The Black Order

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  1. if you habe not sse what this RP is about its the Fan base for D-Gray man. i love dgray man so much i made something for it but the thing is this Rp wont start tiill wed sorry guys i need to make it supper pritty andeverything no speeliing miatakes or anything so if you want to join talk to me on my OOC becuse this is shut down for nw deeply sorry guys
  2. hey well come to my Ooc ok firat off tell me your name age ganderr and inasons if you have any there all OC so no alen wake and everone eals in the sirise warning for thoughs how what to watch the show read the book frst -.- leand the hard way an had to repaet find the place i was in

    sothat means you can have there power but Im having alens power so back off