, charging them up takes a long time, during which the Canceroid has to stand perfectly still (the slightest movement resets all calibrations, and they have to be redone), so it's not usable in combat. But, if the goal is mass destruction, the combined power of the four cannons will do the trick.

      Other Offensive/Defensive/Misc. Modifications:
      + Amphibian: The Canceroid is able to navigate underwater terrain (though its size makes it impossible to do so unnoticed outside deep seas).
      + Vectorial shield: Produces a force field which can take the form of a force field dome around the Canceroid, or a wall right in front of it. It deflects mostly everything, sending it back with the same force it was propelled with, but it renders the Tyrant unable to move. Also, it heavily depletes the energy gauge, and should be used very conservatively.
      + Lock-down mode: During lock-down mode, the Canceroid folds in its mechanical legs and focuses on heightening defense, shutting down all other functions. During this phase it becomes practically impenetrable, even more so than usual, but of course, unable to move. It is then up to the Ryder to try and escape; or die of starvation inside the cockpit.

      Mecha's Capabilities: The Canceroid is, for all intents and purposes, a juggernaut. Place it at the head of your army, and it will obliterate most lesser threats and stall larger ones, unless it takes care of those as well. However, it struggles with the Armanoid's main flaw: sluggishness. Ravager's, and even many Gunmen, easily avoids its attacks, though if they try to confront it up close without backing away, they're in for some nasty punishment. Maneuvering the limbs to their full extent, making sure every movement and swipe is as energy effective and packs as much impact as possible is strenuous labor, and requires a sharp and concentrated mind at all times, which may not be the easiest during hours on end of relentless combat. While the Canceroid's balance is impeccable thanks to the construction of the limbs, it's weight, and the access to lock-down mode, if it were to be flipped over or turned to its side in combat, it would be devastating. While it is capable of repositioning itself, it takes a lot of time, and it's a process that's easily obstructed.
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    • MyStyle (1).jpg
      Ryder Name: Johnathan Smith (goes by John)
      Nickname/Alias: Whippet
      Gender: Male
      Age: 19
      Appearance: Very thin, but fairly short. He stands at 5'2" and weighs 97 pounds.
      Talents and Abilities: Great vision (glasses are fake), great reflexes, quick learner
      Johnathan is a fairly average teenager. Always cracking jokes and trying to impress girls. Despite this, he is quite the brainiac and is almost obsessed with machinery of all kinds, especially mechs. He is also a big fan of dogs.
      Bio: Born Erik Hugh to a devoted Ryder of Lord Knight, Johnathan grew up knowing all about the atrocities of the tyrant and his machines. As much as he hated their Ryders, he was very fascinated in the machines themselves. He learned as much as he could about them through his father's Armanoid. As Lord Knight's regime grew ever stronger, Johnathan began to hate it and his father for being a part of it. When he was 16, he ran away from home and changed his name to Johnathan Smith. The next year, he joined RYDE.

    • Mecha's Name: R-705 "Greyhound"
      Mecha Frame: Ravager
      Size: Type 1/MicroFrame, 35 ft.
      Cockpit Type: AutoControl
      Appearance: Very aerodynamic and thin with metallic grey and royal blue paint. Its proportions are a mix between that of a dog's and that of a human's.
      Weaponry: Two fairly short retractable blades extending from each of the mech's forearms. They can be heated to high temperatures to help cut through harder surfaces. Each blade has a built in machine gun that exchanges a high rate of fire for range and accuracy. Each blade also has an extendable shield.
      Other Offensive/Defensive/Misc. Modifications: To reach higher speeds, the mech can very quickly rotate parts of its legs and feet to become very similar to that of a dog's and then run with all four limbs. In all-fours mode, it can also jump fairly high, with a max of about 80 feet off the ground.
      The mech has two separate feet types that can be switched instantly. One is like a normal foot and the other is like one of these.
      Instead of normal hands with grasping abilities, the mech has a more foot-like appendage similar to a dog's.
      Its controls and joints are specially suited to preform functions at high speeds to provide for its fighting style.
      Mecha's Capabilities: Can run and fight at very high speeds.
    • Here's a really lame sketch I drew at school. It's not very detailed or anything, but it shows the basic design of the mech.
      IMG_0279 (1).JPG
      A: Basic front view full body (didn't draw left side because I'm bad at drawing symmetric things)
      B: Zoomed-in view of blade
      C: Top view of blade with shield
      D: Top view of blade retracted
      E: Alternate foot

    Please let me know if anything needs to be changed.

    EDIT: Added some things to the mech to help match the others.
    EDIT 2.0: Added a basic sketch of the mech and changed a few things in the description to match it.
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  2. May I be in the Inner Quadrants?

    • Ryder (open)


      Ryder Name: Jack Weiss
      Nickname/Alias: Ace
      Gender: Male
      Age: 22
      Talents and Abilities: Jack is a very capable soldier. He's a good shot, and a quick thinker. He's no slouch when it comes to fisticuffs, and is a fan of swords. Due to his mecha's input type, this applies on large scale too, and with the enhanced mobility and perception due to the mecha's sensors, he's no easy challenge.
      Faction: Inner Quadrant
      Weaponry: When not in his Mecha, he carries a pistol, and a sword if he is in-uniform. Any other weapons he may attain and use are situational.
      Personality: Jack is a quick thinker, and, if put into such a position, could very well be a leader easily. He is willing to risk his life for a mission, if need-be, and values his team-mates before himself. If an ally were to fall in battle, he'd carry them back, or defend them doggedly if he couldn't leave. He is often the first to say that his side can't lose, even if the odds blatantly contradict his words. When not in combat, he may be very cheerful, or, just keep to himself depending on his mood.
      Bio: Jack was raised from a long line of military men, and followed in their steps, learning to shoot and fight from a young age... but, due to the times, such abilities really couldn't be put into official military use in a time where mechas ruled the battlefield. He worked as a merc for a while, doing guard work, or being in hit squads for smaller names. The Ryders ended up being one of his unfortunate targets in an attack to steal energy storage tanks and data on mecha. At that time, the inner quadrant was also on the offence against the compound as well. When the dust cleared, he was captured, and, given an opportunity to pilot a mecha (for money, of course.) Who could say no to that?

    • Mecha (open)


      Mecha's Name: Genesis (Nickname: Falcon)
      Mecha Frame: Ravager
      Size: Type III
      Cockpit Type: Nervepad
      High-Frequency Arm Blades, PPC Carbine, Large-scale Interchangeable EM/Chaff/Flare/etc Grenades.
      Other Offensive/Defensive/Misc. Modifications:
      Capable of high-speed Boosts, High jumps, and hovering.
      2. The armor is mixed mixed with a polymer that reflects and dampens EM interference, and has a high resistance to electric damage.
      3. May recharge through absorption of outside power sources, and If energy reaches critical levels, may discharge with a built-in emergency cannon.
      Mecha's Capabilities: The Genesis is built for high-speed assault purposes, and maneuvers easily on almost any battlefield. The arm blades are meant for close-range combat, and may be detached if broken, or to reduce weight, and may be held in the hand. The PPC carbine Is for ranged combat, capable of decimating high-grade armor, and disrupting shielding with it's shots. The carbine is built with an attached grenade launcher, capable of launching offensive, or defensive grenades, interchangeable upon re-stock. The Genesis has a large battery life, but when flight mode, or the PPC Carbine is overused, the Genesis may have to re-charge. The genesis is capable of close-range combat, due to it's high reflexes, and incredible strength. Without weapons in a close-range situation, the Genesis is capable of ripping off limbs.

      The drawback to this system is that the Genesis's Carbine quickly overheats, as do the thrusters if put into constant long-term use. The thrusters and HF-Blades are sensitive to damage, and if subjected to too much damage, may stop functioning, or break entirely. The components of this system are very costly, and repairs take a longer time than other mechas. The Genesis's Armor is not meant for extreme temperatures, and may become brittle if subjected to constant cold. Under heat stress, the armor locks in heat, and may go into overheat mode if heated too much.

      In Overheat mode, the system trades thruster capabilities for cooling, and may eject the heated air from the thruster holes, vacuuming in new air. At this time, the carbine is safety-locked to prevent damage to the system, and flight is disabled to allow for cooling measures.

    Hope this is ok. I'll make any change you need me to.
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  3. Ryder Name: Adrian Pierce
    Nickname/Alias: Adrian
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Auburn down to his neck a beard of the same color, central heterochromatic eyes both eyes are blue green with a rust colored star burst pattern around his pupils he is 6'2" and weighs 215 pounds.
    Talents and Abilities: A marksman in and out of combat, he is also practiced with a guitar and singing.
    Faction: RYDE
    He has a revolver as a side arm in the event he needs to eject from his vehicle.
    Personality: Very easy going out of combat, always one to crack a joke to lighten the mood in and out of combat. He frequently plays music over his loudspeakers for psychological purposes.
    Born 2091 he grew up in a middle class household never poor but never rich either, when the tyrant groups formed he jumped right on it he like everyone at first believed the propaganda calling Erik Knight some as some god given human form until he saw the genocide being perpetrated against the millions who opposed his rule, he left with his Tyrant and joined the rebels before they became RYDE and was one of the first pilots to engage the government forces in open combat.

    Mecha's Name: the Maus (pronounced mouse)
    Mecha Frame: Gunman
    Size: Type III (72 feet)
    Cockpit Type: AutoControl
    Appearance: humanoid, gunmetal grey with splotches of black to give an urban camouflage has a δ symbol on the side of the "head" four Cannons on it's back which are called up and used like a person fires a rocket launcher.
    Weaponry: 2 8 inch guns for use against armanoid and other gunman tyrants fires both armor piercing and high explosive rounds, 2 small cannons for tyrants below type III
    Other Offensive/Defensive/Misc. Modifications:
    A small EMP pulse for targets that get to close for the guns or cannons knocks out the enemy's systems for 30-40 seconds, a invisibility cloak that allows the Maus to take concealed shots only last for 90 seconds before needing to be recharged, thermal optics
    Mecha's Capabilities: The Maus was made for long to mid range combat it normally supports close range units from afar, it's 8 inch guns are made for use against heavy tyrants of type III anything smaller unless it a type II armanoid is lucky to survive a direct hit, the small cannons are made for type II and smaller so that the 8 inch ammo is used against type IIIs mainly, if it is engaged at close quarters it's main defense is to use it's EMP to make distance to use it's weapons or to escape the combat area entirely. It's armor and speed are both semi balanced for a tyrant of it's size but armor does suffer though so it can carry the 8 inch guns and ammo for them note The maus was a smaller prototype of the now scrapped type IV ratte (pronounced rat) gunman which was meant to use a 240 mm gun but all known rattes were destroyed along with all but one maus which is now in the hands of the RYDE forces (I like giving details to weapons so if the note is to much i'll take it down just tell me.)
  4. Arthur Rookfield (open)


    Ryder Name: Arthur Rookfield
    Nickname/Alias: Ronin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 29
    Appearance: Arthur stands at about 5'9" tall, with a fairly thin build that lends itself well to his preferred method of piloting, and weighs about 166lbs.
    Talents and Abilities:
    +Combat Tactician
    +Experienced Mechanic
    +Singular Combat Engagements

    Faction: RYDE

    Weaponry: Compact .40 Self Defense Pistol, owns a sharpened scaled down blade with the same design of his armor's blade.

    Personality:Rookfield is a hardass, foul mouthed, and generally crude sounding man who seems to enjoy the company of his personal ZDX-99 over the company of other people, and while this isn't far from the truth, he just generally does not get along with most people, and decided that he might as well just act how he likes, rather than worry about whether or not people like him or form a good first impression from his dialogue and actions. He'll gladly share his opinion, whether its wanted or not, openly ripping people a new one when they botch something up, but he'll give himself crap too if he does the same and its brought up, so he is at least fair in that regard. He's a realist, borderline pessimist, and analyzes a situation as it is and will call it as he sees it, even if it is demoralizing to think about.

    Bio:The son of a mechanic, nothing in his early childhood background would have indicated that RYDE would eventually have such a hardassed, but talented, combat pilot on their side eventually. At an early age, he explored quite a bit, and with his family based in a major territory of an R&D facility for development of more advanced Ravager models, and his father was even required to work on parts of the black box projects that occurred there. It was through this that the boy stumbled into the latest test of his future Ravager suit, the ZDX-99, the first in the planned hunter killer series for combating any renegade Mecha. The suit's main problem was that its Nerve Pad system was finicky, and seemed to reject most pilots. Against all odds, the boy ended up stumbling into the cockpit of the suit, and rather than being killed by the rejection of the Nerve Pad, which had injured others, the system registered him as the pilot of the ZDX-99 instead. This alerted security, who arrested the boy but, rather than execute him for what he saw, his parents were told he died in an accident, and he was kept to help pilot and test the suit, after training.

    Receiving all the needed levels of advanced training, including hand to hand with the sword and the necessary know how to upkeep the suit, the boy was put into the first real test, being old enough to safely pilot the suit with Nerve Pad, having physically reached the peak of his growth. He promptly blew all tests and expectations out of the water, outperforming the projected estimates, but knowing this, Rookfield broke out of the facility and fled, all this occurring shortly after other certain individuals also broke away from the Tyrant. With nowhere else to go at the time, he approached the Anti-Tyrant with the expressed goal, in his words, "To take this armor's blade and stuff it right where the sun don't shine." With his training and the suit's capabilities, he was accepted, although his attitude needed a lot of work, as did his team spirit. Those didn't improve over the years, even though his skill with the ZDX-99 did.

    Mecha's Name: ZDX-99 Duelist
    Mecha Frame: Ravager
    Size: Type III (74')
    Cockpit Type: Nerve Pad
    Weaponry: Disruption Pattern Combat Blade

    Other Offensive/Defensive/Misc. Modifications: (If Applicable)(Maximum of 3)[List if multiple]
    +Experimental Displacement Field: Designed to scramble any target locks from ranged weapons, and even project fake signatures away from the real intended destination of the Duelist, the EDF plays merry havoc with any technology based tracking systems, coupled with the high speed of the on board Maverick Movement System, makes ranged combat with the ZDX-99 extremely difficult to accomplish effectively. However, visual targeting is unaffected, heat based tracking is the most effective non visual method as the heat signature from the suit is hard to mask due to its poorly designed heat discharge, and can only be run for short periods, roughly 60 seconds at a time, if one would max the heat load the system can safely handle. And due to some shared heat sinks, the Maverick system cannot be used in tandem with the Displacement field.

    +Angular Armor: Rather than rely on heavy plating, the ZDX-99 relies on a light weight, elegant design rather than brute force plating. The armor relies on the fact that a projectile, of any sort, colliding with armor has far less penetrating force at an angle than it does when hitting perpendicular to the surface. Against projectiles reliant on kinetic force, the armor is highly effective, and some melee weapons will glance rather than penetrate. However, the armor is thin, and if a round hits well, will punch through easily, and any non kinetic based attacks will have little problem penetrating.

    +Maverick Movement System: Rather than rely on constant speeds at an, albeit high, value, the Maverick system is capable of alternating to a burst and rest system where the on board boosters and dampeners are calibrated for shorter, temporary, but far higher than baseline movement speeds, at the cost of cooldown periods. The longer the maintained boost cycle, the longer the cooldown, and if run for too long risk overheating the boosters and dampeners, creating a severe hazard to the pilot and potentially others, as the armor's internal defenses against catastrophic failure are compromised, as well as losing any and all movement boosting abilities as well until repairs can be affected. The system can only run at boosted levels for 30 seconds before the catastrophic failure occurs, shorter if the Displacement field was recently used, to a bare 15 seconds of accelerated motion.

    Mecha's Capabilities: An experimental mark of the ZD series of Ravager models, the ZDX-99, or Duelist as Ronin calls his armor, was built with the expressed intent of building an anti Ravager unit capable of dueling down other high speed Ravager suits, and facing other models in single combat, and quite a few of its components and design quirks have built this into a specialized suit revolve solely around preventing enemies from escaping or acquiring the ZDX-99 at range, or at all for that matter if the model relies too much on non visual target acquisition. Normally, the ZD series were not meant to extend beyond test beds for other, more successful Ravager models, but the ZDX model was designed in secret to eliminate other, often times superior, units through its unique design purposes. As it only carries a single weapon, the model is light to begin with, but with a lightened frame and reduced, slanted armor for deflection rather than absorption, the unit is deceptively light and mobile for a Type III, something pilots are encouraged to take advantage of.

    The Disruption Pattern Combat Blade, the sole weapon on board, was built with the purpose of countering other close combat systems included on most Mecha systems in use. The blade uses an electrically charged system, in essence, magnetizing the blade so it can, at a thought from the pilot, lock blades or forcefully repulse them at a will, and is built with a monomolecular edge, with enough weight behind the blade to carve through careless foes, but thanks to the otherwise low weight system, the blade does not restrict movement to a vast degree, and trained pilots are instructed in a specific style of combat using the blade that revolves around constant motion, half and full circles with the single sided blade, blunt end staggering, sharp side, aiming for single death strokes rather than brute force trauma. The constant motion and assault is intended to keep hostiles on the defensive, but can be weaved into a difficult to penetrate defensive screen in the process as well.

    For all its advantages, the ZDX-99 is not a perfect tool, far from it. Firstly, it lacks any sort of ranged means of combat, short of trying to throw its sword at someone, a dubious thought at best. Secondly, to maintain the extreme speed and boost capabilities from the Maverick system, its armor suffered, blows that aren't deflected will not have much difficulty penetrating the armor. Third, it is an experimental model, and takes the constant attention of the pilot, or another qualified mechanic, to ensure nothing goes wrong when it would be the most dangerous. Fourth, while it is fast, and its blade is deadly by design, it is not through raw brute force, and the suit is not as strong as other Type III in existence, but this can be mitigated to a degree by skill on the pilot's end of things rather than relying on the suit alone to brute force to victory. A critical flaw occurs from its heat sink system being underpowered for the suit, originally designed for a far lower required heat levels of the original models, so the experimental systems often overheat the suit, making hiding from heat detection impossible.

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  5. @penguin055, Accepted. Welcome to RYDE.

    @Crono, Yeah sure.

    @Evangelion 01, I am sorry but you'll have to leave out the "Flight" Ability. You may skim the ground surface at high speeds or jump really high and glide around but I cannot allow flight. Other than that, it's cool.

    @Dakota K., Amzing Bio. Accepted. Welcome to RYDE.

    @Rax Rosetta, You need to put some limiters on you Mods as they seem too OPed. Either limit their capabilitites or cancel some functions. Other than that, it's good.

    Wow, there's no female characters so far.

    I'll put up the IC now.

    IC Thread is up.

    Those who've been accepted may begin posting.
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  6. @Aldriem Alright, I think I'm done with my CS. Let me know if I need to change anything.
  7. @Evangelion 01, I am sorry but you'll have to leave out the "Flight" Ability. You may skim the ground surface at high speeds or jump really high and glide around but I cannot allow flight. Other than that, it's cool.

    That's what I meant. Not actual vertical lift, but more of an ability to move around at high speed on ground level without touching it. Skimming is an appropriate term, along with high jumps and gliding. Like...

    That. If that isn't ok, I'll change it.
  8. Alrighty, I overhauled the one mod to something far less powerful, and added shared problems in heat management, alongside some other flaws in the other two systems, to reduce their power, I can overhaul those as well into something else if you want, no problem from me there.
  9. A'right. Both are accepted. You may post in the IC.^^

    @Lady Bernkastel, Accepted. You may post.^^
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  10. @Rax Rosetta

    Had to laugh when I read your post. "Big damn heroes"

  11. Heh, just staying in character, and it was too good a chance to pass up.
  12. By the way, do we go by some sort of post order? In that case, sorry for making consecutive posts so soon.
  13. [​IMG]
    Ryder Name:
    Sydney Stone
    Age: 19
    She's average weight, with a skinny build. She's rather short for her age, being a mere 5'0. She has long golden hair past her waste, and piercing auburn eyes. She has a mole on the lower corner of the left side of her mouth that she inherited from her mother.

    Talents and Abilities:Sydney's highly intelligent to say the least. She can easily get herself out of any fix. She's highly capable of fast talking her way out of any situation; which comes in handy due to her rude behavior and crude language.

    Faction: RYDE
    Weaponry: She very rarely use's them, but always carries around daggers in case of emergencies.

    Personality: If there was two word to describe sydney, it would definitely be conceited and spoiled if anything. She tends to think the world revolves around her, and if you believe otherwise then you are dead wrong in her mind. She believes her beauty can get her out of any fix, which often gets her in trouble. She has always had a sharp tongue and never is she afraid to use it, not even when the enemy has her pin downed. She loves being the center of attention whenever she isn't doing work, and she's always the life of the party. Coming from a rich and spoiled lifestyle,she tends to want things handed to her, rather then to actually earn them. She's reckless and sneaky but she isn't stupid, she's actually more intelligent then what she lets on. She knows how to use her head in dire situations. She's very loyal to James Lyhall above anything else, and would most likely die if he asked her to do it. Her crew members are very important to her, although you would never hear her say this; it would ruin the whole 'Bitch' persona she has going for her.

    Bio: Starting from the tender age of 4, Sydney had always been taught that Erik Knight was the lord and savior of everything known to man. Being part of the rich upper class, the idea was even more so shoved down her throat. She was brain washed into thinking that Erik knight could do no wrong, and if he did, well , his actions always have a sole purpose of achieving something else. It wasn't until she turned 17 that she realized that everything she was a lie.When she accidentally oversaw her parents in their bedroom, one night, witnessing them planning the genocide of thousands of unarmed civilians. Of course Erik knight was there, helping them plan every step of the way. Her whole world came crashing down, and she realized that the world wasn't as perfect as she thought it to be.

    When news spread of a rebel group going against Erik Knight she nearly jumped at the chance to join RYDE.

    Mecha's Name: Spoiled
    Mecha Frame:
    Type II

    Cockpit Type:NervePad. She Specifically picked this because she honestly wants to be part of her Mecha, and feel it's pain when it's getting damaged.

    Appearance: A humanoid type mech. Made with only the finest and cleanest of metals. Has an airplane shaped helmet on it's head and holds a sword.
    Two guns hidden in it's legs, and a sword.
    Other Offensive/Defensive/Misc. Modifications:

    • Night Vision ray, In case of dark territories.
    • 2 Powerful visible blue shields that pop up on automatically when the mech is in a dire situation. They're unbreakable for 4 minutes, after that, they cannot be used for another 30 minutes after it's activated
    • It's feet can activate it's very own roller skates when activated. It increases it's already questionable speeds, 30 fold, but can only be used for 2 minutes because of the amount energy it uses. When in this state the mech can go up to speeds as big as mach 6. The mech automatically shuts down after it's use which is why it should only be used as a trump card.
      Mecha's Capabilities: Spoiled is excellent with close range combat. With it's weaponry and speed to back it up it is a formidable opponent. Long rang attacks is what it lacks in. Despite having guns, it's aim from far away is terrible.
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  14. Perfect. A girl for my character to hit on.
  15. Aaaand someone that my guy will probably end up arguing with all the time. Fun stuff!
  16. And over here we have opposite ends of the spectrum, aaaand... nobody.
  17. This is gonna be fun.
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